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Pax Seattle Killzone Shadow Fall game play

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All the games were running on the PS4. This was 8/31/13.
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ZBlacktt (4 years ago)
Yes and it is 1080p. Watching any YT video will never do games justice. Because you can only get 30fps on YT.
Tom Guy (4 years ago)
Google it and find out.
Javier Gonzalez (4 years ago)
looks great, day 1 buy for me. a little bit worried about the blue light on the screen though
Lord Teabag (4 years ago)
You can see the blue light of the controller on the screen
TheSkilledKiller (4 years ago)
How does the recoil feel? Looks like it moves a tad faster then KZ3 and a little more tighter in control. Is that true?
Saad Nawaz (4 years ago)
is it 60 fps!!!

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