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New footage shows Leytonstone knife attacker Tasered by police

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Mobile phone footage released by the Crown Prosecution Service shows Leytonstone knife attacker Muhiddin Mire, 30, attempting to slash passers-by before being Tasered by police. Subscribe to Guardian Wires ► http://bit.ly/guardianwiressub The attack took place in December last year. The footage is released as the trial at the Old Bailey hears from witnesses, including musician Lyle Zimmerman, who had his throat cut in the attack. Mire admits wounding Zimmerman with intent and attempting to wound four others, but denies attempted murder. Leytonstone knife attacker seemed angry and frenzied, court told ► http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/jun/01/leytonstone-knife-attacker-angry-frenzied-court-told ------------------------------------------- The Guardian ► http://is.gd/guardianyt Guardian Football ► http://is.gd/guardianfootball Guardian Music ► http://is.gd/guardianYTmusic Guardian Australia ► http://is.gd/guardianaustralia Guardian Tech ► http://is.gd/guardiantech Guardian Culture ► http://is.gd/guardianculture Guardian Food ► http://is.gd/guardianfood Watch Me Date ► http://is.gd/watchmedate
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Text Comments (8584)
Does'nt really matter (2 days ago)
Those 2 members of the public who he lunges at they keep following him even after hes tried stabbing them.. the silly fuckin morons!!!
jason martin (2 days ago)
Should of killed him no hesitation
justthinken1 (5 days ago)
Wow. What happened to the British people. What the hell are you doing confronting deadly force with unreliable tasers. pathetic.
Drew McIntyre (10 days ago)
😂🤣 Britain cops 🤣😂
Braydon Johnson (14 days ago)
Should have used a real gun
Bruno Sammartino (14 days ago)
This man should have been shot with a gun immediately...and then continued to be shot, if necessary.
Tina Del (24 days ago)
Nice responded
faisalhaider007 (24 days ago)
Just imagine a Russian soldier there. That black guy would have pissed just after hearing his loud mount shattering yelling!! :D
Raw Power (24 days ago)
the police were acting professionally
shane douglas (24 days ago)
Tottoduvan (24 days ago)
ey no you go stay eyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeye
Luisletos (24 days ago)
EUPRI (24 days ago)
Diversity!! Beautiful Eurabia!!!
gabor tigatop (24 days ago)
Armed with the police!!!
Lawrence Redfilm (24 days ago)
bang bang bang....done
Terry S (24 days ago)
Was that staged to show how not to use a TASER device?
Terry S (17 days ago)
You can't type complete words, and sentences, or use punctuation, and you're asking me if I'm stupid? I was asking a question, which is clearly obvious to a person who knows how to use punctuation. The "?" symbol at the end of my sentence is a question mark, which shows that I was asking a question. It's obvious that it really happened, because it's on video. However, that doesn't mean that it was not staged. I don't care about you being angry at your mum. I asked my question because the people in uniform, whether cops or security guards, took a VERY long time hesitating to apprehend the assailant, and didn't bother to isolate the area of confrontation, which would have endangered innocent bystanders in a real situation. When they finally decided to get around to actually doing something, they missed the first time.
Terry S are u stupid that actually happened i was angry at my mum cause she thinks a joke and went near there
RYLCatalystic (24 days ago)
wow, this for sure is not the USA, the ones protecting us shoot us, so again, this is 100% not the USA. and USA cops wonder why we hate them so much. i hope that kid got some help, and it is nice that he is able to get that help and not become worm food, well done to these cops.
if this was in trump land he would be rendered into a pink mist within seconds of police contact
Carl Manx (24 days ago)
I have no idea if they have gotten more strict. But last time I went through TSA In 05' I carried three "School Bic pen"s (the clear hard plastic ones" a roll of cold weather military socks and two3" in diameter jaw breakers.. and the TSA Agent said " I have no problem with that" as he gave me a wink and a smile. And that was what I had as carry on.
Richard Vitello (24 days ago)
They should of killed him especially sense he kept trying to slice every body should of just wasted him
Enlightened Doggo (24 days ago)
The difference between British police and American police: American police can actually protect you.
Adolf Fist Ya (24 days ago)
They need guns.
Dwane Dallas (24 days ago)
yeah, america i'd have pulled my registered legally concealed firearm on him.....
JN.9 OTTa (24 days ago)
In the USA our Germany the knives men die. In UK everyone else die
Teriyaki (24 days ago)
If taser dont work and he is attacking just shoot him
Elyrian Elder (24 days ago)
Should be police armed with guns on standby at all times, in these situations just shoot to kill. Zero tolerance.
Owen A (24 days ago)
Here in North Korea the police will nuke him immediately for citizens safety
Jake (24 days ago)
One armed citizen would have fixed that in a hurry.
Thomaster Gaming (24 days ago)
Cnn: man tasered while defending himself
BurningSpear (24 days ago)
You need to have guns. These muslims lowlifes need to be killed. I mean the attackers
in America they would have blown his head off
Jhon Virata (24 days ago)
Just shoot this idiot
sibertooth (24 days ago)
glad I have my Smith & Wesson ,UK has already surrendered to Islamist
Jay Dee (24 days ago)
Brought knife to a taser fight?
Lips (24 days ago)
those guys will coming back again and do the same , the police should use the real ammo
METHOD ONE (24 days ago)
'Muhiddin Mire'.....Need I say more? 🤔😩
Welcome in England, lovely country , no borders, helping all poor refugees.
Oliwer Grabowski (24 days ago)
Jebana kurwa brudna, strzelac z ostrej amunicji do bydla celowac w glowe i trafiac w glowe
deutscher türke (24 days ago)
Idiot s 2 missed
xMokerslag (24 days ago)
Rivat (24 days ago)
philhype31 (24 days ago)
Shoot these scum with real guns and stop wasting time ;-)
NICE GUY (24 days ago)
Was the attaced man Injured by the knife?
Kusihousub (24 days ago)
Was not close that police who missed would die
maniaka spry (24 days ago)
What,? I see coward cops
liuton2005 (24 days ago)
Is this one of Merkel's friends?
Messerschmitt (24 days ago)
Me in GTA try to kill random people and then the police kills me :D
Virokk Gaming (25 days ago)
jesus give them gun
jo cy (25 days ago)
This police is joke they should shoot him in the head
LiLnaserXXL O (25 days ago)
Shot him don’t tease him
Steve Marks (25 days ago)
The public were braver than the first policeman!
uberhork (25 days ago)
You either taser him untill smokes coming out of his ears. Or put a couple of pounds of lead in him. Nobody cares about this human trash walking all over this planet. Kill as many as possible. Stop talking to them, stop trying to find reason. Psycho's need to be eradicated. No discussion.
DardoNero (25 days ago)
He need a 9mm in his head
Kristina Cerniauskiene (25 days ago)
Omg dhe kod dad omg 😲
Vedomy (25 days ago)
One question if i was there and i just bash him over the head and he falls down will the cops put ne in jail or not
Dante (25 days ago)
Spread bullets one those legs for god sake.
Nordmarian (25 days ago)
Is this captain Jack Sparrow sir ??
Randy Layhee (25 days ago)
Its good that they did everything in their power not to shoot him
Hilda Teran (25 days ago)
God bless our police officers
Steve C (25 days ago)
Gun would be way better
Bullfrog Kefk (25 days ago)
Lol... those people should be shot im the head with at least a whole mag of 9mm bullets. It only costs taxpayers getting him thru the bureaucracy. A whole mag of 9mm would be cheaper + you eliminate the risk when u let him out again.
Abdul Azim (25 days ago)
These cops needs guns like for real. They couldve died from the missed taze at the first time that first officier was there.
Scottish Isles (25 days ago)
Suburashi (25 days ago)
UK cops are useless, I mean I live in Canada and this situation would be over within seconds.
tasers save lives not rids them
Oreginal (25 days ago)
Can you imagine if this dude tried this in the USA? They would have have had to spend hours removing the hundreds of bullets from his Corpse.
Richard Jeffery (25 days ago)
look at me
pzw kostrzyn (25 days ago)
Anglia lol NIE POSIADAJĄ Nawet BRONI PALNEJ żenada,,,,strach się bać przebywać w tym KRAJU :( :( ;( ;( ;( ;(
Kurt Jürgens (25 days ago)
Mein Gott, Vollprofis bei der Arbeit, die Sicherheitskräfte hätten viel früher eingreifen müssen. Note 4-5
Uncle Bens Tech (25 days ago)
Think police in uk need to learn how to shoot a tazee
Anonymous 123 (25 days ago)
is terorist
Falcondd (25 days ago)
allahu akbar
ziad ajam (25 days ago)
if it was the us cops would have shot him and possibly killed him
wins wins (25 days ago)
Buhahaha Police is big pusi
CERTi_Tv (25 days ago)
People saying the police should have guns, thats the problem with your fucked up country, because it is highly likely criminals like this one would possess a gun instead. All this would cause is more death.
Ammar Naser (25 days ago)
He would be dead if was in usa
Kelley Manning (25 days ago)
Was this is the U.S.? If so, I cant believe he didn't get shot.
Togairu (25 days ago)
Kelley Manning no it was in the UK. Dont worry beautiful, you are safe here with men willing to kill to protect you. That also goes out to all the beautiful European women. Move to America, where men will still protect women. :)
David Perry (26 days ago)
US police might no be the best but at least they know when someone needs some lead.
AAAjMMMiRRR (26 days ago)
Fun days
joshclayg (26 days ago)
Guardian the whole picture ... lol
JJ Says (26 days ago)
Bet the cops all apologized to the perp for tazing him. Smh
JJ Says (26 days ago)
Shoot that rat! Scum of the earth.
Nolan Edits (26 days ago)
While the 2 first responding officers have the worst shot ever omg but also tasers might not go threw his sweater
Nolan Edits (26 days ago)
This is the worst terrorist attack I’ve ever seen
Highlandenterprises (26 days ago)
London police don't carry guns, so ridiculous.
Petr Vávra (26 days ago)
Idiots polis 👎👎👎👎👎😘
Doug Merriman (26 days ago)
UK cops are a joke. Endangering your citizens because you're a bunch of vaginas
Daniel Polk (26 days ago)
Why aren't UK cops armed with pistols? This scumbag would have lasted 5 seconds here in America
jon doe (26 days ago)
Just taze him though right? Perfect example of why guns are necessary.
mark salas (26 days ago)
This is going on everywhere, yesterday alone I saw two different incidents where blacks stab people for no reason, one in the subway in New York and the other one on the street
flint fireforge (26 days ago)
Try that in the states and you're a dead knife wielder........end of story!
Ultra2k (26 days ago)
Wow I’d hate to have those as my police, if someone is coming at me with a knife I definitely want more than a taser LOL.
Mr Singh (26 days ago)
Shoot him
Look at the first cop hiding behind the guy with a bag after his first shot missed, wow. Great police force , taxes hard at work
Ken Mackenzie (26 days ago)
Taser,,a shot in the head is what’s needed. We are way to liberal in the U.K. just another black with a knife, kill it.
Simon Malm (26 days ago)
They should start using airsoft guns just because the pain will immobilize them
ita god (26 days ago)
Too much risk involved should of shot him when he first attempted to cut someone
Cinephile (26 days ago)
I would've shot him once or twice. Would I be a bad cop ??
C O D Y (26 days ago)
u guys need better training an tasers dude coulda stabbed 2 or 3 ppl
Saptz (26 days ago)
ofc it is a immigrant

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