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We Try White Castle’s Vegan Harold & Kumar Challenge | COMBOnation

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Alabama Boss has never tried anything vegan before. But when the star of Rated Red's "Kill Rob Bailey" wants to go H.A.M. on some vegan White Castle burgers, there's only one thing to do: go H.A.M. on some vegan White Castle burgers. Watch the whole series on Rated Red - http://bit.ly/2r58hWR ___ Check this out!!! http://ratedred.tv/youtube ___ For all of today's stories head over to: http://www.RatedRed.com Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/realratedred Twitter - http://twitter.com/realratedred Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/realratedred AC - Abby Casey; IG/Twitter - @acoutdoors PE - Paxton Elrod; IG/Twitter - @paxton_elrod AM - Amanda Mertz; IG/Twitter - @amandamertz AB - Alabama Boss; IG/Twitter - @realalabamaboss ___
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Text Comments (36)
Ben Johnson (2 days ago)
My man Joeysworldtour can finish both boxes in 10 minuets get on his level
Grimm God (2 days ago)
The Soy Boy challenge what's next estrogen shots
WOWnjNEWS (5 days ago)
I'm sold..I'm trying this tonight
Hey look at this I'm going to stop eating one thing that feels pain that is mass produced and do that same for something that cant vocalize back at you
James Gilcrease (6 days ago)
estrogen burgers
Trent Stewart (6 days ago)
Where in Alabama did you find a White Castle?
Ed Spencer (7 days ago)
French fries are vegitables too..........
Jett Clark (6 days ago)
No shit
Ben Romero (7 days ago)
The holes in the burgers are so they cook evenly and faster
david wagner (7 days ago)
Why do vegans eat pretend meat?   They eat veggie burgers which looks like a regular burger.
metalfaced0om (7 days ago)
Vegan is an old Indian term that translates to "bad hunter"
country man (2 days ago)
Klent Campbell (2 days ago)
No, vegan is an old Indian term for bad gardner.
Lordmastermind 1 (5 days ago)
metalfaced0om wait seriously? Time to roast every vegan in existence >:3
Ryan Jensen (5 days ago)
metalfaced0om is it really?
Inept Duck (7 days ago)
A tolerant country boy. Boss you sure are an innovator. That was a joke
Chris Domingo (7 days ago)
why are vegans always trying to convert meat eaters
Scott G (7 days ago)
Yo yo yo yo yo yoooo
One Shot (7 days ago)
Reaper5.56 Xx (7 days ago)
Vegans are so full of shit
Lori Crawford (7 days ago)
Alabama is awesome
02cents (7 days ago)
Vegan burgers are great.........with bacon and cheese.
country man (2 days ago)
3fourteen Rhodes (5 days ago)
Joseph Jorgensen (7 days ago)
I understand vegetarians but vegan I don’t understand maybe my redneck animal eating way Just can’t get it
乇volve Outdoors (7 days ago)
I eat Vegan's.
the alt-flight. (4 days ago)
Lordmastermind 1 whatever you guys are, neither one can spell...
Lordmastermind 1 (5 days ago)
乇volve Outdoors canabal?
redneckbarbie2061 (7 days ago)
I saw the Autism Speaks logo on the White Castle box! Thank you White Castle for your help with Autism Speaks. My son is autistic and we are an Autism Speaks family. Love Red Nation and we are absolute rednecks, I even married a Bubba.
Michael Upchurch (17 hours ago)
Mike because they used to only say autism was the really low functioning kind but now they see that it is a spectrum not just a black and white thing and it has nothing to do with vaccines that is a lie spread by a man who got his medical license revoced for all the cherry picked data for many of his research other than asd
Mike (21 hours ago)
autism has gone from 1:2000 to 1:60 over a few decades. why?
redneckbarbie2061 (6 days ago)
Michael Upchurch then you have gotten a bad chapter. They helped my son get his service dog, helped with schooling issues. And much more!! Our chapter has never made us feel like there is anything wrong with my son, because there isnt....his brain just works differently. I hope and pray you get plugged into a chapter that treats you like the unique awesome man you are.
Michael Upchurch (7 days ago)
Autism speaks is actually very bad to autistic people they believe that autism is a blite that needs the be culled they don't care about us autistics
Noah P (7 days ago)
th3moms (7 days ago)
Check out https://www.youtube.com/th3moms
th3moms (7 days ago)

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