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Why Anti-Aging Clinics are Con Jobs | TRT Revolution

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Learn more about Optimizing Your Health, Reversing Your Aging Process and All Things Testosterone and TOT: http://totrevolution.com/ To sign up to the TOT Revolution Mailing List to get FREE BOOKS and the weekly Ultimate Life Optimization Report: http://bitly.com/TOTRev To Get Jay Campbell and Jim Brown's Magnum Opus on Testosterone Optimization Therapy http://TOTBible.com Why aren’t anti-aging clinics doing much to help people who desperately need hormone optimization? Why aren’t they the cure-all answer? In this clip, Nelson Montana shares why he thinks these clinics are actually taking us a step back. Listen to the full episode→ https://goo.gl/eQhH2c We also discussed: - Micro-dosing aromatase inhibitors for older men - How the internet is making us dumber - Why everything is geared for us to be on one side of the fence or the other Feel the Focus of the World's Most Powerful OTC Nootropic-EMF http://www.optimizedlifenutrition.com To Pick up your FREE Paperback COPY of The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet(Continental USA Only) http://www.metabolicblowtorchdiet.com To Get the MBTD on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2xOXcOK To Radically Improve Your Physique and Develop Maximum Muscle Mass in Minimum Time-Utilize Jim Brown's Forged Training: http://AdvancedForgedTraining.com To Learn the systems and processes to radically improve your health, fitness and fat loss in the shortest time possible. http://90days2optimized.com To Coach with Jim and Jay http://trtrevolution.com/coaching Download the FREE PDF of The Definitive TRT MANual: http://trtrevolution.com/PDF To Listen to the Audio Version of The TRT MANual http://amzn.to/2exRnf7
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Roguejim O (2 months ago)
Geez...I was just getting ready to give Defymedical a call. I wonder if this is one of the bad clinics referred to in the interview?
Roguejim O (2 months ago)
McLain is no longer on their staff. Has his own practice.
Luciano B. (2 months ago)
Don't think so. Dr. Justin Saya is on of the best. I've heard Dr. Rand McLain is also there.
Jason Scharrer (2 months ago)
Love these 3-5 minute clips in the middle of interviews, very informative and perfect time wise. Hope to see more of these, thanks!!
Odin Aesthetic (2 months ago)
Well what are we gonna do if that's all we got ( a clinic)? My Dr doesn't seem to know much about trt and prescribes everyone the exact same thing. We need a registry of good doctors in different areas.
Max Musick (1 month ago)
Odin Aesthetic exactly

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