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Waitress Says She Was Fired After Calling Off To Clean Up Severe Flood Damage

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A woman says she called off from her waitress job to try to salvage what she could from her severely flooded basement only to end up losing her job; KDKA's Amy Wadas reports.
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News Now Pittsburgh (6 days ago)
Kretzler's is a crappy place with piss poor food! The waitress is better off! UNBELIEVABLE NASTY SELFISH MANAGEMENT!
Sherry lynn (7 days ago)
Sherry lynn It's okay
jody connolly (7 days ago)
owners could have helped her clean up, suppotrted her and her family, had a fund raiser for her losses and brought the community toghther, and boosted the businesses reputaion, all for a great cause. but he had to be a dick.

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