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How Do I Stop Someone From Seeing My Posts On Facebook Without Blocking Them?

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English (us); Espaol · Franais i don't want to create negativity by blocking someone, but also them have information about me either through my posts or 27 dec 2013 click the “Friends” Button and you'll see following choices appear unfriend, unfollow, edit friends lists. You can still see their updates if you visit profile timeline page 12 aug 2015 to put a friend on your restricted list the facebook website hover mouse over name in news feed or timeline, wait for pop up window appear, then click friends button. Image titled unfriend someone 30 second tech trick how to hide facebook posts from certain peoplefebruary 18, 2014. Even more, you can also guard against seeing others' activity on your news feed. It's the “Hide you can configure your posts to block that person from seeing it. How to show or hide facebook posts for certain people. However, it also terminates your virtual friendship on facebook, an option that isn't always appropriate. Click “Unfollow”. So here are a few tips on how to prevent someone from seeing your posts facebook without actually unfriending themif this person makes inappropriate comments updates and photos or 20 jun 2013 we had look at create manage such list so that you can stay friends with letting them see every single little change privacy setting as post, click the drop down box bottom of pending post select option suits content open. A url? Q facebook help community question. If you don't want to block your friend, can prevent them from seeing specific posts by editing the 'who should see this? ' settings in status field. Video how to hide facebook posts from certain people the 10 privacy settings you need know adweek. There is an option on the facebook which would prevent other people from seeing your posts. This question has been closed. Scroll all the way down, then click restricted 9 mar 2015 facebook is a great to keep in touch with friends and family let them know what's going on your life. Block someone on facebook without them here's the thing. Click the tool and select who you want to share something with. 18 mar 2013 just because you friend your boss or mother in law, it doesn't mean you have to let them see all your updates. How do i stop just one person seeing my posts without facebook. How to block friends on facebook without deleting them. Said before, this means they won't be able to see any of your friends, which might make them a bit suspicious as why you're blocking from seeing list friends. Here's 3 ways to keep things just like using the privacy settings page, you can choose block individual people from seeing post “Custom&#8221think of it as giving your boss a however unfriending someone may turn out be rather rude, not mention confrontational. Clicking more options will show options, including the option to spe 31 may 2015. Ways to unfriend someone on facebook without actually wikihow. How to prevent someone from seeing your posts on facebook how (a
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