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Shayne Simpson (1 year ago)
Dude you just got off hulkz like a month ago that has dmz in it that's very toxic . you said you were having problems with kidneys possibly liver from it . you went to the Dr because of it . Then never gave us an update of what the Dr said and test results. now ur going to jump in insulin growth. ?
Hulk Fitness (1 year ago)
Shayne Simpson it ended up not being kidney problem, a lower back fracture.
Christopher Karam (1 year ago)
No offence man but you have so much more work in the gym to take care of as a natural lifter. I think this is a bad idea and it's too early for you to be taking growth... even sarms for that matter. But, to each their own.
Hulk Fitness (1 year ago)
Christopher Karam the first cycle of anything someone take is the most benifitial , and most keepable gainz is in the first cycle, thats why everyone is starting thing younger now, because most people body cant reahc true maximim potential and growth

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