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Alabama Boss Tries Some Mexican Import Beers | Craft Brew Review

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Fact: Alabama Boss has never had a Corona. So, in honor of that, he decided to begin season 2 of "Craft Brew Review" with a fine selection of Mexican import beers, including Corona, Sol, Tecate, Modelo, Pacifico and Victoria. ___ Check this out!!! http://ratedred.tv/youtube ___ For all of today's stories head over to: http://www.RatedRed.com Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/realratedred Twitter - http://twitter.com/realratedred Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/realratedred AC - Abby Casey; IG/Twitter - @acoutdoors PE - Paxton Elrod; IG/Twitter - @paxton_elrod AM - Amanda Mertz; IG/Twitter - @amandamertz AB - Alabama Boss; IG/Twitter - @realalabamaboss ___
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Text Comments (9505)
TheAntim4tter (39 minutes ago)
Try Dos equis and dos equis amber
Black Jack (59 minutes ago)
Heh heh guys drinking Mexican piss, and doesnt spit out?
FazeUnlimited (2 hours ago)
4:41 That moment he knew He fucked up
J Mora (3 hours ago)
Victoria is my favorite!. You forgot Bohemia. I believe theres only 3 different kinds and they're all closely related to German beer taste. They're great after a long work day.
Jose Martinez (3 hours ago)
Where's Dos X?
Wasilla Picazo (4 hours ago)
Victoria beer its the albañiles favorites beer Saturday after work...negra modelo my favorite..
You should try: Indio! Dark lager mexican beer
Tony Sanchez (5 hours ago)
Cpl tips..next time take a lime and juice the rim up and put your salt so it sticks. With the modelo negro with the foil..just pop it like a normal import beer. You ain’t gotta take the foil off. Edit..make sure you get some lime salt not regular salt. I personally don’t use salt or lime, but if you’re wanting to influence the taste and get the full effect salt you a pint glass with lime salt like twang and pour your Mexican beer in there. Only salt about half way and pour on the side that’s not salted cause if that salt gets in the beer, especially towards the top, it’ll foam like a mother! If you do get some foamage from the salt while pouring immediately squeeze some limes in there..it’ll calm that shit down quick
Joseph Buckler (5 hours ago)
Beer dont fly flags man
Tony Sanchez (5 hours ago)
Before i even watch, corona is trash 🤷🏻‍♂️. I love my cans so my choice would be Pacifico..Victoria would be #2. I’m drinking natural light right now..in a can lol.
Gio Rod (5 hours ago)
Corona familiar where it at partner
Sylvia Begay (6 hours ago)
This was entertaining
B Walk (6 hours ago)
Now he needs a Budweiser to wash that bullshit down LMAO
Hector Monge (7 hours ago)
You should try some REGIA you will love it
Ricardo Mora (7 hours ago)
You need to try estrella jalisco
Robert Mendivil (7 hours ago)
Should have tasted them all in glass bottles or aluminum cans. Just like anything bottled or can it taste better in glass.
Sal Sanchez (8 hours ago)
The average american is stupid
Steven Richardson (5 hours ago)
they're uneducated and ignorant. too close minded
Jose Gomez (8 hours ago)
Try the mexican beer Indio
Stephen Ferris (8 hours ago)
Corona= water with yellow food coloring. Modelo I would try but I best not have high expectations. But since your in Alabama. If I were you just stick with Yuengling and Sam Adams. Screw Mexican beer
Caddy King (8 hours ago)
You have a great palate. You’re well educated in beer. You could have popped the top on the Negra Modelo like any other pop top. Any beer out of a can is going to get a metallic taste. May I suggest, as froufrou as it sounds to chill all of them well, and pour them into glass for a comparison. In the field, right out of the glass or can. This coming from a home brewer that’ll follow up a Trappist aged ale with a Keystone light. IDGAF.
Curtis Plights (9 hours ago)
I like Indios, but it’s not an import
Jimmy Londo (9 hours ago)
There’s a lot of good Mexican beers and as Americans we love the beers oh and don’t forget let’s build that Wall. Those beers are here illegally. LOL 😂😂
DEATH MARINE (9 hours ago)
dude your from Bama so am i
Jose Carrillo (9 hours ago)
Try Modelo especial da clear one ! You will love it!
de ath (9 hours ago)
He should have got bohemia
bolamex (9 hours ago)
Try carta blanca
Miguel Marenco (10 hours ago)
Loco cuello rojo!!! You need your own tv show brother !! I will follow you every show!! me gusta!!
StrokeofLuck Golf (10 hours ago)
Corona is nasty
Ryan Parker (10 hours ago)
Dos equise brown
Gabriel Regalado (11 hours ago)
Alberto Corrales (11 hours ago)
You forgot te superior, bohemia, dos equis etc.
jason derek (11 hours ago)
Pussys drink beer. be a man, and build a still. Drink real liquor.
cisko3000 (12 hours ago)
For the modelo, all you gotta do is use the bottle opener, the foil will naturally just rip. No need to mess with the foil yourself. Just snap it open, swipe some of the foil away if needed. Easy peasy, señor.
J. M. Pérez (12 hours ago)
Did you know that Mexican beer tastes better in Mexico than in the US? At least that's what everyone who has tried it here in the States and in México. BTW you looked a little gay unwraping the Modelo, I've never seen anybody do that. Just open it!
Lio Gonzalez (12 hours ago)
Wheres xx? Pacifico is good, corona & modelo mmm. They're the same. Xx is the beer.
alex wiseguy (12 hours ago)
Mike Gama (12 hours ago)
You should try Indio
Anthony Raskin (13 hours ago)
Mexican 🍺 is the best
Pedro Portalatin (13 hours ago)
You are funny you should have your own reality show
aaron napoles (13 hours ago)
You forgot bohemia
Alex Perez (14 hours ago)
Forgot the Carta Blanca.
Maria Vargas (14 hours ago)
Estrella de Jalisco is the best
Alex Perez (14 hours ago)
Fuck Corona n fuck tacate. The others are solid cervezas.
D Sancho (14 hours ago)
Funny motha fucka
Rob James (14 hours ago)
Try Carta Blanca
Mike Jones (14 hours ago)
Dammit if I was there I eto walk you thru it you'd have Modelo especial an yod love an Kno how to drink em all u gave an honest opinion though an I really appreciate that !!thanks brother !!!
Jeffrey Hamilton (14 hours ago)
Awesome 🇺🇸 From: A Hollywood Liberal ☮️
EMB FLAME (14 hours ago)
Ronas all day
Bullet G (14 hours ago)
Try looking for Leon it's a pretty good beer here in mexico
Rod Fernandez (15 hours ago)
Dont say Crap about my Negra modelo Pinche Gordo
Alfred Sanchez (16 hours ago)
Try Mexican beer in Mexico the best it taste different than in the usa
Rene Arias Torres (16 hours ago)
Not the best. Missing Leon. Montejo. Barrilitos
Alias Maskara (16 hours ago)
luismiguel4156 (16 hours ago)
Water is the principal thing in beer , mexican has not good water , stela artois my favorite or bohemia from brasil
Chet Weeds (16 hours ago)
I don’t know about you but have you been to Mexico?I have... the water there is so polluted you can’t even drink it.... Why would you drink polluted beer.Gross
Rocio Castro (17 hours ago)
Dos xx One of the best after sol & victoria. Even dough I am not a beer drinker. !Try it some social day with moderate drinking please!☺👍
Corona last was laughable. 😂👌
Evan Santos (17 hours ago)
Corona Premier is the best! Try it... we can’t keep it on the shelf in Texas!
BIGMAN7917 (17 hours ago)
Still Nameless1 (18 hours ago)
American beer taste like crap and gives a bad headache after like 2 to 4 of them.Thats why i only drink mexican beer expensive yes but well worth it. I highly recommend to people that have never tried Mexican import beer to at least give a Corona with lime or lemon juice or a Modelo a try.
OMEGA (18 hours ago)
Natural light is made from hog melon and aquarium water.
joseguadalupe luna (18 hours ago)
U,must to test "carta Blanca ".
SovereignRight Beautiful (18 hours ago)
Stay off alcohol. Too many bad things associated with it. Look at the state of Mexico and what drugs and alcohol have done to it.
You know the Corona is made in Chicago Illinois right?
Mob Psycho (19 hours ago)
To be honest, it’s some dude drinking beer. He’s not following tradition on how you drink it, so whether he peels the foil off the beer or not is his choice.
Alexis Salomon (19 hours ago)
Lol you're supposed to put lime and salt on the rim
Alexis Salomon (19 hours ago)
You opened the modelo the wrong way
Phlat Urth Soc13T (20 hours ago)
I dont personally bother with the foil in modelos... i just wrench it open and it take half of the foil with it.
Kyle H (21 hours ago)
Its modelo time foo
Fico Arriaga (22 hours ago)
That's not how you open a modelo
Aaron Lopez (22 hours ago)
Try Dos Equis Amber, Estrella Jalisco and Indio. Victoria is my favorite tho
omar manqueros (23 hours ago)
You should try corona familliar it taset different the regular
Rey Garcia (1 day ago)
Should give Estrella Jalisco a try.
Juston Johnson (1 day ago)
"Nègro... Is that right?" Classic.
The Beer Warriors (1 day ago)
overview of Indonesian beer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ug2Y91j0H88
Oswaldo Torres (1 day ago)
Bro try the regular Modelo cold as fuck ... You can open a Modelo with all and the wrapping bro try it
Xolo Xcuinkle (1 day ago)
u should try Carta Blanca, Indio an Estrella jalisco
Johnny B. Goode (1 day ago)
Im telling you...Victoria is the Best mexican 🍺
Growing Bud (1 day ago)
Carta Blanca
Daniela Soto (1 day ago)
Vickies all the way!!!!!!!
Tony Samos (1 day ago)
They don’t use salt and lime with their beers in Mexico. That’s just a dumb American way of drinking them.
Cr C (1 day ago)
John Coleman (1 day ago)
Carta Blanca
jorge santamarina (1 day ago)
try INDIO BEER. delicious.
Ivan Rodriguez (1 day ago)
With Modelo you don’t need to take off the foil. Just use the bottle opener with the foil on and you’re good to go
Jasen Groves (1 day ago)
Pour a shot of tequila straight in the Corona.
Erik Gallegos (1 day ago)
Dos xx and Indio are the best
Roman Medina (1 day ago)
Modelo negra is one of my favorite imports. Corona tastes like piss to me though.
Jaime Hernandez (1 day ago)
Carta Blanca, try it plz you freaking need to also try barrilito,superior DOS xx,, modelo,
Hunter 223 (1 day ago)
Your not supposed to take of the alumanam
MrMilannava (1 day ago)
Shit I'm mexican drinking keystone But try CORONA FAMILIAR
Civil Duality (1 day ago)
Pacifico all day doe You’re right about the no salt on it
Civil Duality (1 day ago)
Modelo negro in a Michelada..
John Gomez (1 day ago)
You should try the Dark Corona
StarshipMaximus (1 day ago)
Lmao the way he opened the Modelo! It's okay, first time for everything.
lonkchase (1 day ago)
THAT'S NOT HOW YOU USE LIME YOU SHOVE IT ON THE RIM AND CIRCLE THE RIM WITH IT YOU DOOF (if you wanna know why... back in the day Me'hico's water quality was shit, so they used the lime as a natural disinfectant on the rims of bottles. kinda cool)
ulises navarro (1 day ago)
I love Tecate 69
Steven Martinez (1 day ago)
Órale Sr Gavachote! I would kick it with you con un Veinticuatro.
Jeffrey T Sportster (1 day ago)
7:35 the redneck said something intelligant what!
Mr P (1 day ago)
Alabama Boss,U talking my language now 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

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