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Isolation Exercises Ruining Your Gains?

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Interested in mad hypertrophy? Have you established some degree of muscularity yet? Will isolation exercises thwart your efforts of massivity??? Will isolation exercise improve your chances of massive muscularity? That depends . . .
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Jeremiah Bass (14 days ago)
thanks man your videos always help me a lot! pretty much the same aspect Arnold has always preached. shock your muscles switch it up..! awesome video bro thanks!
Asmund the wanderer (17 days ago)
Very helpful . clears up a lot of things for me. Thanks
Tommy Pellegrino (3 months ago)
jimmy whats your opinion on over flexing?
Ptah Adam (5 months ago)
If you want to put on real dense muscle mass without steroids you need to strength train and do compound lifts. When you come off your steroid cycle you will probably lose muscle mass if you continue a low weight high rep workout plan or workout without a plan. So just train heavy to get big.
"Beer And Bones" (5 months ago)
True man, I remember back in the early 90s I was young but I learned from guys your size, little smaller than you maybe, but the kinda guys I don't see much these days. One thing they all had in common( in this little gym with shitty/rusty weights and no air conditioning at the Y) was , They did mainly all compound movements, Bench 5 plates for reps, dead lifts, rows, and squats. Rarely see anyone doing curls much. Most if not all the bars were bent. These guys were nuts, but they pushed me to get strong. 14 to 15 years old I went from 10 lbs on each side of the bar on bench to my 1st 45 lb plate, to the next year 2 plates. Hell, they were more fired up than I was when I hit that weight. These days ah things are different in the gyms, everyone on the phone and ear buds in, for the most part. Or maybe its just me as an older guy now it just seems different, who knows.
Steven Kane (6 months ago)
I agree mostly, but if you look at guys like Jay Cutler, and Kevin Levrone they both have two totally different ways of training.
SB SB (7 months ago)
Hi James, How many sets and reps on average you do in one day?? Lou Ferrigno did about 35 sets a day, and I'm trying to mimic that...
weezofbaby123 (7 months ago)
what's your email bro? i don't find it
Dominic DNO (7 months ago)
I built 19" arms without anabolics.  It took 15 years.  I agree 100% with James.  My arm progress was stalled for a long time.  They continued to grow when I incorporated more heavy compounds into my routine.  I bench twice a week, squat twice a week, and deadlift once every week.  Do this https://youtu.be/iHngqcjUpGk It works!
B Johnson (7 months ago)
Looking swole as all hell man vegan diet is working awesome for you
doubanjiang (7 months ago)
Holy dick beaters, James, you are looking swole as fak these days. Is it the vegan diet, lol? Goddamn bro, honestly lights out. Much respect.
Big R (7 months ago)
Personally, for me, for back I have to add pullups. So many huge and strong guys never mention them and seem to feel deadlifts are enough. Deadlifts without pullups make me look like a barrel. Thick but no V shape.
Dan smith (7 months ago)
Fk Tiny, your wrong. You dont look small on utube, you look like your built like a brick shithouse. Thats a compliment in Australia 👍. The amount of beef on your frame reminds me of Lee Priest. Totally agree with basics. There use to be basic strength levels before one could say they were an intermediate lifter. I recall 200lb shoulder press being one. Others were bench 1 to 1.5 times bodyweight, Squat 1.5 plus for reps and dead lift double body weight or there abouts then you can start adding fancy stuff etc.
Idoez Madizzle (7 months ago)
Veganism is costing you gainz
Some Guy (7 months ago)
I'll agree with you on this. If I'm being perfectly honest with myself, I can use 20lbs on a tricep pushdown and squeeze the hell out of it and get an insane pump, or I could try to throw on as much weight as possible just to try to impress people but not feel the triceps at all. It might explain why I don't move as much weight as some people but still have better development. If ego gets in the way the desire to cheat will be too much and you're really just short changing yourself just for a number on the bar. I'll isolate what I feel are weak points but my main focus is on my compound lifts.
Geo New (7 months ago)
How does this guys advice matter? He takes trt and that makes him unnatural . So I guess his advise is for testosterone users.
Lester Hahn (6 months ago)
I think it does. A low dose of TRT from your doctor is way different than taking a bunch of different compounds at much higher doses. If he test levels are in the normal physiological range (200-1000 ng/dl), then I don't see much of an issue with it.
J.J. D. (7 months ago)
https://youtu.be/UXvnS0xXx9M this sums up everything.....and it always will...because you cant change it..watch the whole video...even if you didnt like the guy....and thank me later...then take a really really good look in the mirror...and know you are provably in that 95%...it is what it is
bastardtubeuser (7 months ago)
JTV is epic (like JCVD) he is an inspiration in fitness and life.
ashish j (7 months ago)
Thank you Sir!!!! U r inspiration Sir...
Charlie M (7 months ago)
james, tricky questi0n / if u, g0d forbid, sh0uld lo0se al your gains, w0uld you be able t0 gain it back with trt 0nly ? greetings fr0m serbia
strecharmstrong uk (7 months ago)
James do u like dc training? have just started it no isolation exercises just compounds u can progress more on
Antz (7 months ago)
Training matters but there’s this thing called genetics...and some just don’t have it.
John (7 months ago)
Are you still on steroids?
thomas thomsen (7 months ago)
Dragonfiredh pretty sure He is just running a low dose of test, Not much else
Dragonfiredh (7 months ago)
John Appleseed Yup. Unless he has freak genetics. That size at his age, not knocking him at all, love his videos etc, but he has to still be on gear
Excellent video brotha
I think we've gotten away from the Lou & Arnold oldschool free weight basics: Squats, Deadlift, Powerclean, and Bench press...real SWOLE exercises.
thomas thomsen Lol, nah dude. 90's were straight up roids.
thomas thomsen (7 months ago)
HARDWIRED to SELF-DESTRUCTION Lol they werent "swole" if anything they where at a high ffmi but yet still atainable naturally. No if you want real swole go back to the 90's, Ronnie coleman, lee priest, flex wheeler etc.
Jody (7 months ago)
Isolation moves depend in who it is in my opinion. Each person is different. As always James..KEEP EM COMING,WE ARE LISTENING
Mick Nicholas (7 months ago)
This was really helpful! Thanks...now, I can focus a bit better with the weights in the new year after my conditioning program this month. In other news, my wife heard the audio to this and thought I was watching a Ron Swanson video. You sound like Ron Swanson. :-D Have a good day and thanks again!
MASTER BLASTER 3000 (7 months ago)
BEST advice for muscle building video on YouTube right now... I'm gonna try some fast paced drop sets with good form I mean little to no rest with in a set using heavy and light weight like a mixture of both muscle building concepts if you know what I mean.. Will it work?? possibly not... But in the end atleast my joints and all won't be fucked... Except for my back I think its obvious I need to go heavy for MY back...
Jake Steele (7 months ago)
I quite like this guy but that made you come off really arrogant.
Bub 66 (7 months ago)
I dont think he came off arrogant, hes just speaking the truth. I don't know ANYONE as big as him, and if hes bigger in real life than on video......GOOD GAWD hes a MONSTER!!! (thats a compliment)
Bo& Brittni Elliott (7 months ago)
Lol ya Cuz Jake done learned everything
Yamagishi San (7 months ago)
You don't think that a guy of his size may know a thing or two that you haven't learned yet?
ElMoeMan (7 months ago)
Jake Steele you're wrong about the arrogant part he's very humble truth hurts
wildwilllis1 (7 months ago)
Great video I'm trying to get some of my new lifting friends to understand this concept
I see this all the time James in every gym..skinny kids who i can tell want to get big and gain size and there out fuckin around doing cable curls..smh.
Jody (7 months ago)
Big Lenny I do cable curles every time Im at the gym. It's not killing my gainz.
thistakestoolong70 Dale isn't even on my radar...he's undersized, small and soft...I'm on my way to 370...Keep up with the big boys dale..
Big Lenny what do you do Dale? What's your favorite fantasy?? I know people like you!!
cman weavster (7 months ago)
Like a Priest preaching the good wood to his congregation, I come to Jimmy to hear the truth about fitness and bodybuilding, and often times lessons on life. God bless you and ur wife Val
NoWastedCalories (7 months ago)
Hey James, I took a genetic test that shows I am 80% endurance fibers and 20% power. Only power fibers grow. Everyone is different. I would guess you are 80% power or better. So it's not all about your training and nutrition.
wildwilllis1 (7 months ago)
I ill try to find it but if you figure out what the fiber test is called let me know
NoWastedCalories (7 months ago)
wildwilllis1 I have my report at work. I will look tomorrow. Their are a lot of companies that do this. Google DNA health and fitness test.
wildwilllis1 (7 months ago)
what is this test called?
ALieN_iNC (7 months ago)
I used to do all isolation work for a few years and while I did gain a little size and definition, I really noticed a big boost in growth once I started to hit squats, rows and deadlifts hard.... That seemed to put my body in to overdrive for mass. I've almost abandoned isolation movements for now.
Nick South (7 months ago)
What if you're old AF and have to work around injuries? I have found I have to do as much as I can on compounds and then supplement with isolation moves to try and put max tension on the target muscle. You do have to build a base first however.
MonkeyPrick Jason Genova (7 months ago)
same here... but i have split my workouts into different modes , so i have different tools ready depending on how far my body is recovered . : ----- i have low rep strength days for just legs/pull/push , a few sets to build up reps, and then do a few max effort singles, but spaced out very much, ( because of homegym no rush)... : heaviest loads :compounds --- .and i have powerbuilding days : 8 sets, buildin up from 15 reps to 5 for a few sets and then increase to 19,20,30,and 40 reps last set..... to get some volume and bloodflow and metabolic demands going ........... submaxloads : compounds ------------- i have some lighter weight : but done for isolation in a constant tension way : and u gotta have the right weight becaus eits jsut 1 rep and 1 set only , 10 seconds up, then hold for 10 seconds, then do micropartials while holdin at the contracted rom... untill failure, then hold the weight, untill u fail completely a nd on the way down keep fightin it...... this is more for creating a pump and can be done when recovering the big muscles from the heavier work.... because the weights are lower, but for singlejoint mvoements u dont need heavy weights... if u contract hard enough.. this is a brutal set ... u get up to a minute of full tension, no rest... great for hams, quads,biceps, triceps, widde pullovers on cable for lats etc... ------------ and also : cardio days and other days with HIIT circtui training and yoga, sprints..boxing etc...kettlebell , all max speed movements with lower weights adn bodyweight to not lose explosiveness and speed and fucntionality beyond mass.. and this will be alwyas full body , compound and isolation all mixed for fun with bands .. great for outdoors in the park aka put the built muscle to real work adn enjoy.
D3AD M073l (7 months ago)
Hi Could I get your e: mail adday. I would like to ask you about how much protein I need per pound. Im 12 half stone. Thanks.
D3AD M073l (7 months ago)
Thanks. Im not very regemental with macros ha.
thomas thomsen (7 months ago)
Tomás Connolly get a personal trainer instead, and look into macros for bulking or cutting depending on your goal
trebor trahrebe (7 months ago)
Are your balls tiny vest?
choppertj1 (7 months ago)
trebor trahrebe Yup!!!
HeartPiece4u (7 months ago)
most people don't know how to warm up, or how to build year round program
Doctor Sambor (7 months ago)
grab a program and do it for a year bammm
hUrFaH54 (7 months ago)
I really want to learn how to build a year round program. I usually just rotate between a couple of programs that work best for me.
Lance Milliken (7 months ago)
HeartPiece4u amen
Hsky Johnson (7 months ago)
Yamagishi San (7 months ago)

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