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Orphan Piglet Comforts Kitten Who Has Seizures

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Inside Edition, Published on Aug 18, 2017 These are the most adorable patient and caregiver on Instagram. Sriracha is a kitten with special needs being fostered by New Jersey rescue organization Rancho Relaxo. She has a neurological disorder that makes it difficult to walk and gives her seizures, but Batman comes to her rescue. The 2-week-old orphaned piglet can tell when Sriracha isn't feeling well and rushes to comfort her when she starts having seizures. Sponsored by the Myo Massager for the most effective pain relief available. --- Apply It Where You Have Pain! --- To get rid of pain, the Myo Massager gives you deep myofascial massage anywhere you apply it. If you have pain, PUT IT THERE! --- It dissolves pain fast. It’s NOT a vibrating massager, but has rotating fingers that soothe the pain and reduce inflammation in order to speed up the healing process. It is perfect for anywhere you have deep pain, such as your arms, neck, back and legs, for fast, soothing relief. If you’re treating carpal tunnel syndrome with the Myo Massager, don’t forget to enhance the massage therapy with the Carpal Rx Traction Wrist Brace. You wear the Carpal Rx Traction Wrist Brace during the day, especially when your carpal tunnel symptoms flare up. Doing so gently widens your wrist joint – even while you work -- allowing your tissues to heal evenly. Learn why thousands of patients are making the right choice for their pain therapy: get the Myo Massager and say “good bye” to pain! http://www.Carpal-Rx.us
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