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Waking Up in Vegas - 2018 Week 23

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Text Comments (46)
Goes to Vegas. Uses Katy Perry song title for "powerlifting" video. Turns in man card.
Eve Lynn (6 days ago)
The songs at Las Vegas strip clubs really do get into your head.
TheAllAroundG (6 days ago)
Just shut up and shake the glitter off yer clothes now...
m g (2 days ago)
How high is the clearance in your basement & how high is that rack (I know you said Rogue cut it down a bit for you)? Thanks for answering!
m g (1 day ago)
Ceiling is about 92", had my rack cut down to about 86-87". At the time I also had it on a 1.5" high platform and wanted a few inches of clearance.
m g (2 days ago)
*or garage
cam (3 days ago)
Which are your favourite knee sleeves?
It goes in waves for me, but right now the Stoics.
Vlad C (5 days ago)
Squats are looking better I think. Seem to not bend over as much and the depth seems better too.
thanks boss
1AndyPham (6 days ago)
How much was the day pass at the gym in Vegas?
$20. I've seen stuff fluctuate when traveling but I'd rather pay a bit more for a good gym.
Ryan Evans (6 days ago)
How does your SSB 1RM compare to your normal low bar 1RM? I just got a SSB this week and I find I'm having to go a lot lighter. That new Pioneer belt looks amazing, can't wait to hear what you think about it!
Have never maxed out with it, but def harder IMO
Aedan y (6 days ago)
3:08 lol that’s where I leave my phone too.
great minds think alike!
Colin (6 days ago)
AI coaching update? I haven't taken the plunge on it yet but I was curious about an update from you.
Colin (5 days ago)
Brandon Campbell Diamond oh I didn't see that i will check it out. Give me the long and short before your next vid....should I go for it yes/no? I feel in a rut right now and I'm stuck with my programming.
I did one at 8 weeks as a stand alone video, will probably do another one at 16 (I'm on week 12 now).
Colin (6 days ago)
Jesus I happen to buy the pioneer belt a month ago, get it delivered yesterday, and then you and Allan thrall have a video on it the same day. I like it a lot
Haha we were waiting for you to get yours in.
Eve Lynn (6 days ago)
How long until you go straight NASCAR and wear a bodysuit with sponsor patches all over it?
Eve Lynn (5 days ago)
Lol. If Rogue gave you a lifetime sponsorship, would you consider a face tattoo?
Kind of already do that
Rudy Straight (6 days ago)
dam, can we see u go raw with no belt!?
Darrius Spence (6 days ago)
What do you do if you might as a day or 2? Should your go back a week or just start from where you left off?
If I miss half my training days I'd likely repeat the week.
Sirgromulus (6 days ago)
I have been using my new "Pioneer Cut" double row hole pattern 10mm leather belt the past couple weeks and absolutely love it! Very comfortable out of the box with the much added flexibility of 1/2" hole spacing.
Awesome! Hope to have the video up tomorrow
Mike Stoklasa (6 days ago)
I deadlift over 500
Sledgerton (6 days ago)
How do you like Virus shorts?
Sledgerton (5 days ago)
Brandon Campbell Diamond hopefully you didn't pay full price...plenty of codes out there for 20% off.
They're high quality, just wish they weren't so expensive.
Yowel (6 days ago)
What program are you running???
AI Coaching
En1gm 4A (6 days ago)
You got some pretty cool lifting shirts ! Do you wear those outside of training too ?
Depends, the bar grip ones def not lol
Rick Bolin (6 days ago)
What? No footage of Vegas?! Cmon that’s the good stuff.
Had to sign a NDA
Mr. Perfect Cell (6 days ago)
Sweet belt bro, Alan thrall just got his too
ah I saw that, I should have my video up tomorrow, won't be as good lol.
Alistair Newton (6 days ago)
Loving the vids, keep them up. Alot of inspiration for my home gym here in Scotland!
Hey thanks man

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