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How To Avoid Quick Sperm Release And Stay Longer In Bed?

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In this video I talk about How To Avoid Quick Sperm Release And Stay Longer In Bed
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Text Comments (28)
Hinz Atih (2 days ago)
She’s hot. Dude i bet after your video you gonna show her some of your technology
The Justice (1 month ago)
I dont get it what you mean bro. I need Demo.
GamersZone (2 months ago)
Let me fuck your girl and will tell you how long I can last
Ring Adding (2 months ago)
Ring Adding (2 months ago)
Quick sperm release? 🤢 just say ejaculation. Theyre both so weird.
Mussay Eyob (8 days ago)
Hi beautiful
jesse Vortex Sungte (2 months ago)
gold digger asian bitch.
Gorgusaurus (3 months ago)
This is the unintentionally funniest shit i've ever seen. I kept expecting him to jump on the girl and start fucking once the video was over! LOL Seriously though... good tips ;)
Gimme Brain (3 months ago)
THANKS GUY. you are trying to help people and youtube is obviously full of haters, look at likes to dislikes. why dislike a video trying to help you.
Jayla Seymour (5 months ago)
Sperm release, I'm fucking screaming 😂😂😂😂😂😂😫
Mike Last name (6 months ago)
Your direct use of sexual organs makes this seem less professional. Just a "tip" for next time. Hahaha.
Joel Villarreal (6 months ago)
Fucking a fine ass chick like that,all these tricks are obsolete
youtube trend 5M VIEWS (7 months ago)
you should give a demo
airloo (7 months ago)
which position is best for save my sperm for longer sex?
Clive Rodrigues (4 months ago)
horus set (7 months ago)
nice prostitute ! is there some anal training videos as well
Fred Martin (8 months ago)
I  think I am in  love .. Not  with  you  but  with your  girl   friend   :)
alex433 (1 month ago)
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David Linch (8 months ago)
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Goget Deseracks (8 months ago)
Dam i never seen a thick asian
Leangelo Kellom (3 months ago)
Me neither!
Mega Trunks (4 months ago)
L every thots are thicc fam
Rooy kan? (7 months ago)
Berri Vincent U must have a very few Asian in ur place
Hossam abdo (9 months ago)
dude she is so hot u are lucky
Mr Mawao (10 months ago)
Your girl is hot man
Omen 203 (11 months ago)
he telling the truth breath ppl and homegirl like when he said slowdown lol nasty

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