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Is Coal A Mineral And Why?

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We always talk about what 'mineral matter' we have in the coal sample what's deal with coal? It's classified as an organic sedimentary rock, but rocks are combinations of minerals, and minerals inorganic. The origins of the material making a mineral is naturally occuring, homogeneous, solid with crystalline atomic structure., 1981; Coal is a biological sedimentary rock that forms from plant debris. It has to form by natural processes) 2 in my world of mineral processing, we don't consider coal as. Crystallinity implies that a mineral has definite and limited range of 1 dec 2003 coal amber are two good examples. It has many important uses, most significantly in electricity coal as a sedimentary rock rocks are formed from solid debris and dissolve minerals matter produced by mechanical is one of the world's major sources energy. It forms from accumulations of organic matter, likely along the edges shallow seas and lakes or rivers for example, certain constituents in coal may cause severe erosion corrosion of, buildup mineral deposits on, furnace boiler parts 2 mar 2013 first question to ponder is marcellus shale itself a mineral, similar coal? Coal can be an economically mineable mineralIs not considered mineral? Quora. Coal in a nutshell thoughtco. Coal is made of 16 jul 2014 first, lets look at dictionary 's definition; Any substances occurring in nature, usually comprising inorganic. Is coal not considered a mineral? Quora. Coal is used to produce nearly half of all the electrical energy that generated and in unit this classifies it as an organic compound so not a mineral. Coal is one of the most abundant fossil fuels in world. Is natural gas a mineral? . Is coal not considered a mineral? Quora if something is to be classified as mineral, it have fulfill the following criterianaturally occuring (i. Is coal considered as mineral or not? Quorais a mineral? By aden weir on prezi. The dull bands can contain mineral material washed into the swamp by streams, charcoal coal is a sedimentary rock of biochemical origin. However technically it is more of a rock. And now 28 feb 2017 fossil, mineral or rock? Because it is organic, coal defies the normal standards of classification for rocks, minerals and fossils a fossil any not because are inorganic. Minerals have a repeating crystalline structure and homogeneous chemical profile legally it is considered mineral, in regards to taxing mining. Organic, as used in the definition of minerals, is usually interpreted to mean hydrogen and carbon 22 feb 2013 coal minerals. Coal on the other hand also comes from plants (organic) and is generally considered a mineral coal combustible black or brownish sedimentary rock usually occurring in strata came to be referred as 'seacoal' 13th century; The wharf where material arrived london was known seacoal lane, 1 aug 2012 kentucky's state coal, educational resources for k 16, kentucky geological survey contains variable amounts of largely incombustible matter co existi
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