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Do you want to lose weight?; breakfast this

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Best youtube channel here: https://goo.gl/lmct7b **************** Sorry, I can not answer all the comments. Thank you very much for watching my videos. **************** The photographs displayed in the videos are just an example, nothing more.
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Benedicta Joseph (6 days ago)
I will try
P Gray (6 days ago)
Ok , you want to lose weight??? Consume less than your daily metabolic rate. Simple. These fat fucks don't work out. STOP EATING JUNK FOODS and exercise. ITS THAT FUCKING SIMPLE, EVEN WITH A THYROID ISSUE, eat less dumbasses and you will lose weight Have you ever seen a fat prisoner of war???? NO YOU HAVEN"T
Dorian Hiebert (6 days ago)
Pretty obvious it is the same picture... just stretched. Or did the charms on her bracelet lose weight as well
Kaela Newman (6 days ago)
Can't wait to try this.
Keshar Khadka Punwar (6 days ago)
Thanks! Hail! Nepal !!!
Sharonda Milburn (6 days ago)
Why she has 2b a big girl why can't she be a woman or a lady that's not who she is she isn't a big girl her weight doesn't defines her ok. 👦
2MauiAngels (6 days ago)
Sharonda Milburn- Your lame attempt at Virtue Signalling is barely understandable. This IS a video to LOSE WEIGHT. No one is 'defining' the big girl by her weight. Some of us dont want to be that big, & this breakfast might help.
reginald childs (6 days ago)
That big girl look good

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