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When to Suspect Sarcoma

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Panelists William D. Tap, MD; Damon Reed, MD; George D. Demetri, MD; Martee L. Hensley, MD; Mark Agulnik, MD; and Shreyaskumar Patel, MD, discuss the challenges in determining an accurate diagnosis and treatment approach in soft tissue sarcoma, as well as the most common and most aggressive soft tissue sarcoma subtypes.
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jennifer jensen (1 month ago)
Myxoid/round cell liposarcoma here.
Miss Impressed (1 month ago)
I have DSAP and a b Fast grown lump under my shoulder blade that hurts and itch’s And is blue and deep. I’ve already had cervical, uterine and thyroid cancer
Another Day (6 months ago)
Thank you for sharing the video on Sarcoma. Very informative. Helped!
TheAcworthdude (1 year ago)
shared with the Sarcoma Alliance FB support group

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