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Red Bull X1 vs Like The Wind

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This is B Spec Like the Wind's race. We all know what a challenge this is using a "normal" race car. Now we can lap them all! I unlocked this car at Level 35 B Spec. It owns everything in every track in both A and B Spec.
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ZBlacktt (7 years ago)
@JORD4NLADD, I started buying every color X1 in the game. Something you can do once you hit Level 40.
ZBlacktt (7 years ago)
@SnopakProductions, I've already beaten the B Spec by reaching level 40 a few days ago. It's not an easy task that's for sure. You will end up doing some 13 24hr races from level 35 to 40. I'm doing A Spec now and almost level 27. These endurance races are more insane now that you drive them.
ZBlacktt (7 years ago)
@SnopakProductions, yes it is gifted to you for free once you reach B Spec Level 35. The game becomes super easy after that point. As this car kills everything on the road and bad.

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