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Why Do We Have an Opioid Crisis?

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I talk about my perspective on the opioid crisis and why we have. Also, there are no words to describe the magnitude of what we are currently facing in terms of needless pain and suffering.
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Mah Ranch (2 months ago)
Your premise is incorrect. In 2010, just 3,100 people died from heroin ODs in the U.S (people who died ONLY from heroin, excluding drug combos). In 2016 over 21,000 people died from FENTANYL overdoses. We don't have an opiate epidemic, we have a fentanyl epidemic. If all this fentanyl wasn't being imported from China, our opiate problem would be at pre-2010 levels. Edit: I'm not a drug user but the only solution that is effective, is to legalize drugs. Opiates and heroin will ALWAYS exist. There will ALWAYS be heroin on the black market for people who want it. That will never change. Ignoring that fundamental fact is ignorant. So then, since we can't eliminate narcotics, the only solution is to MANAGE their usage. We do this by legalizing them. This also eliminates a significant chunk of crime as organizations who depend on the black market drug trade (gangs, cartels, etc) have their business vanish literally overnight.
Jeff the Pharmacist (2 months ago)
The CDC puts it at over 15,000 for Heroin and 20,000 for fentanyl. I don't see how you can blame it all on Chinese fentanyl. Obviously thats a huge part but more people are taking heroin, morphine, hydrocodone, oxycodone. The prescribing practices are much more liberal than they used to be.

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