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25I-NBOME Experience report

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A report about experiences with 25i-NBOME patreon.com/akromajones
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Laxis 710 (2 months ago)
Took a tab of 25i the first time I ever got the chance to try "acid", still have a second tab but there's a lot of mental bs I have to get over. Also id like to get some testing reagents so I can know exactly what I'm taking. I wish you could do home extractions and things like that legally so I could just hand make my shit. At that point if I mess up and die it's on my hands and no one else will get hurt, or I get exactly what I wanted and I know I have exactly that.
Space Oddity (2 months ago)
This just in... I just read a scientific report titled, 'Emerging Drugs of Abuse: Synthetic Cannabinoids, Phenylethylamines (2C Drugs), and Synthetic Cathinones, (Matthew Valento & Jacob Lebin, 2017)' which outlined that 2C compounds [NBOME] can affect your histamine levels. This might explain why you have the weird throat feeling and difficulty breathing sensation. I suspect that It'd be comparable to an asthmatic effect [from tree pollen or something], only that it is the ingested drug creating that response.
Space Oddity (2 months ago)
Ya man, totally strange. In my opinion, these kinds of psychedelics really make us re-evaluate our understanding of psychedelics in general... at least that was my experience from 2C-I. I use the analogy that it is the anti-psychedelic psychedelic. Even something like DOB, which is more related to 2C compounds has a more 'true' psychedelic feel. DOB involved proper introspection with intense visual/ auditory expressions, comparable to the classics like LSD or psilocybin. The lack of introspection with 2C-I makes it feel less psychedelic in my opinion, and much more of a weird & super powerful stimulant. Now that you combine a general allergic response into the nature of the experience, and it becomes incredibly more uncomfortable and primarily frightening one; rather than the greater possibility of pleasant emotions experienced from traditional psychedelics *so long as proper set and setting have been taken into account*.
Akroma Jones (2 months ago)
That makes alot of sense, thats a really weird thing in a recreational drug when you think about it.
Addy (9 months ago)
i had a hell of trip for first time 1.2mg dose
Rebecca Gutierrez (11 months ago)
STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS!!! They will kill you. Jesus Christ can set your soul FREE, FREE, FREE!
J (1 year ago)
Took two and it lasted 12 hours, 6 of those were spent throwing water over my hair and face every 2 secs and vomiting, thought it was never going to end, also got a really bad comedown from it
Danielle Castro (1 year ago)
I have a 17 year old son who last year tripped on the 251 nbom he can no longer speak. Was in a coma for two weeks and learning to do everything all over again. No mother should be changing their 17 yr. old diapers. please stay away from this it cost my son his life.
It's Princess Peaches (7 months ago)
Danielle Castro I accidentally took it. I couldn't speak for hours. This has scarred me for life.
Jon Foster (1 year ago)
I would love to chill with you if you come to the states. Do you enjoy foxy methoxy or 4-aco-dmt?
susie song (1 year ago)
we are factory of 25i-NBOME,pls let me know if you need sample. Email:info@syfrytech.com Skype: sy-frytech
hamid sorom (5 months ago)
susie song i need some
Hypolaristic (2 years ago)
did you also feel extreme confusion at the end??
It's Princess Peaches (7 months ago)
Hypolaristic I did. Worst experience of my life. Feel like it scarred me for life.
Chem sales (2 years ago)
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Team Killmonger (2 years ago)
I DISCOVERED THE MOST AMAZING THING!!! For those who take any type of psychedelics, especially along the 25nbome series, please have some time - released niacin and vitamin e on hand. One 250mg pill will counteract vasoconstriction which can cause cardiac arrest and the vitamin e counteracts thrombosis or blood clots. The niacin will take an hour to kick in so be patient and hang in there if the trip is extremely bad. It will end the trip within that time frame instead of you having to wait 14 hours for the nightmare to end. Niacin is dirt cheap so please buy some and avoid overdosing when taking psychedelics. This information is based on my own experience and I learned this nice little trick from the research studies of Albert Hofmann, the creator of LSD. Google it!!! :-) Keep in mind that all psychedelics work because of vasoconstriction causing the release of pressure phosphenes from ATP that generate form constants and niacin causes vasodilation that causes the blood vessels to open up and take pressure off the blood cells which ultimately allows your heart rate to return to normal. I hope this info helps......
Laxis 710 (2 months ago)
Team Killmonger are there any articles you can link talking about how the trip comes from the vasoconstriction? I've never heard this before but it is common knowledge that most psychedelics are vasoconstricting, so I'm exited to look into this! Also thanks for the tip on what to take if not handling a trip well. Prior to this comment I thought the only "trip killer" was benzos since it takes away the anxiety but you'd still be tripping right? I'll have to look into the medicine you talked about; thank you!!
Ceut (2 years ago)
all i needed was that start, yea i managed to get a try of 25i back when the strawberry snuff version was around, i snorted allot and never expected much but i ended up having a slight od but sure felt like i dropped a bunch of acid and then snorted a ton of speed, the body load was pretty fucked and made me aware like a high dose of any psy would do but it was uneasily stimulating, i was smoking allot of cannabis on the come up and now i get flashbacks when i drink coffee or smoke weed but i put up with it, ciggarets keep me distracted enough plus 900mg pregabalin nd 10mg diazepam to stop constant panic attacks i got after abusing allot of psys up until i stopped taking 25i and 25c, they kinda ruined any fun i found with psys in the past, i stick with dissosiatives though the mxp was horrible, diphedine or whatever was meh in mid high doses, ive gave it a rest the past three? years and i took my 25i report video down since it fucked with my head but i might repost in the future nd you will hear the same thing just with a scottish accent
Akroma Jones (2 years ago)
+Suu to (Ceut) I get it with the 25i and 25c messing with you, they sometimes felt really physically sinister and mentally confusing when I was taking them and I often felt like it was a physical overdose, would not repeat. And dang man sucks to get panic attacks.
Matthew Alistair (2 years ago)
could you have had a tolerance from other chems? If so it could be irresponsible to describe the lower doses as uninteresting given that you could only consume the other doses due to tolerance. Not that that happened, I'm only saying if it did. 1mg is supposed to be very potent. It's different for everyone sure, but why is your experience so strongly contrary?? 2mg is supposed to be getting into dangerous territory with this one.
Akroma Jones (2 years ago)
+Matthew Alistair Don't worry about it I know you had good intentions, besides nothing wrong with being paternalistic, at some point I might update my descriptions with some disclaimers as it is becoming apparent that some people might be misusing due to lack of forethought, so my thanks are genuine, plus I like to engage with the people who watch my videos in general, makes it feel more personal for me rather than just me making a video that I talk in and robots watch if that makes sense.
Matthew Alistair (2 years ago)
+Akroma Jones Yeah if I sounded paternalistic that wasn't my intention
Akroma Jones (2 years ago)
+Matthew Alistair Yes I think it is due to tolerance since I have taken alot of chems, its not irresponsible to describe my experience as my experience is subjective, people can do as they wish with their own lives, that being said I have seen people take alot of this stuff (4mg-5mg) and be fine(ish), and heard rumours of people dying on low doses, so this is a bit of a dark substance as far as health concerns go in my eyes. I will note what you have said and try to give more warning to viewers, I just get a little engrossed in my experienses.
cameron murphy (2 years ago)
Those tabs you're talking about the 1.2, try taking 8 of them, may seem dangerous but it's great so meaningful and very trippy DMT visuals esque
Akroma Jones (2 years ago)
+cameron murphy Not worth the potentially fatal overdose. I would like to see the trip report however.
Jerry Moore (2 years ago)
i had a very good expiereince with nbome i took 1 hit which was 1000ug i had a pleasant experience with intense visuals and tracers and i dont recall any mettalic taste at all i had a very pleasant expierience
Jerry Moore (2 years ago)
i agree
Akroma Jones (2 years ago)
+Jerry Moore Thanks for the info, glad you enjoyed your experience. I enjoyed mine overall, I just didn't think it was That much of a breakthrough chemical in contrast with others. But I still enjoyed it.
Alex McMillan (2 years ago)
The biggest issue is that 'most' dealers dont even know what they are selling. A lot of them truly believe they are selling lsd when it is in fact 25i. Nobody reagent tests their product, which is a big problem. Of course there are some asshole dealers who know what they are selling, but id bet way more than half of them truly think they are selling lsd.
Akroma Jones (2 years ago)
+Alex McMillan Thats a fair enough point, I do know people who have overdosed as a result of eating 8 or so tabs of 'acid' or should I say shit tons of nbome.
Alex McMillan (2 years ago)
+Akroma Jones thats true in some cases. but IME most people buy sheets on the street thinking its acid. most people are very naive to what real lsd is. i know a lot of people are are constantly fooled by these research chems. they think anything thats on a blotter and makes you trip has to be lsd. trust me ive ran into plenty of honest dudes who just didnt know what they truly had. its more ignorance than anything.
Akroma Jones (2 years ago)
+Alex McMillan I'd say most of them actually do know they are ripping you off, because they buy it online.
Alex McMillan (2 years ago)
Same thing goes for Molly too.
Sergio Gonzalez (3 years ago)
They are vasoconstrictors, that explains why you feel that uncomfortable tightness around your chest and body.. Sometimes heavy/difficulty breathing, it gets pretty intense. Be careful though, too much NBOMe's cause cardiac arrest. Happy travels 🌝
Space Oddity (2 months ago)
Probably all the more reason to avoid these types of compounds. The over intense body load/ vasoconstriction effect can really affect your overall mindset, which [I think] can lead to more bad trip experiences, and more possible damage to your body in the long run. I've been thinking a lot more about how these things might be affecting us later on in life... will those who used this stuff [especially in greater frequency] experience more cardiac issues later in life; Much like how people who use coke or other powerful stimulants for long periods of time have a greater chance of heart issues? Just some food for thought.
Christopher Bolton (2 years ago)
+Akroma Jones same.
Akroma Jones (3 years ago)
+Sergio Gonzalez I can understand that, however it doesn't really explain why I do not get a similar feeling on LSD considering it is also a vasoconstictor.
Darien Bargo (3 years ago)
I dont know if its panic or what but 25c or 25i also screws with my heart but i have read 25c isnt as bad of a body load.  I agree with ur review.
Space Oddity (2 months ago)
I've had a similar terrible feeling with what I believe was 2C-I. Sped me up way too much, with uncomfortable visuals, and a heart rate through the roof. Had trouble breathing, and had a tightness in my legs. Pain in chest.
Akroma Jones (3 years ago)
+Darius Fontaine Yeah, I don't why it is that it messes up the heart, after the experience it does feel like it may have just been panic, but to be honest I have taken alot of hallucinogens now and I find that these two are the only ones that seem to have this effect. I wonder if the NBOH chemicals would have the same effect as I have not tried them as of yet.
Darien Bargo (3 years ago)
25cNbome is stronger they say (from my research and experience)
Akroma Jones (3 years ago)
+Darius Fontaine I still find that it lacks the depth of other hallucinogens though. It can be a fun chemical, I just feel as though the NBOMEs have alot less to offer than other hallucinogens.

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