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Amazing: Hemp oil cured man's stage 4 pancreatic cancer

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Wallace Rose was cured of his terminal cancer using only hemp oil. Hemp oil is an extract from the marijuana or hemp plant. It is dissolved in an alcohol or naptha solvent and boiled off, and what is left behind is hemp oil.
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JoM80 (12 days ago)
My dad had stage IV pancreatic cancer and took CBD for at least a month and unfortunately he passed away a week ago.
Dope Fiend (13 days ago)
Plot twist : He was hit by a drunk driver the next day and now he rests in the hands on God.
Luz Fuller (1 month ago)
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Esel moestuin (2 months ago)
indica with high thc..
Theresa Whitehead (2 months ago)
Kath Beck (3 months ago)
Hemp oil was given to someone I know as a last resort. Asked to die after one dose. 'OMG Big Pharma shill', she was in her twilight HER BODY HER CHOICE. Not yours
Charles Town (3 months ago)
I've got the same thing. Just spent 4 days in the hospital with stomach pain.
ramtrix Andrade (4 months ago)
God bless you my friend,, I’m taking hemp oil and is helping me I’m in stage 4 and I’m healing 🤗🙏
simon chappell (4 months ago)
This site is better than holland and barretts 3x stronger and cheaper www.cbdonlinestore.co.uk
Koua Fong Lo (4 months ago)
my brother had leukemia and underwent a blood transfusion. the doctors would not subscribe cannabis solutions; even though it is legal in our state. His recovery was tough, but then we were able to order it. He said he felt a total change after a couple days. Here's the link, I hope it helps you http://gosteady.myctfocbd.com/
sheila fomben (4 months ago)
BUY MARIJUANA contact 804-293-5349 get the best cannabis oil and cure your PAIN,CANCER,ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION .
Adri garcia (4 months ago)
Hi excuse me, where do you get the past? I need ir ASAP 😢 thank you
Ozzie Battler (4 months ago)
Is Wallace Rose still alive in 2018? this is the only article I can find about him being cured, nothing else at all on the whole world wide web about him!
Adam SR (4 months ago)
Damned to hell the government and the healthcare industry that turn a blind eye to the god given miracle pf cannabis. God damn them to hell forever.
caligirl (5 months ago)
God bless you! Thank you so much for this video. My father is diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic and liver cancer. I am going to find out about this.
Xstreamaudio (5 months ago)
Thanks for your story,clad you are healthy again....people remember the things you put in your mouth make you sick,but there are natural things that heal us.
KHADIJAH ALI (6 months ago)
Crazy Me (6 months ago)
The RSO I have is 73% THC and it WILL get you high. Takes about 45 minutes but you ARE going to get high. Im trying to wrap my mind around a 1 Gram dose after I get to that point. I get high on the 2 grains dose. 1Gram is astronomical in my mind. So yeah, I am scared. stage 4 lung cancer.
Paul (6 months ago)
I had Whipple for my pancreatic cancer in 2015. I still struggle big-time. With pain and fatigue. It's hard. But I'm alive. Thankfully we have the NHS so I had to pay nothing at all. Without the NHS I would be dead.
Zombie Rocker (6 months ago)
Unfortunately this guy died soon after this video which is all too common for people who have used chemo therapy during or before trying to use alternative methods of healing cancer. When you are as sick as him, things like hemp oil *may* help tumors and cancers to shrink, but ultimately the immune system is so compromised from chemo the cancer can grow back extremely quickly. If you are in a similar situation as this guy, I highly encourage you to immediately educate yourself on ketosis and long term water fasting combined with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Dr Otto Warburg won the Nobel Peace Prize in the 1930's proving that cancer was a metabolic disorder of the cells and knowing this we me approach curing it from that standpoint. Because cancer cells metabolism is damaged, they can only use glucose and glutamine as fuel, and not the ketones produced from eating a ketogentic diet or fasting. Fasting also quickly rebuilds and boosts the immune system so that the natural autophagy (consumption and destruction) of cancer and tumors can take place. After the initial long term fast while trying to cure cancer, I would strictly adhere to a vegan ketogenic diet. Meat has glutamine and can feed some cancer/tumors. I would continue to integrate shorter fasts into my diet, possibly doing longer fasts again if necessary. From the word go I would use medically supervised hyperbaric therapy as often and as long as is safe at at least 2-2.5 atmospheres while breathing 100% oxygen. This will cause cells to absorb 7-10x more oxygen and drastically speed healing of every part of your body, and will also attack cancer cells and slow tumor growth. I would also continue using as much cannabis oil as I could afford as well as using high dosage intravenous Vitamin C as often as possible, daily rectal ozone therapy, and other therapies such as amygdalin and iscador which also attack cancer cells. If I could afford it it would also buy the highest pressure mild hbot unit I could afford and sleep in it all night with the oxygen set at 32% conentration. Please watch these videos immediately if you are ill will cancer: Thomas Seyfried: Cancer: A Metabolic Disease With Metabolic Solutions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEE-oU8_NSU Starving cancer: Dominic D'Agostino at TEDxTampaBay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fM9o72ykww Fasting: An Ancient Solution for Modern Problems https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nl8Y5jV0hN0 OPP 124: How This Man Cured His Own Cancer with Fasting, Ketosis, Oxygen Therapy, Light and Food https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1NXutErvos
Anne Ring (1 month ago)
Zombie Rock
MrGHLover107 (7 months ago)
bottom line what we learned here. Cannabis>Chemo
Holly Dyche (7 months ago)
Cannabis oil helps EVERYTHING BECAUSE OF OUR Endocannibinoid systems in our bodies wait for it to heal #OPTIMALLY #naturally
The FunYens (8 months ago)
PLEASE HELP. Hello. I love your story and it’s very inspiring. I wanted to see if you can give me some advice or referrals. My father has cancer but still unknown what stage. But I’ve been treating him with CBD oil as well. ( the thick green/black gooey) and it’s makes him very nausea and dizzy. Was this normal for you too. Thank you again for your help. RIANNA
Pref Ernot (8 months ago)
NOT HEMP OIL. Cannibidiol. HUGE difference. One works, and the other is a scam.
Lizbeth Villanueva (8 months ago)
Where can I buy cannabis oil? Please someone
Charles raymond (8 months ago)
A great testimony i must share to all cancer patient in the world i never believed that their could be any complete cure for lung cancer or any cancer,i saw people’s testimony on blog sites ricksimpson98@gmail.com)of how Rick Simpson cannabis oil brought them back to life again i had to try it too and you cant believe that in just few weeks i started using it all my pains stop gradually, and i had to leave without using the drugs the doctor gave to me,right now i can tell you that for months now i have never had any pain and i have just went for text and the doctor confirmed that there is no trace of any cancer again,glory be to Jesus for leading me to this genuine man called Rick Simpson, i am so happy for sharing this testimony,my advice to you people that think that their is no cure for cancer,just contact and get the oil treatment from Rick Simpson try it and you will not regret it because it truly works and here is his email(ricksimpson98@gmail.com) God bless you all and i wish you a quick recovery
Esther james (8 months ago)
After purchasing it, my husband immediately commenced with treatment as directed, In January 26th 2016 he had a cancer reassessment which consisted of an MRI with a state of the art Tesla 3 MRI machine.Results - NO SIGN OF CANCER! CANCER FREE! One of the things that helped my husband while going through all this was reading the testimonies and the success stories of those who have used the oil and were cured And with good food diet. Now that this wonderful oil has cured my husband, I feel the need of letting others know as well. Please feel free to contact were I purchased the medication oil from via email below. Thank you,{ricksimpson98@gmail.com}
Sam Lowrance (8 months ago)
How would he starve
Cody6918 (9 months ago)
Is this guy still alive?
azzurini89 (9 months ago)
This is amazing. My uncle was recently diagnosed with the exact same cancer stage 4 pancreatic cancer. It has spread into his liver and stomach and the Drs said that he doesn’t have much time. If anyone can give me some information how to get this same kind of medicinal marijuana for him please let me know. My family is willing to try anything to save him at this point.
jaylentaylor55 (7 months ago)
azzurini89 I'm going thru this now
Sandr Perez (10 months ago)
Don't believe all you read. My 68 yr old cousin was so sure her treatments with this and several other alternative meds would save her life from breast cancer. After a long list of her 'meds' including cannabis oil, she concluded: "Well... there you have it. Now you can see how intensive this treatment was and continues to be. I will no longer be receiving the following therapies as they are relegated to the clinic environment and are only required for the first 21 days as that is how long it takes the immune system to be built up to begin assisting the body to heal itself: PAPIMI, ACUPUNCTURE, MAGNETS, IV SODIUM BICARBONATE & OZONE, However, I can choose to continue any of them locally and have found sources in Riverside county where several of these protocols are administered by Naturopathic/Holistic Dr.'s. Our family is very blessed to have been led to the La Flor de la Salud Clinica and its staff. I would have been dead in a weak if I hadn't gone there because the XXXXX County Breastlink organization did not or would not have discovered my main infection in the left breast that was feeding the cancer in my right breast. They would have removed the tumor and put me on chemotherapy and radiation and I would have died - BECAUSE IT DOESN'T WORK... and the 3% they claim to save with this poison - according to a multitude of research articles by reputable medical personnel - INCLUDING MD's - clearly found that these 3% would have had a 'spontaneous remission' all on their own WITHOUT the chemotherapy. OK - off my soap box. Love you sweetie. Will call you sometime this week. Got shopping to do to purchase supplements to replace to make sure I am strictly following protocol. Also getting my 26/28 gauge syringes to administer my GcMAF every 4 days and most pharmacies I am finding don't carry them as a rule but got Walgreens to order them so I can pick them up Monday. TTYS XOXOOXOX" She died July 19, 2017 My sister-in-law is still living with chemo, both had metastasis.
Gary David (10 months ago)
Todays medicine is extortion on a Global scale.........they want us to die. Wallace, the chemo was intended to kill you.
Tibia Action HD (10 months ago)
Now Try telling this to people who are brainwashed about cannabis
GUNS- USA (10 months ago)
Hello, my name is Jeff I have a story just like yours it's about my mother she's been battling cancer for five years she's had breast cancer colon cancer liver cancer now it's in her abdomen and even in her lungs she is still living I am touched by your story and I need help I listen to your story and I was touched by everything you said I'm very interested in what you was taken I would love to talk to you to see if my mother has a chance The doctors basically said there's no more they can do and that was two weeks ago they've called in hospice but just today she's eating normal but she is in a wheelchair she has lost all her hair and I don't want to see her go out without a fight I don't want anything from you other than good advice and some help maybe we could share stories and see if my mother can I have the same chance you got I hope this is not a fake story but a very real one I do have my own YouTube channel I'm very small maybe four subscribers but I'm reaching out to you because you know what it's like I want you to take me on that journey so I can help my mother to and if I got a buy something I'll figure out how to make enough to do so but I need some help thank you for your time my email address is Jefferwin1983agmail.com please email me and if you've read what I've talked about maybe you could put that in the subject line thank you very much hope to hear from you Jeff if you read my comment all I ask for is respect at this time so my mother has a chance please give me that respect so I can talk to this gentleman thank you and God bless
phoenix tears (11 months ago)
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ksmarty2 (11 months ago)
would you please anyone can help me out to find this same product ? maybe this hope can save life.waiting your positive links or feedback . this i need in pakistan.
Deez Nuts Bleec (11 months ago)
How is he now? I have had two regiments chemos. I am dying. From my experience, chemo only decreases tumor markers in blood test. It made my tumor spread quickly.
Stevie B (1 year ago)
Raising money to fund an operation to save your life. Crazy to have to even do that. So lucky in the UK.
* * (1 year ago)
My Daddy died 5 years ago from pancreatic cancer. I desperately tired to get him to do natural cures...long story short he trusted the doctors....and died.☹God bless you....so thankful you are cured.
Brandon Serrano (1 year ago)
Black Seed Oil is a miracle
hophanhuynhyen (1 year ago)
How can I contact this man, my husband was diagnosed stage 4 pancreatic cancer, very weak now. Can anyone help me? Thank you
M J Hughes (1 year ago)
Amazing!! My mom is going through this so where can I get this...please respond ASAP.
jennifer linde (1 year ago)
please can someone tell us where we can purchase for my mother in law who is given 6 mo to live due to lymphoma.
BettyBBrozer (1 year ago)
I wonder how this man is doing now
Darwin Jose (1 year ago)
how can i get it? my mom got cancer..please help
Garrett TheGreat (1 year ago)
I go to Cannacrude.com to purchase my Cannabis oil
John Wheeler (1 year ago)
a good way to balance the PH of your body is... boil water in the kettle, pour water into glass beaker, squeeze some fresh lemon juice into the water, add half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda (the PH balances out) leave glass to cool down a little bit till its warm, drink. your body will absorb the balanced PH. repeat daily
A. Polat (1 year ago)
Guys! Please! I need to reach this gentleman and find out where to get those of Phoenix tears! I just got bad news from a close family member diagnosed with pancreatic cancer stage 3! Please help me, please! You can e mail me too. dragonfly68@mynet.com I would appreciate your help!
JakoSaurus (1 year ago)
can someone give me a link for an oil that is legal and safe to buy to treat cancer in the UK? would really appreciate it guys!! cheers x
AZ CBD Source (1 year ago)
Spread the word about natural healing modalities. BEWARE of MLM schemes selling CBD. Always seek a reputable source for your medication.
Anonymous Radio Redux (1 year ago)
So... if I hea rthis correctly, the Docs took 16k from Him, then stuck Him on the Back Burner for 6 Weeks until it developed to an irreversible Stage.... #MeanwhileInSweden ...Lulz
George Papadimitriou (1 year ago)
Where did you buy the hemp oil from?
Fernando Castro (1 year ago)
Does anyone knows where he got his oil from?
Nancy S. (1 year ago)
I'm so happy for you ...keep up the good work. It makes me sad that many doctors give people a death sentence with no hope for survival...I hope others will have a friend as helpful as yours...god bless you
Phillip Barnard (1 year ago)
Wow amazing life experience thanks for sharing
Janet Harbor (1 year ago)
Wow this is exactly what my dad is going through right now with his stage 4 pancreatic cancer and was told the same thing and told my mom he has 6 months or less ;( had to go to the hospital for blood clotting in lungs and legs and today his kidneys stopped working and doctors did ultrasound and put fluids in his kidneys and now finally eating and hopefully can get him stronger to get him to start chemo treatment. I've been searching to find away to beat this ugly cancer even tho doctors said there's no cure I don't want to give up!
stephyV M (1 year ago)
so hemp or cannabis
Charles Renner (1 year ago)
I currently have a grandmother with stage 4 lung cancer and an uncle with pancreatic cancer, she is not doing very well but he has been diagnosed recently and I believe not in treatment right now. I would give anything for them to try this so they can at least have an option other than draining their savings and wrecking their bodies. What would it hurt? The only thing that stops people is the lack of knowledge.
cfoxy3 (10 months ago)
Charles Renner did you try this for both of them and did it work?
Gary Todd (1 year ago)
Hemp seeds are rich in protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega 6, omega 3 and insoluble fiber. They are a good source of tocopherols, or Vitamin E antioxidants. ... High in essential fatty acids, Omega 6 and omega 3, hemp oil can be used to increase immunity, counteract aging skin and improve cardiovascular health.
Anouar Habib Chorfa (1 year ago)
it's all about the person who is negative about any shit!
amigo maniana (1 year ago)
It wasn't hemp oil what he was taking! It was marihuana oil!
Kerrville TX (1 year ago)
thank you for your truth ..rick simpson oil works on everything ..thank god
Yikes100 Solid (1 year ago)
I start chemo tomorrow morning I have faith in this plant and all it's medicine effects we underestimate it because of the rep it's gotten especially in. Hollywood but the reality is this plant is medicine and we are very lucky to be able to have it here on earth !!!!
gabenovski (1 year ago)
i bursted into tears as well at the end...
Kvyn Gmbyr (1 year ago)
Please NO Naptha solvents, thanks
tj omoso (1 year ago)
how do you take phenix tears?
idk about this
mcse9073 rue (1 year ago)
Trump doesn't seem to be keeping campaign promises to legalize medical marijuana.
meijikrafty (1 year ago)
Did he use cbd or thc?
mitzy hell (1 year ago)
i kathy can you please tell me what vitamins and diet he is doing my father in law has the same stage 4 cancer and he is taken the oil but he seems very week some days and dont have a appetite please please can you help me
Dan Nelson (1 year ago)
my family & I are going through this terrible disease rite know you have inspired me the cancer has spread so rapidly im going to try the oil We have 6 children and I can't just die.same situation my wife planning a benefit for me so I can see all my old friends its been terrible.I pray that we can have the same outcome as you folks.god bless you for sharing your story.DANNY NELSON,Cleveland ohio.
Linann Skillings (1 year ago)
How DO we get phonexes tears
D Winn (1 year ago)
I have been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. Doctors told me there is NO cure for this type of cancer. I am taking 10mg a day and I have been in remission for 3 years but if I stop the chemo, the disease comes back. How can I get some of this Hemp Oil ?
Sean Easton (1 year ago)
so exited to hear storys like this you go mr wallace rose much love and respect for sharing may god and cannabis continue to grant you life
Ikumar Onofua (1 year ago)
“I am so grateful to Dr.Rick Simpson for providing me with Hemp oil here in the United State of America. I was diagnose with cancer of the lungs 8 months ago, and ever since then i have done a lot of Chemo and Radiation that have not helped issues, but only damaged my immune system and frustrated me. I came across the Phoenix Tears and i have read about the Hemp oil a lot and saw the Post that Dr. Rick Simpson could provide me with Hemp Oil i contact him on: rickcannabis01@gmail.com for the procurement of this medication,the medication was procured and delivered within 2 days and i have been on treatment for the past 3 months.I am here to let every one know that am no longer a cancer patient, I have experience a total change in my health, with Dr. Rick Simpson Hemp oil service. for all cancer patient that live in the America region and Europe at large, get your Hemp oil from Dr. Rick Simpson at: rickcannabis01@gmail.com or call him on +17072771047
Faisal Hashi (7 months ago)
lair lair ,that is not Dr. Rick Simpsons email. You can find Dr. Simpson's email on his facebook.
Livethe Dream (8 months ago)
My sister has stage 4 cancer n i need to find something that can save her life and i think this is it.
Livethe Dream (8 months ago)
Thank you
M M (1 year ago)
any idea where i can get this oil from, here in the u.k. ? iam desperate. please can anyone help.
Brett o'rear (1 year ago)
Collin (1 year ago)
Has anyone else tried this? Or are there any other published success stories? My father in law was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer yesterday and we can't lose him.
Mike Adams (1 year ago)
I'm sorry to hear about your father in law. Clinical trials may be of help http://www.cancerresearch.org/cancer-immunotherapy/impacting-all-cancers/pancreatic-cancer As for cannabis oil then there is no good evidence anywhere this works for any type of cancer
Progress Now (1 year ago)
Yes, it seems to be working!!! Cannot at all recommend chemo for this type of cancer. It's like he said, best case scenario with taking chemo is life extension of a few months. Get "Rick Simpson Oil" aka Phoenix Tears asap! Only problem is it's expensive! You'll have to do a lot of research to find the best quality oil in your area. Try to get something that's lab tested. Original Rick Simpson oil is st least 60% THC. Use high CBD oil for pain and sleep.
Dan Aylestock (1 year ago)
how is he doing today?? That's the question...
B. Jostes (1 year ago)
Hello I'm a 57 y.o. male that was just diagnosed today with 6cm wide retro peritoneal mass behind right renal vein. I am without insurance. Biopsy happens after Christmas. I'm very worried and want to consider alternative choices should this be malignant. My state is out of touch and want to move somewhere where someone can help me. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks so much
Progress Now (1 year ago)
Yes, move to a state that allows medical marijuana and then get Phoenix Tears aka Rick Simpson oil. Only downside is that it's pricey.
Mike Robo (1 year ago)
Just read comments below that he died so sad.... abit discouraging really as 😬..I'm fighting stage 3C bowel cancer taking 2 to 3 grains a day .but also I am in my body with vitamins and herbs B-17 tumaric solarium etc
Lyn Travis (1 year ago)
Pancreatic cancer has no survival rate.
could this help with rsd?
Facepalm (1 year ago)
Who the fuck disliked this?!?
Dustin McCormack (8 months ago)
Facepalm lol
Alpha Omega (8 months ago)
probably Drs....
keefewas (1 year ago)
hydro1957 (1 year ago)
not me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Darryl Stevens (1 year ago)
Very sad to hear this man passed away. Regardless if it actually cures anything, it's the hope and strength it provides. With THC/CBD they will be more relaxed and able to cope a little better instead of speeding the inevitable up using poison like Chemo or Radiation. My Mom has Pancreatic Cancer and although I pray THC and CBD will help cure her, you must be realistic with your expectations. Any positive sign is a good one and don't let anyone tell you different. I do not trust Doctors or the system as a whole these days. They have helped none of family members that have passed away from this disease over the past 30 years. Having said that there are many in the medical field that truly care but have no answers. I'll end with this. How much money has been raised for Cancer in general? Billions and billions, perhaps Trillions since fundraising began and you mean to tell me in 2016 the solution they provide just about 99% of the time is Chemo and/or Radiation? Give me a break! Where's the magic pills, creams, ointments? I mean not even a glimmer of hope for any of us. Offering a barbaric, primitive poison to help cure or heal someone is plain insanity especially knowing how much was spent on research.
MrAlumni72 (1 year ago)
Not sure if you saw the same obituary as I did when I looked after reading your comment - but it was for a Wallace Rose in Tennessee who died in 2012, before the dates on this man's medical reports. So that one obit, at least, is for a different person.
Oregon's Lonewolf (1 year ago)
Can anyone share more on if he is referring to the Industrial Hemp plant or the pschotropic brother? Did he use the roots? Because, if this was from hemp oil that you buy over the counter............HOLY SHIT the possibilities.
Mike Robo (1 year ago)
Logan..🤔I understand it's Rick Simpson medical cannabis oil not the commercial crap CBD which is made from stalks and hemp seed . Llook up Rick Simpson on making medical cannabis oil the stuff that actually kills cancer cells ..not the commercial crap on Amazon
Money Maker (1 year ago)
You Can Buy CBD Hemp OIL Online and save the life. https://goo.gl/tvf2T7
Alan K (1 year ago)
In 2016, an estimated 1,685,210 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States and 595,690 people will die from the disease.
Norma Suarez (1 year ago)
Amen God is good, there is a book named the healing code writing by Christian holistic Doctor. I started reading today because i just received today, I bought it for 12 dollars in Amazon.ca. Explain very well why we get sick how our own energy can heal us. Very interesting, you can research about it, maybe can help you to prevent the cancer comes back or be heal for other diseases, I started reading I don't want to stop it is very interesting and helpful. I bough the book because i want to be heal of my hypothyroid, I know about this book to a conference called the truth about cancer that was held in USA 3 weeks ago.
Nancy Mesek (1 year ago)
I wish I'd have known this a few years ago when my brother was diagnosed at stage 4. Just maybe we could have saved him.
Sampath K (1 year ago)
This video remind me the personal doctor of our former president. No degree, No medical colleges, No proofs how it happen. But all know that the wealthiest people come to him for personal consultation. His waiting list of patients was 18000<
daisy eggers (1 year ago)
Sir, can you recommend us to this doctor ?????? I need your help ...my husband has pancreatic cancer now ...
mseeya01 (1 year ago)
Hello Daisy - I saw below Veronica wrote her lovely experience and advice which may helpful to you. I've copied it here again for you. Her words: : I am so grateful to Dr. Koffi herbal Cannabis oil I am Veronica Bell I live IN USA. I was diagnose with pancreatic cancer December 2015, and ever since then i have done Chemo and Radiation that have not help me, but only damaged my immune system and Makes me weak. I came across Dr. Koffi email and i have read about his Cannabis oil a lot and i have seen several Post of Dr. Kofi  That he could provide cancer patient with Cannabis Oil without delay,i contacted him through email to order for this medication, to my greatest surprise the cannabis oil was delivered within 4 days,right now i can tell you that 8 months now i have never had any pain and i have just went for test and the doctor confirmed that there is no trace of any cancer again,now. I have experience a total transformation in my life with Cannabis oil medication. I am now fully cure of cancer. No trance of cancer in my body again. Email him for your own cure. Ultimatecancercure@yahoo.comBest Regards, Veronica Bell
Ali Nehme (1 year ago)
I love you old man you are a hero stay strong for your family and self may you live a long and healthy life
Stevan Smith (1 year ago)
My name is Steve Smith and I produced the video about Wallace Rose. If you watch this video you need to know three things. First, much credit needs to be given to Dr. Kathleen Smith of Ultimate U Medical in Las Vegas for her advice and assistance to Wallace Rose. Second, Wallace stopped his chemo and stopped taking Phoenix Tears when he thought the cancer was gone. It was not and it came back and killed him. The third thing is that doctors and the US government need to find out more about the symbiotic relationship between some chemo drugs and CBDs. It is sad that they hang on to their tired ideology.
caligirl (5 months ago)
Stevan Smith I am sorry to hear that he passed away. Thank you for this great video. My dad is diagnosed by liver and pancreatic cancer. I will look into Phenix Tears here in California. So he will go to oncologist and I will get him the CDB oil. God bless you for this video.
Pamela Mitchell (8 months ago)
Mamie, if this is true that Wallace died its because he STOPPED taking the Phoenix tears.
Mamie Cunningham (8 months ago)
wow i have prancrea cancer n was wondering if this story had a happy ending yhanks Steve Smith think i will stick with what my doctors say
Kamaljit Dhaliwal (1 year ago)
is your fathers name Stan smith? and do you have an an alien living in your house named Roger?
Rhonda H (1 year ago)
how do we know this is true?
Alick Djamirze (1 year ago)
what is the name of the strain you/he used? thank you
Future Guru (1 year ago)
cannabanoids are like hungry stoners looking for snacks but instead of snacks its juicey cancer cells.
Mike Robo (1 year ago)
Ale Jandro ....Ha yummy like it.. let them cannabinoids eat them nasty little 👹shits
Josh Kaeo (1 year ago)
Ale Jandro. best comment we've ever read.
Kelly Conway (1 year ago)
My mom in law has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Her levels are at 20,000. The highest they say they've seen. We have her on a gram a day of Rick Simpson oil and she just continues to get worse. We were so hopeful. We're talking about trying to double her dose but her liver is failing. Thank you for the hope and I'm happy to hear this has saved your life.
SDenise Nivens (1 month ago)
Bruce Kefauver where can I purchase rick simpson or cannabis oil from? I've been using cassie tinture but I need to add something else with it.
SDenise Nivens (1 month ago)
Kelly Conway I'm so sorry. I just read that your mom passed.
SDenise Nivens (1 month ago)
haw your mom increase her intake of dark green vegetables. have them blended or juiced. where or how did youbget rick simpson oil?
Dedi Darko (1 year ago)
Bruce Kefauver
Kelly Conway (1 year ago)
We did get her to 2 grams a day. She passed 2 weeks ago. :(
magmag (1 year ago)
so where do we buy this oil?
Jake Sneed (1 year ago)
Hemp oil does not help cure cancer but cannabis oil does.
Marbella Medina (1 month ago)
andra florina natural remedes doctor
andra florina (2 months ago)
Princess Pea where can i buy cannabis oil
Princess Pea (10 months ago)
imran resources No, they're not. Hemp is related to cannabis, but has few to no cannabinoids (the necessary chemicals). Hemp is good for industrial use.
imran resources (1 year ago)
cannabis and hemp is not same?
Ramesh Gla (1 year ago)
My father suffering with ca.pancreas cancer (in stomach effected to leaver also) , stage 4. I heard hemp oil giving good result. can you suggest me exact product details and where it is available.
Nelly Vasquez (1 year ago)
Veronica Bell
Veronica Bell (1 year ago)
I am so grateful to Dr. Koffi herbal Cannabis oil I am Veronica Bell I live IN USA. I was diagnose with pancreatic cancer December 2015, and ever since then i have done Chemo and Radiation that have not help me, but only damaged my immune system and Makes me weak. I came across Dr. Koffi email and i have read about his Cannabis oil a lot and i have seen several Post of Dr. Kofi That he could provide cancer patient with Cannabis Oil without delay,i contacted him through email to order for this medication, to my greatest surprise the cannabis oil was delivered within 4 days,right now i can tell you that 8 months now i have never had any pain and i have just went for test and the doctor confirmed that there is no trace of any cancer again,now. I have experience a total transformation in my life with Cannabis oil medication. I am now fully cure of cancer. No trance of cancer in my body again. Email him for your own cure. Ultimatecancercure@yahoo.com Best Regards, Veronica Bell.

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