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The Mind Muscle Connection

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The Mind Muscle Connection
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Sam Ernill (3 months ago)
Very good video, i remember reading an old book by Steve Reeves who also discussed being able to "pop" each muscle on command and suggested you should practice it daily.
kiwilad24 (5 months ago)
I like listening to you because you explain it without getting carried away and hyped up which is refreshing
MASTER BLASTER 3000 (9 months ago)
Well put boss. If those busters can't understand after this vid I don't know what will.
Shyho (1 year ago)
n mhmh
Lariat Stewart (1 year ago)
Mr. Tiny, I sent you some pics of myself on your Gmail, could you look at them and tell me should I gain more weight or cut, thanks.
Lariat Stewart (1 year ago)
Mr. Tiny, I sent you some pics of myself on your Gmail, could you look at them and tell me should I gain more weight or cut, thanks.
Julius N (1 year ago)
This is so underrated. When I first started lifting I did a lot of pressing for shoulders and chest, but my shoulders did EVERYTHING. I literally felt nothing in my chest with pressing movements and this resulted in having my delts pop out and be developed, yet my chest being extremely flat and undeveloped. I started working on this by doing a lot of fly movements and grabbing light weights so I could purely focus on learning to consciously contract my chest. I also did VERY light presses to learn to feel my chest during pressing movements. I did not train shoulders AT ALL for a year aswel. Slowly I started to be able to feel my chest more and more, moved up in weight and in a year time I almost entirely fixed the imbalance between my delts and chest. My delts maintained size because I still did pressing movements and they were over dominant anyway. My chest afterwards was like twice the size.
tom000 (1 year ago)
Nice mug haha
ECS IBOUZIR (1 year ago)
This is true dude, I am newbie. I started to workout summer of 2015 and in last August I started weight lifting at home I have a paire of dumbbells and a barbell, and now I did notice this too first with my chest too and then some other muscles. you konw what: I will use this mmc while lifting and do the exercise too. and above all YOU INSPIRED ME a hell lot. liked and subscribed. Thanks man
Mike Collings (1 year ago)
been using this MMC technique for a week now and the difference is night n day, I've had a niggling shoulder problem a while now but using MMC bench pressing today I felt no pain at all in the shoulder cos my mind was fully focused on the chest doing the work, and the workouts are alot more enjoyable too
Rob StrickeN Feary (1 year ago)
Can you or anyone here help me out on shoulders? I can contract pretty much every muscle independently except my shoulders. They must be fucking asleep or something? I have big shoulders, and they look good but i feel they could be better if i learn to contract them. Is it even possible to contract them on their own??? Cheers.
Bean Mcdowall (1 year ago)
Fuckin monkey cup hahaha
Great video, Tiny!! Thanks brotha!!
Jody (1 year ago)
Hahahaaaa.. James Bro.. I always get a good laugh from you on some of your facial expressions and sayings.. good stuff man!! Keep me coming "We are listening!"
stoffe poffe (1 year ago)
hos Big is his arms? 24 ?
Alvino Tafoya (1 year ago)
Thanks for the advice on flexing the muscles while sitting down. I've been using this method on traps and calves since your previous video. works great on lagging muscles and carries over great on muscles that don't lag. Great stuff James, thanks again.
matthew shove (1 year ago)
Love that monkey cup!
Peshaqbodybuilding (1 year ago)
James, could you give us an update on how your diet is now? are you still doing keto? :) Much love from Denmark
d creamer (1 year ago)
I'm pretty new to bodybuilding workouts and I had my first "aha" moment in regards to mind muscle connection this past week doing bent over rows...I get a great stretch in my lats doing those and pulldowns...Now trying to activate my chest more
d creamer (1 year ago)
Also, I have the same monkey cup at my house...lmao
Polo Polo (1 year ago)
Any thoughts on Mr.Olympia 2016 !!, champ
montana of300 (1 year ago)
HEY James, opinions on SARMS?? It's like testosterone but without the side effects
Jody (1 year ago)
I asked him that already in another video.. he has not had any personal dealings with it
Emil Kimbrell (1 year ago)
james, whats your height and weight?
QueensNative (1 year ago)
darren valente (1 year ago)
great video James, appreciate your help, thanks again 👍👍👍
darren valente (1 year ago)
+natalie portman fan bundle plan chim chim all the way, 😆
i can tell you definitely liked the monkey cup
Drama (1 year ago)
dammm Jim u getten lean as hell nice work
Aziz Konak (1 year ago)
The best explanation of mind muscle connection I've ever heard. Definitely something to consider especially for non-seasoned lifters like myself when guaging progress. Great content James!
Mister Doggie (1 year ago)
Mr. tiny...im not a body builder but when do you stop ? don't you hurt yourself eventually in your older age...its like a jogger , I'm sure the ankles will hurt later in life..
Mister Doggie (1 year ago)
watch your joints brother...i did hard work in my life and it will get you..
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
Well, yes and no.  If I had continued to go all out heavy as possible and always looking to add more weight (as I did before I suddenly "got older") I am sure I would really wreck myself.  Training, intelligently, a person can improve their quality of life at any age and in my own case, perform at a higher level in almost all physical endeavors as opposed to being my current age and not training.  But that's the key - knowing when it is time to switch gears and accept you are not going to be as strong as you once were (if you have always lifted) but you can still maintain your physique and be much stronger than you would be without training.
Beastt OfRage (1 year ago)
Dead on as usual. I know when I first started I could not press the 45 lb bar on the bench press without assistance. For a while one side was way stronger than the other too. I wondered how it would ever even out, but it did by just training over time. Thats also part of the neurological adation. You learn to automatically apply more force on the stronger side to make up for your weaker side. The body has an amazing ability to adapt. It took me a good 10 years I would say, to develop a mind muscle connection with my lats. Prior to that I got my back decently sized (49 inches) by explosively throwing very heavy weight around. Very little focus on feeling contractions. However, what took my back up to 56 inches was when I developed that connection mentally, and started doing LONG HOLDS on each rep. When I first started with long holds it was similiar to doing a movement for the first time. I was WAY weaker with holds than I was with ballistic explosive style reps. I stuck with it for several years, and now I can do long holds with plates added to the 300 lb stack and very heavy with any other type of row. Similiar to what I used to throw around with inertia. By the time this occured my lats were 56 inches. I probably got up to about 52 inches with the explosive ballistics before switching over. I switched over initially because I out grew progressive resistance with standard reps. Meaning my tendons popped a few times rowing. I was going super heavy. Never had any tears I know about but some pops and pain for days. This showed me that I had reached my limit for progressive resistance. So I had to make the shit much harder by doing them that way. Since then I have an amazing mental connection with the lats and they are blowing up on a yearly basis and are now my best area. KEEP KILLIN THAT SHIT !!
Leo (1 year ago)
Beastt OfRage Dude i bench 3 plates and for most people they think i'm supposed to grow in size. Once i cut the weight back and focused on the mmc, my fucking chest developed. Jason Blaha's against the mmc and thinks its bullshit but look at him? Hahahah
Beastt OfRage (1 year ago)
I didnt touch any type of anabolic for 9-10 years of straight training. Then when I came back from my injuries I did very low dose cycles on and off, mostly off. Now im on HRT to keep my levels stable since Im 36.
Beastt OfRage (1 year ago)
Legal juice. Ive been on HRT the last year or so. 200 mg test cypionate weekly. Keeps my levels stable all the time and my tendons and joints have been way more durable since. I had many more shoulder injuries and elbow, wrist issues prior, where I had to take breaks. Now I train heavy consistantly and only take breaks when Im mentally burnt out. KILL THAT SHIT !!
saymehname (1 year ago)
U on juice?
Beastt OfRage (1 year ago)
Awesome information. I will definately go over it a few times to get as much as I can out of it. Always great to exchange information with the like minded. Agreed. Im finally starting to balance this shit into my life and have fun with it. I still become a slave to it somewhat at points where I really dont give a fuck and dont even want to do the shit, at all. Mainly the fucking eating. So these days I will take breaks whenever I feel like it. Sometimes for a few months or longer. Refreshes my mind as well as my joints and tendons. Doing it this way I am getting larger and stronger each year, without destroying myself completely, mentally, physically. Ive been fucking with beyond failure techniques, pre exhaustion, holds and different ROMs for a while now and its been a great way to be able to break records MULTIPLE times a week (by manipulating set and weight order, cutting back reps on certain sets, going for records on different ranges, etc). Basically Ive mastered manipulating those variables to where I can break records weekly and usually several times a week. I went for over a year recently of breaking records weekly. This keeps my mind fresh with training. I lose interest real quick when I feel like Im being complacent. I always need to feel like im getting stronger, bigger, or I wont even do the shit anymore. So I probably wont be training anymore at some point. Unless something in my brain changes by then. I get no satisfaction from mere maintenance. I despise complacency. Yea its awesome to be able to challenge ourselves in so many ways with training. My mindset was so narrow and so focused and stubborn on ONE thing for so long. Usually it was all about hitting more reps each session at the expense of feeling contractions or any type of strict form. That explosive ballistic style worked great for the majority of my training, but it came with alot of consequences over time. At times when I thought my training was done, I ended up adapting and becoming stronger and larger than ever by doing things DIFFERENTLY. Not less intense. Actually more intense with more painful high rep endurance type of sets, but still heavy overall. When I say stronger, I should also say I became much weaker as well. Thats the price to pay with the abuse of this type of training though. I always referred to it as an exorcism to my demons because that was why I got into training and my main driving factor. It was very destructive and super lengthy and abusive. The weaker part is physical and mental. Weaker in the sense that I am only stronger on specific movements and angles. My lower back is fucked up to where Ill never deadlift again most likely. I dont even try to do that anymore. Though I can be exceptionally strong in WHAT I do. Its just very specific and I know my strengths and focus on them. I consider myself still mentally weak because I feel that I NEED to train like this always. I try to get away from the shit but my insecurities always bring me back. I built my training upon a foundation of hate and transforming into a demon like entity. That was really what I envisioned. To escape who and where I was. I hated what I was. So there was never any true acceptance of who I am. I am always aware of all this shit but its all unresolved. The demons still eat at me and I would like to back off from the destruction and live my life without it, but Im not at that mental and spiritual level yet to back off from this shit. To be truly mentally and spiritually strong is not to give a fuck about how you look or how strong you are physically. So I consider myself weak at this stage. Im fucking stubborn so probably only time will change me , if it does. I never voluntarily try to get out of that situation. My comfort zone is a place that would bring anyone else crippling anxiety, but to me I fear leaving it. A little off topic, but fuck it. =) What you described sounds kind of like 21s which ive done with curls. Partial roms at different points. Ive seen it done with rows and other shit. Very interesting. I may have to start experimenting with this shit. Because just last week I loaded up 350 on low cable rows for reps and I do not want to load up to 400 again. I did this a while back and popped my bicep tendon. No discoloration but obviously my tendons were reaching a limit. So I dont really want to test my strength fully even though I know Im capable of much more. Though the nature of the beast is starting to emerge again and thats always when I start fucking shit up. KEEP KILLIN THAT SHIT !!
thought u were sellin shirts? why no link in description?
Efillisto (1 year ago)
important thing indeed. i dont know if others have the same experience or you yourself , but i fund that when i use a very heavy weight, its more difficult to put all the tension and focus on the target muscle ..... instead the tension gets distributed to all muscles involved in the chain.... and the target muscle, lets say lats has not the max contraction which can be achieved.... powerliftin vs bodybuilding. heavin weight vs focussin and workin the target. after a heavy workout, and some recovery i find that the mind muscle connection is stronger and can easily tense all msucles very ahrd and even get a strong pump without external resistance. the lightweight workout after the heavy ones is an opportunity to max contract the target muscles and maintain the mind muscle conenction and not lose it due to spreading of tension by just heavin heavy weights all the time... also : by almsot closing the jaw and then tensing the jaw muscles at the same time the target muscle is tensed at the beginning of the movement the contraction can be made much harder and longer duration without creating cramps or damage... test it out : by leaving the jaw completely open and relaxed, the power goes away, and many do this automatically when they do heavy weights sometimes... wit lats spread i find that facing downward , the focus of the tension goes to the lower part and by looking more up it goes to the upper lats.... fuckin weird.... would love to know if others can verify its a general thing or a personal configuration my mind muscle conenction has.... like james said: if u can first achieve the best conenction adn targeted tension on a specific muscle , and then add the resistance and also put the extra tension on the muscle while doing the movement u get a strong effect even with lower weights... great for rehab also
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
You are exactly correct - in my opinion.  This is a big time hurdle many people have problems with - understanding that sometimes lighter weight means a more quality contraction and better development because of the accuracy with which you can deliver the stress to the target muscle.  I often add weight until I get to where it suddenly has lost that quality feel - it feels completely different once you cross that line and are now going too heavy - so next set I have to lighten up.  BUT if you train this way with intent and purpose, you can build strength to where later on you CAN go up heavier than previously and not lose it.  It ends up making things more pronounced on your physique - I think.
some people on youtube call this "hippie shit"....say its just tryin to be some type of new age stuff...basically its just good form
Jeremy Whitfield (1 year ago)
+Black Ops Classified And Stuff lmfao, 8?
+Big R ha...i got about 8 youtube accounts. hes blocked them all
Big R (1 year ago)
Blaha is very very wrong.  Makes me think less of his experience then I did before.
Blueprint Aesthetics (1 year ago)
Yes !!! I always recommend beginner lifters to first learn how to squeeze and contract and how to keep tension on the muscle before they move up in weight. My chest ; shoulders; and arms blew up from taking 4 weeks to learn how to squeeze and ive always been good w my back because when I was younger all i did was pull ups. Eventually i learned without knowing. Ive noticed people who cant juggle their chest have small chests , coincidence .. I think not!
G S S (1 year ago)
The pec dance.
jerry ce (1 year ago)
Good vid, i like to flex the muscle in the stretch position , that also helps with mind muscle
Donovan McIntosh (1 year ago)
It really does work and that monkey cup is sickkk, I need one lol
Programmerx (1 year ago)
Looking pretty lean :D Those shoulder fibers so deep :D
badhand82 (1 year ago)
gay boy

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