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A$AP Rocky - L$D (LOVE x $EX x DREAMS)

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Directed By Dexter Navy Co-Directed By A$AP Rocky An AWGE Film Special Thanks To PKCZ® / LDH Inc. iTunes: http://smarturl.it/ALLA Spotify: http://smarturl.it/ALLAspotify Amazon: http://smarturl.it/ALLAamazon Google Play: http://smarturl.it/ALLAgp
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Text Comments (26319)
Lance Cobb (1 hour ago)
Used to hate this song but now that I’m on acid I could listen to this shit over and over and over
Lance Cobb (1 hour ago)
Give s fat thumbs up you tripping g!!!!:!
Guy Hackworth (3 hours ago)
Watch yamborgini high while on lsd it's amazing
Catt Olson (4 hours ago)
Female Rapper from Alaska! Check me out! Thank you :) Peace & Love
432 Productions (5 hours ago)
See you in prison. Let the gangs whoop your ass and show how tough you are. LOL
Rodrigo Peralta (5 hours ago)
At 3:12 of the video I would always hear “For all the hoes back in the day” first right. Crazy thing last night I was listening to this song & I freaked out cause I heard “you know I’m saying” first & it felt odd to me cause I know I had never heard him say that in this song ever before & it creeped me out
Rodrigo Peralta (5 hours ago)
You can hear him whisper it in the background
4bluetomatos (6 hours ago)
Honestly the most intriguing and attractive video I’ve ever seen
Anuradha 360 (8 hours ago)
2:35 is that lil xan's voice wtf?
Youglemyvideos1 (16 hours ago)
I'm sorry but i think this song is kinda gay. If you want a good trip song listen to albums intead. Some Miles Davis because he's good at giving the endless void of sound vibe
Matouš Kolátor (1 day ago)
Lol First i thought it was some pink floyd song
Micahj Kirton (1 day ago)
A very austitacilly pleasing mv
Elf Machine (1 day ago)
This is about half a tab of lsd roughly 50-75 ug if some are wondering how accurate the visual representations are.
Tristan Robertson (1 day ago)
painting characterize draw advance quietly toy full ballot differ scale
ZyAG Espada (1 day ago)
enter the void.
Sambuca 10 (1 day ago)
Still here in july 2018... one of the best songs of the world
eatthatpussy 445 (1 day ago)
*tries acid once*
新渡戸稲造 (1 day ago)
Tokyo sinjuku
Zac (1 day ago)
i want a really mellow remix of this song, no lyrics but a licky and mellow remix with crescendo and shit. long enough to trip on for a while. thatd be greeeaat
Samantha Golper (1 day ago)
Im tripping rn and the video is absolutely beautiful
careless (1 day ago)
Mr.bill collector made you switch it up and then you show everybody that he is still the master, that was a weak move Rocky. cant exit the game by playing it.
Damian Ramirez (1 day ago)
I want to get shot by asap rocky
A lex (2 days ago)
3 4MONEY (2 days ago)
Took the LSD and go walk on Hollywood streets at night time
A lex (2 days ago)
Good luck
H S 1 2 (2 days ago)
Bruv I’m baked and completely monging out to this rn
Batrz Stotch (2 days ago)
one of the most beautiful rap videos, i've ever seen *_____*
WJP (2 days ago)
Tripping acid watching this was crazy
Micahj Kirton (2 days ago)
The vibes of this $ong tho
todoalavez RD (2 days ago)
Watching this really high, time goes sssssslooowwww
Weez Lee (2 days ago)
is that girl yoon at ambush?
Saint Lou II (2 days ago)
This song just makes me wanna do LSD.
Tavish (2 days ago)
Watching this video after L$D is nothing but heaven.
pjsingh649 (2 days ago)
I still fuck my girl to this song
shoutuout to who ever tf filmed this shits fuego af
yDomo (3 days ago)
I think about her with her clothes off. 😓
David Cochrane (3 days ago)
This song is literally the definition of peng, it’s like drinking your favourite drink when you’re thirsty
Fancy Phil (3 days ago)
No wonder why LSD stands for *Love, Sex and Dreams.*
Brandon Burton (3 days ago)
why does spotify not have the verse
Nick Lionberger (3 days ago)
Whatever you do don’t watch videos while tripping, go out and experience the earth and nature on it. But also listen to the song while your at it.
der Gangbanger (3 days ago)
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Drake VanDam (3 days ago)
The testing complete tab in the beginning is dop
Mr Palmer (4 days ago)
Still in the playlist for the 2018
Lucciano Ruiz (4 days ago)
Bruhhhhhh who else saw the ending high and thought that shit was so fucking sad 😔
olga olga (4 days ago)
Я попросту оставлю это тут на российском языке, я здесь будто зайчик из восьмой мили
Samara Castro (4 days ago)
Sounds even better when tripping
Black Jacket Jacket (4 days ago)
Everything with Rocky, The Weeknd, or Rae Sremmurd is  a piece of art to me
Chloe Iten (4 days ago)
tell me why asap rocky is hot as fuck
De'Vante White (4 days ago)
2018 ?, Anybody ?
AlmO SwiFT (5 days ago)
discovered this after coming off of my second or third trip on acid and all I could think was how terrifying it could be to be in a city like that in a fear and loathing like stupor, just judging on how dissorientating walking around my small town was I never thought i could get lost in, i didnt care i was more focused on the bendy/wavy streetlights but with full on LED displays on skyscrapers would up the intensity by alot
Rizwan Naeem (5 days ago)
2018 ? I think many singers are using *Authentic views d o t c o m* to get views
4ST4P (5 days ago)
watching on lsd
Kal-el Kakarot 26 (5 days ago)
dis song trippy bro..but nice...Gohan Godmayan Goku...A.I.-26...
David Santiago (5 days ago)
Fryed watching this rn I luv geltabs
music media (5 days ago)
Watch this on 0.5 speed😂 especially if you are fucked up!
Templar Exemplar (5 days ago)
This is so fucking nostalgic for me
Chrizkellan (5 days ago)
The video is a copy of Enter the void, but it´s cool
KillaCam3 (5 days ago)
Every time I watch this on acid I see something different, amazing job!
N O (6 days ago)
夢のエミュレータ LSD DREAM EMULATOR 夢のエミュレータ
Jamarius Taylor (6 days ago)
The colors almost gave me epilepsy
tropical fudgzz (6 days ago)
No ones gives a fuck if this is what it’s like to be stoned or on molly get a life
ElleJ (6 days ago)
Im on shrooms right now, this shit is my soul right now
nick burgess (6 days ago)
I remember when i dropped acid crazy shit
Kimmy Chinchilla (6 days ago)
Forever my favorite shit to listen to high as fuck
Adriiene Leiigh (6 days ago)
Has this whole great gatsby/trippy vibe and I just LOVE it💕 2K18
Y’all are hella late on this 😂
Aidos Amantaev (7 days ago)
Who's the girl?)
Eddie 20 (7 days ago)
Who else is high as FUCK
GreenBaray38 (7 days ago)
Put this at 4 am last night after clubbing and heading back to cheef. Easily one of, if not the highest I’ve ever been.
Rodman G.O.A.T (7 days ago)
Such a pretty song
milos vojinovic (7 days ago)
2018 ?
Little Bastard (7 days ago)
What is problem bitch?
progress_lover86 (8 days ago)
raina • (8 days ago)
ill get super fucking high and listen to this song and just trip
Frederik Nys (8 days ago)
Too good
TwallY Mally (8 days ago)
i look 4ways to say i love you
Jeremy Kennedy (8 days ago)
It’s a vibe🔥🔥
Nate Kms (8 days ago)
His best somg
MerhTastic (8 days ago)
What are some other songs similar to this? I’m tryna make a solid stoner playlist
XXII revise (7 days ago)
MerhTastic Chill Hop 20syl ft Oddisee-Ongoing Thing William Bolton-Dream At Night Kasey Andre-Dreams The Weeknd-House Of Balloons Brock Berrigan-Joy She Brings Noname-Diddy Bop Childish Gambino-Redbone French Montana ft Swae Lae-Unforgettable Drake-Controlla Yaeji-passionfruit Famous Dex-Japan Lil Uzi Vert-XO tour life Serious Klein-Boy Boy Vanilla-Summer Yuno-Why For Kendrick Lamar-Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe Kid Cudi ft MGMT-PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS ILOVEMAKONNEN-tuesday The Weeknd-Loft Music Childish Gambino-Oakland
Philip Rodarte (9 days ago)
Perfect song to listen to on LSD !
THUGNiFiCENT AF (9 days ago)
Psychedelics keeping me COZY AF
SHINDAINDIAN :0 (9 days ago)
This song is good for staring off and having a good feeling but compared to other rocky shit. It's FUCKNG ASSS
pretty flacko (9 days ago)
shits depressing
Schwetti Schwetti (9 days ago)
my brother said thats alternative rock - idiot
stasyuk the fox yaya (9 days ago)
Ł Š D 🌈🍄
Soviet Asian (9 days ago)
A$AP Rocky has the best visuals
Viking tom (9 days ago)
My jigga 🤘☝
Jaluc Mones (10 days ago)
It’s very clever this...
BIG GUY (10 days ago)
Whos wathcing this on acid
Gerald Britz (10 days ago)
love this
Jimmy Müller (10 days ago)
Amazzzzzziiiiinnnnggg video clip write me pls🔥🔥
Jimmy Müller (10 days ago)
Yeee lsd for lifeeee I‘m on md eight now eskeeeeettiit
LOL LOL (10 days ago)
Longe live A$AP 🤟
Vasjan (10 days ago)
2018 anyone?
Mr. Roboto (10 days ago)
Garbage rappers on the Internet have 250 million views but a dope ass video and song like this only has barely under 700 thousand likes. Smh
Bigboy 6969 (10 days ago)
Could someone please give me a very descriptive paragraph on what an LSD trip is like?
Harsh B (10 days ago)
Things start breathing around you, it’s not like their physically moving but they look very strange with a weird breathing, waving motion. Colours are very exaggerated and changing and vivid and everything around you looks beautiful. You start noticing geometric patterns in everyday objects. This is a rough example of what you would feel but it’s not accurate as everyone has a different experience.
Bigboy 6969 (10 days ago)
Hari Jay will do
Hari Jay (10 days ago)
Bigboy 6969 search reddit, my man
Christine Lee (10 days ago)
Watched this while tripping balls it was the most wonderful experience of my life and every time I watch It I wanna trip and do it again.
professorchaosX94 (10 days ago)
My mind has no price Just gas up and go. See ya later.
Mike Hawk (10 days ago)
i wonder if rocky has ever smoked DMT
Mike Hawk (10 days ago)
Make a song called DMT like this one
The gaming kid (10 days ago)
Dam the beat tho
Anthony Malcolm (10 days ago)
watching this on lsd is a fuckin experience

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