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Pollution (Land, Air and Water Pollution)

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This video concentrates on the effects of Air, Water, and Land pollution. Landfills are very detrimental to our land Ecosystems. Oil Spills affect our seas and oceans, while we pollute the air with our terrible chemicals and smokestacks. In this quick documentary, you will learn about all these things, and more, including diffusing some myths about Natural Pollution. You will also view videos of the Pacific Trash Vortex. I hope you enjoy this Documentary as much as I did making it. Have fun, and watch on. Please do not hesitate to view more of my videos, including more of my documentaries, if you liked this one. ************************************* This is NOT a slideshow of pictures. Please feel free to ask questions or add comments below *************************************
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Text Comments (214)
Tilak Raj Sharma ji (1 month ago)
tell me background music
edds world (1 month ago)
that right they are died naw
Skye Plumb (2 months ago)
JoraulTechy (2 months ago)
Skye Plumb No to what?
Alex Kruc (3 months ago)
Amazing video! There is everything what we need to know about pollution!
An G Silb (4 months ago)
ECOOLOGY (5 months ago)
Saga Creativa (6 months ago)
Hi there, we are Saga Creativa, a content platform based in Ecuador. We are writing a story about Polar bears vs Global Warming, we found your video and wanted your authorization to use parts of this video. The credit will be given to you. Hope to hear from you soon. Kindest regards.
nanditha kt (6 months ago)
my network is too slow to watch this
The Eco Heroes (6 months ago)
Love Planet Earth and be an Eco Hero! 🌍❤️
megalomaniac 08 (7 months ago)
Cant take you seriouslywoth that voice you use
Shoaib Raza (8 months ago)
Keep posting these kind of articles it inspires to every internet newbie like me. Continue your good work. http://www.meritsdemerits.com/main-types-pollution-effects-causes-pollution/
ART AND CRAFT (9 months ago)
Bravo 3layky hbb fatima 😗😗❤al y5alily yaki 😗😗hbb❤
Lakshay sharma (10 months ago)
Gennn Bee (11 months ago)
Fuck. This world is like a fucking mess.😷
Valerie Fernandes (1 year ago)
Preserve "NOW" for a Better "TOMORROW" Pollution is one of the most discussed subject in our day to day life and the above audio visual portraits the main causes for pollution. Pollution can be formally defined as the undesirable and unintended contamination of the environment by human activities such as manufacturing, waste disposal etc.. It relates to the destruction of the natural air we breathe, the water we drink and the land we live on. The world is rapidly developing in every area possible which makes our lives much easier to live but on the other hand forgetting that we ourselves are destroying our mother nature. So we as humans should try our level best to Preserve and improve our "PRESENT" for a Better "TOMORROW"
Tanvir Ahmed (1 year ago)
Anybody else found the narrating voices wierd?Robotic.
would it be ok to use some of this clip in one of my films
Rahul Mehra (1 year ago)
Nicolas Lara (1 year ago)
I know there isn't Chinese music in this video but I don't know why I always hear Chinese music play in my mind every time I watch videos or read articles about any type of pollution.
S_frog (1 year ago)
If illuminate exists and wants to make people fewer then I would agree to even die
S_frog (1 year ago)
robertpro235 (1 year ago)
that voice tho
Jyoti .Polybond (1 year ago)
kayamat aane vaali hain
Brotato Zone (1 year ago)
The voices though.
Anh Minh (1 year ago)
how to dowload this video
Zach Warren (1 year ago)
Nice vid. However most of the 'smoke stacks' in your video are actually cooling towers for nuclear power plants and that's steam coming out of them, not smoke. They might look scary but nuclear power is much, much cleaner than burning fossil fuels.
Ayman Kafi (1 year ago)
😢 sad 😢
Ayman Kafi (1 year ago)
people won't understand until it happens
Bulletenio (1 year ago)
Let's wait and see what we've done.
Crasher360 (1 year ago)
btw my school does not have any re cycle things do you know how much paper and bottles schools waste
Crasher360 (1 year ago)
if only Donald trump cared about pollution,he is the reason the Dakota access pipeline is being built and he wants to drill for oil in the protected arias
Emily Kinsella (1 year ago)
Hi guys, I'm a third year environmental sciences student at university and for my dissertation I am working on public perceptions of marine plastic pollution, microplastics and the environment and was wondering if anyone would mind answering the questions? I would really appreciate it as the more people I get the more representative the data set is and would make it more accurate. It is geared towards people from the UK (as thats what my dissertation supervisor suggested) but its not essential and you have to be 18 or over (because of ethics). Thanks for reading and love the video very informative. The link for the survey is at the bottom. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1yzYlj1d-u0ZZwAwEc2v4On80tfdxJ_IPnekVfWTcG1Q/edit
seagulls and mice aren't nasty beings! U crazy bruh they r just trying to survive!
Ricardo Indradjaja (1 year ago)
Dear Joraultechy, We like your video and we want to use a short portion (less than 10 seconds) of your video to use in our video profile. We are making a video about kemiri sunan (plant for green fuel) and we want to show a short footage about industry pollution. We will write your name in our end credit. We hope you are ok with that. Thanks.
Genesis Anims (1 year ago)
Pollution Sucks! Clean Wins!
han san (1 year ago)
we are destroying the nature of the earth the only plant we have to live,we Polluted the soil, rivers, oceans and the air by our industries, maybe even outer space too by astronauts feces. wy just to improve that we are(the human) so smarter than the other creatures or because of our gree.
Joshua Clay (1 year ago)
Hello! Great video :D Just wanted to ask if it would be ok to use a clip from your video if I credit you? Thanks! :)
Tierra West (1 year ago)
I feel bad for
Smoker LungGirl (1 year ago)
what a nice job! we should pollute twice as much of course :)
Shraddha Bhagat (1 year ago)
environment pollution is a great problem
Yuмιє ღ (1 year ago)
lmao MLG voice
Kids Game TV (1 year ago)
really pollution is the potential killer
skyluke3 (1 year ago)
No hate to you but I hate when people get stuff wrong in these videos! At 0:20 you showed some "smoke stacks" and if you are wondering smoke is NOT white! That white stuff that you have in the video is something called Steam! Steam is actually completely harmless to the environment because all steam is is boiled water When you cook vegetables in water sometimes is boils and begins to bubble and evaporate into steam It is a common mistake I've seen it everywhere before but honestly with a mistake like that it is hard to take the rest of it seriously It is like grade 4 science pretty much everybody should know that!
Celeste Forslund (1 year ago)
: ((
Kids Game TV (1 year ago)
the dreamer (1 year ago)
thanks to much i wish you make another vidéos with arabics and french ....
adam lawes (1 year ago)
great doco. I wanted to know if I am able to use some of the footage for a short film I am making. The short film is 'an aliens guide to earth' showing what we are doing to the planet and each other., if it is ok. how do I download? I will list you as a credit for footage of course.
Yenzy Garin (1 year ago)
It's with the word decomposers
Yenzy Garin (1 year ago)
What do you call the mice on the video?
anand kishore (1 year ago)
Simon English (2 years ago)
Hey Man, I wanted to see if I could use some of this footage for a project of mine, Trying to spread the word!! You will of course be credited. best, Simon
Crumbly 105 (2 years ago)
Nice Video
sarah dufau (2 years ago)
can I use your video for a school project please? I will of course name you in my video. thank you
Eric Cardona (2 years ago)
Collins middle school is a much bigger problem than pollution
Kathy Whorms (2 years ago)
Like it
fadol syukroni (2 years ago)
where i can get the text from this video? thanks
itsme GUST (2 years ago)
Adharsh Adharsh (2 years ago)
thank you very much for this video
KDU made me do this
Seghir Hocine (2 years ago)
really pollution is the potential killer.humanity is in a real jeopardy
Kevin Lam (2 years ago)
THX so much!My school had a project about pollution.This really helps!
EARSKINL3 (2 years ago)
nice song I like it
Christopher Chirico (2 years ago)
HI, great images! I was wondering, if it would be ok to use some of the footage in a video I am making? Is all the footage free usage?
Boukerma Boualem (1 year ago)
Its good
Rosie Kraai (2 years ago)
This is upsetting that u actally have to make a vidio about this shit! I lioved but its just depressing this has to happen!@!!!
GAMERKID 10 (2 years ago)
we must care more man all these animals ding i cant believe this shame people
nick2060 nick2060 (2 years ago)
Everyone please pray for pollution to stop. PRAY FOR GOD TO HELP US!!!!!
cai hui (2 years ago)
God can't help us,but we have everything we need to help our own planet earth.//It is up to us to help stop pollution or at least slow down the rate we are polluting the earth.
nick2060 nick2060 (2 years ago)
Again, this is a real problem. Now, how are we going to solve it?
JoraulTechy (2 years ago)
The climate change G20 summit was today. Hopefully some of our world leaders can take a stand for reducing our ecological impact on the world.
guinsfan87 (2 years ago)
Great vid! Can I ask where you got a lot of your footage? I am make a project for school and am having some problems finding good clips to use
Scotty Runner Hassall (2 years ago)
Useful information but the auto voice is annoying.
Jamie Mosley (2 years ago)
I am 😱ing right now! SO SAD ! We watched a pollution video in class and I cried.
Jamie Mosley (2 years ago)
I am 😱ing right now! SO SAD ! We watched a pollution video in class and I cried.
Veera Bhatnagar (2 years ago)
Hi. I am creating courseware for kids and would like to use parts of this video for teaching children about pollution. would it be okay if I use this video? This courseware will be marketed by my company and will be used in schools around India.
wethink4u (2 years ago)
''I fought in the war against power-hungry German Nazis so that i could be slowly murdered in peace by profit-hungry corporate Nazis'''
I am Bryce (2 years ago)
lets stop pollution
stop pollution from every small thing around.
Yasmin51981 AJ (3 years ago)
We Have to all come together. Thats how we fight against pollution :)
Bulletenio (1 year ago)
50% will disagree I'm not one of them
Yasmin51981 AJ (3 years ago)
I wish everybody in the world cared about Earth. Its like people want to kill themselves and others :(
Bhojesinha Rajput (3 years ago)
it is possible to stop pollution but it is not possible due to corruption and due to wrong teaching system
A Random Scoutface (3 years ago)
Typing this message required a computer. Computers require batteries. Batteries require charging or replacing. Chargeable batteries require electricity. Electricity is produced from generators. Generators work on fossil fuels. Fossil fuels create air pollution. So typing this message created air pollution.
Emilie Pullen (4 months ago)
A Random Scoutface Yes, I have found that every solution that we come up for climate change though better then the last one will introduce mor problems that will require another solution to fix it but even that solution will defeat our previous solution, at that point we would just be going in circles, the only real and logical solution would be to either shrink the population because with less population comes less nead of resources or go back to how our distant ancestors lived.
Zayraelia (2 years ago)
+Joraultechy That's so cool!
JoraulTechy (3 years ago)
Actually, this is factually untrue for me, at least. I live in Canada, and in the province I am in, we use Hydro electric dams to produce our power, from a completely renewable and non polluting energy source, the movement of water. Isn’t renewable energy awesome! - Typed on a smartphone charged almost exclusively by renewable energy sources
Awatia AJ (3 years ago)
I wish we used water for gasoline, but no we can't :, ( People just don't care
Awatia AJ (3 years ago)
Kitti Saratada (3 years ago)
The earth is the biggest cell that we call our mother earth. The earth covers by air o2 21% n 78% it is our blood system. We are DNA of the earth. When land, water, air get pollution everyone will die. This is happen by scient.
Allan Of El Salvador (3 years ago)
Yeah exactly the earth has helped as with many this like materials and what not its time we return the favour to this planet by cleaning it up and protecting the environment
JoraulTechy (3 years ago)
absolutely! Feel free to use this video!
Shyam kumar (1 year ago)
grass hopper
grass hopper (1 year ago)
We are allowed to upload this video? Also could you please tell me what editing software you used for the vid or where you got your stock footage? Thank you
Mitchell ODea (2 years ago)
Hi! +Joraultechy I was just wondering where you got all of your stock footage from, I could really use it on an up coming project.
José Forno (3 years ago)
+Joraultechy thank you
José Forno (3 years ago)
hi, i have a garage band and we want to make a video for a clip to youtube, i about pollution and your video is awsome. can we take some video parts for our homemade videoclip?
Tùng Nguyễn (3 years ago)
This video has made impression on me. lets save the world !!!
Verena Groth (3 years ago)
Hi! We launched a campaign to raise funds for the development of social free game apps for kids that teaches to protect nature. JOIN NOW! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/rain-social-app
Kate Samarey (3 years ago)
Hi! I launched a campaign to raise funds for the development of social free game apps for kids that teaches to protect nature. JOIN NOW! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/rain-social-app 
Whitney Mamaradlo (3 years ago)
The woman's voice is the female voice of Siri. 👍
Anna Ahn (3 years ago)
I am having a test for pollution OMG I didn't even study BYE
Anna Ahn (3 years ago)
HELP THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!,!!,!!!!
Erick Hadi (3 years ago)
Jesse Matthews (3 years ago)
Revelation 11:18 - "But the nations became wrathful, and your own wrath came, and the appointed time came for the dead to be judged and to reward your slaves the prophets and the holy ones and those fearing your name, the small and the great, and to bring to ruin those ruining the Earth." This is a promise from Jehovah God that he will care for the Earth.
TheBiznotch69 (4 years ago)
Hassan M (4 years ago)
My god !!!. Waht the solutions then,we have to move ,we have to help our planet ,our mother.these people should stop collecting money in such away they harm the environment. Believe me brothers our planet is crying now but no body hear that just like the trees no body can talk or hear its sound when it is sick. Please for whom people they can help the earth to continue their defence .
Hassan M (4 years ago)
My god !!!. Waht the solutions then,we have to move ,we have to help our planet ,our mother.these people should stop collecting money in such away they harm the environment. Believe me brothers our planet is crying now but no body hear that just like the trees no body can talk or hear its sound when it is sick. Please for whom people they can help the earth to continue their defence .
Karen K (4 years ago)
Humans are a scourge to the once beautiful Mother Earth. I fear it's already too late to slow or stop this mad cycle of frenetic materialism. People will never stop being greedy and selfish, even of it means the future generations having only a totally ruined world remaining. Once you and I are long gone, that's when the sh-- will really hit the fan...
phillip harden (4 years ago)
150 years of industrial revolution has created more pollution in the water air and ground than the previous 5,000 years. There is no doubt we are to blame. I can't think what we would say to god in whatever form we choose to believe he exists, to explain why we didn't fight to stop the killing of the world created for us and all other life forms. Is there a cure for apathy? Is there a cure for greed? Is free will really what we have been lead to believe? If you are not part of the cure you are part of the disease. I hear people say that they want their children and grand children to inherit a world where they can drink the water and eat the fish they catch. There are already too few places where you can drink the water untreated and eat anything other than the very young fish because the toxins build up year after year. We should be thinking about the next 50 generations not the next 2. Think about it.
Emilie Pullen (4 months ago)
Rupert Murdoch That's exactly what I've been saying, with every solution to climate change comes another set of problems that defeat your previous solutions and eventually your just going in circles with out tackling the real problem, with a mass population decrease comes the nead for less resources, less trees being cut down for erbinization, less nead for oil to be drilled for because there would be less cars their for less roads, hi ways, ETC.
How Dare You?!?!? !? (1 year ago)
phillip harden a
TheAs57 (3 years ago)
+Cameron Barone  You should share the video before things become worse. Thank you. http://youtu.be/HgZYkrwPStw
Cameron Barone (3 years ago)
I agree^ this can never be changed. The only way out is most likely a mass extinction. It'll most likely happen naturally soon anyway, we have destroyed the earth and have reproduced beyond the point of reparation.
Rupert Murdoch (4 years ago)
     There is a cure; EXTICTION.  In a world with 7 billion people and rapidly rising, it has become impossible to live in an ecologically sustainable way.  Economics demand new products to be produced, sold and discarded.  The next generation doubles this demand.  Is it possible to extract raw materials without harming the environment from which they came?  Can we refine these materials and produce a limited amount of hydro-carbons?  Can we make products that last a human lifetime?  Even if the answer is yes, the sheer scale of the demand for new products continues to drive our biosphere towards unsuitability for human habitation.  I wish I could be optimistic, but an understanding of what got us here and the path we're on makes it impossible now.       Check out Guy R. Mcpherson  on google or youtube to get a deeper understanding of the terminal situation we're all in.       P.S.  Please don't take this as an attack on your position, I echo your sentiments and in fact aim to strengthen your argument.
邓龙豪 (4 years ago)
Can pollution occur without using fossil fuels? What I mean by fossil fuels are natural gas, coal and oil.
skyluke3 (1 year ago)
Joraultechy you mean fuel bundles they don't just replace the entire reactor
skyluke3 (1 year ago)
Stephen Teng I'm sorry did you really just ask that question? No offence but that is one of the most obvious answers in the topic of pollution
JoraulTechy (3 years ago)
They can - for example, nuclear power is extremely clean and is an efficient way of getting electricity, many times better than any fossil fuel. However, this does also have polluting effects, especially when it comes to disposing the used reactor cores.
Amalia AG (4 years ago)
Can I use these video clips? I've been looking everywhere for free videos I can use legally (of pollution) for an environmental  music video.
Alexutz CTN (4 years ago)
Theoretically Mars died because of the volcanic activity at huge scale. We don't need that, we build our own way of planet destruction, we have the industry who do the job and the man who duesn't care...
Alexutz CTN (4 years ago)
We know pollution in bad from long time ago. We do little to solve that. The company's doesn't care about pollution, they wish only money and a rich life. We humans who fight so many pests have become a pest in self. We take everything and led waste behind. So if APOCALYPSE comes that means we are responsible and crying will be for your pity.

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