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LADYBABY "蓮華チャンス! / Renge Chance ! " Music Clip

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2016.4.13 ON SALES. LADYBABY 3rd Single 「蓮華チャンス!/セシボン・キブン Renge Chance/C'est si bon Kibun」 (CD+DVD)\1,500+tax 同時公開「セシボン・キブン/C'est si bon Kibun」Music Clip https://youtu.be/yhT2-oX5kzk -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3rd Single「蓮華チャンス!/セシボン・キブン」 ●CD収録 1曲目:蓮華チャンス! Renge Chance 2曲目:セシボン・キブン C'est si bon Kibun ●DVD収録 1曲目:蓮華チャンス! Renge Chance  Music Clip 2曲目:セシボン・キブン C'est si bon Kibun  Music Clip -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CD購入(JP予約): http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B01CYESNGM amazon(jp) CD (WORLD Pre-order): http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/CLSR-3 iTunes (JP) : http://goo.gl/KIXMkb iTunes (US) : http://goo.gl/LcnMQS ●楽曲紹介 Song Description 史上初?ニッポン発!ラーメタル誕生!(※注)レンゲで掬え!救うのじゃ!LADYBABY×大槻ケンヂが到達した至高の一杯。(※注:ラーメタル=ラーメン×メタル) History's beginning, Japan's development, and the birth of Rametal!* Scoop with your Renge! Rescue with your Renge! An ultimate collaboration between LADYBABYxKenji Ohtsuki.(*Rametal = Ramen x Metal) 『蓮華チャンス!/Renge Chance』 Lyric:大槻ケンヂ Music&Arrange:NARASAKI Programming, Backing Guitar:NARASAKI Guitar Solo:Cazqui(NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST) Recording Engineer:照内紀雄(AobadaiStudio Inc.) Mix Engineer:戸田清章 Sound Director:YGQ Supervisor:タカセヒロアキ Sound Producer:もふくちゃん ●Music Video Staff Director:BOZO&YGQ Cinematograher:豊能正俊 Lighting Director:海堂元 Costume Design:CLEARSTONE & 木村庄吾(IZO) Stylist:佐野夏水(Metal衣装、道着) Choreographer:ミキティー本物(二丁ハロ) Production Manager:石井克明 Producer:平山純一 Cast:Charlotte Cooper,Erin O'Flaherty,Lilian Eicher,Samantha Fernandes,Seraphine Attridge,Sirola Noora&ミキティー本物(二丁ハロ) Translation:Joshua Kitosi-Isanga ●ライブ情報(LIVE INFORMATION) http://ladybaby-fc.com/live-event LADYBABY are  金子理江(Rie Kaneko)  黒宮れい(Rei Kuromiya) DeathVoice&Shout:Ladybeard === OFFICIAL INFORMATION === HP:http://ladybaby-fc.com/ FACEBOOK:https://www.facebook.com/ladybaby2015 TWITTER:https://twitter.com/ladybaby2015 MAIL:ladybaby@clearstone.co.jp All Produced by CLEARSTONE Co., Ltd. http://www.clearstone.co.jp/
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Text Comments (1624)
Scarlett Koldun (8 days ago)
family: so what was the highlight of your year? me: .............. *slowly eats ramen*
FreeX Lancer (9 days ago)
its so lame Ladybeard whent full retard :( hes non metal voice is just... nope. id even go as far as saying its annoying. i dont see the potential of going solo.
desamator11 (10 days ago)
I come back as this puts me in a such a great mood.
Jodi Lyn (17 days ago)
I think i love him..
Koreaboo62 (29 days ago)
Eating a bowl of Nongshim ramen while watching this. LOL (Egg, chicken, corn, peas, & carrots.)
Psycheya (1 month ago)
Блин, рамена захотелось.
netei (1 month ago)
One of the best bands out there. Cant believe they are off for good
Rattling bee (1 month ago)
I like Ichiraku ramen
defkondos (1 month ago)
Mis Mejores amigos (1 month ago)
desamator11 (1 month ago)
Eating Ramen while watching, lmao! They made me do it.
Aj W (1 month ago)
This funny stuff is better than Babymetal
Xiare Morris (1 month ago)
I love this group, this is so amazing 😁 I can stop smiling.
netei (2 months ago)
ladybeard should have never leave this band. so sad they are so good
Kawaiiiiiii!!! 2018. Brasil. Oeeee!! :)
Toddy Zilla (2 months ago)
Noriel Sylvire (2 months ago)
Angelo Franco (2 months ago)
U suck !!!! U fcking Wannabe!! Die hard
alfa denanto (2 months ago)
-you can scoop this world from the darkness
987 syi (2 months ago)
ビアちゃん 動きすぎ笑笑笑笑
Petesimon Tabibito (2 months ago)
I really think he is saying "napalm"!!!!
Jordan Said (2 months ago)
se suponía que tenían que atraer clientes a ese restauran no que los espantaran XDDD
ste bott (2 months ago)
FUCK YER!!! This reminded me of Moscow by Rammstein for some reason.
Kion Gibson (3 months ago)
that is the most american bloke in a japanese Song
Max (3 months ago)
GoodWoodization (3 months ago)
what in the hell just happened
Verónica (3 months ago)
I like listen Metal and Ramen is my favorite food. THIS IS ME IN A SONG :D
darth g0ldaR (3 months ago)
Still way better than deadlift Lolita💀
marxjeff (3 months ago)
Navegando en las profundidades de YT xD
Wahyudi Paser (3 months ago)
My eyes
Max Lorenz (4 months ago)
Сукусушисижу.... Люблю япон
TheVEX32 (4 months ago)
k yajima (4 months ago)
Antnj81 (4 months ago)
Does anyone know of any other groups that are like ladybeard, bouncing between metal and borderline cheesy J-pop? The only other group I know like this is Babymetal, but that can't be the only group that has this specific blend, right?
Mario G (2 months ago)
Yes sir! Please check out Candye Syrup, Passcode, Broken by The Scream, Necronomidol, Desu Rabbits, Shiina Pikarin, Kaqriyo Terror Arquitect, Uijin, Fruitpochette, etc etc etc. There's a whole alternative idol movement in Japan right now.
Alejandro Maza (4 months ago)
uffff man como me van estas minitas!!
ellen cristina (5 months ago)
Friar Talk (5 months ago)
That frigging gay guy ruins it, if he dressed like a proper man it would be ok.
Pastel Party (5 months ago)
i want ramen now
*らふたん/LaughTan* (5 months ago)
david mcdonald (5 months ago)
When Does BabyMetal Meet LadyBaby and Have a Metal For All Ages Concert?????
Luis Angel (5 months ago)
I love these bitches... 3:05 why?
Zeka Vlogs (5 months ago)
This is the band that made Babymetal normal
Mitsune Konno (6 months ago)
Ramen Ramen, I love Rameeenn!!!!!!!
ニル (6 months ago)
Wray Anness (6 months ago)
Oh my god..my theme
Sanya za (6 months ago)
тащусь от этого трэээша
LunarKn1ght (7 months ago)
To be honest I am just happy that they are enjoying themselves so much with this song.
Solidfact42 (7 months ago)
I came here unprepared, not really knowing what to expect. Now that I have seen this, I am confused...but delighted!
OwGash (7 months ago)
This group splitting is still 1 of the saddest things happening this year=(
RGN TeddyBear (7 months ago)
Ive only watched this about 30 times in a row
John Hanson (7 months ago)
My favorite LadyBaby,
Aarón García (7 months ago)
... I really like these songs but... in this video appeared keekihime or was my imagination?
Metal ramen kawai extremo adictivo
slydtsatmosman (7 months ago)
Ladybaby. Big Fan. Rock on! Dammit! Now I want some freakin' Metal Ramen. From freakin' Nippon. Right Now.
I love Jesus 666 (7 months ago)
holly shit
fiodor dostoyevski (7 months ago)
Lucy Nyuu (7 months ago)
Ladybaby kawaiiiiii
Mexican Yoshi Belserion (7 months ago)
I want concert tickets NOW
Roy Ortiz (8 months ago)
Is that guy gay
光Chris (8 months ago)
Too bad i discovered this some weeks ago, not at the release... But after i found this: My life is perfect now! お陰様で ;-) Thanks for this, the fun with Ladybaby is limitless. Not to mention the epic tracks PinkyPinky (指し?) and ぺろぺろ. Please more of this, ofc also all other songs are great too.
Luis Felipe Salazar (8 months ago)
Lo que pasa cuando unes la cultura japonesa con la americana xD
anti exploiter (8 months ago)
This exists. I just regained faith in humanity.
Wisnu Kertanegara (8 months ago)
Renge Chance ! never been a joke
Monsieur X (8 months ago)
i want a ramen now
Strepsiades14945 (8 months ago)
Man.... now I'm hungry.
ARMED GIRL'S (8 months ago)
:v lo que le pasa a la gente para crear más canciónes
Christian Treff (8 months ago)
Beard Ramen ? Dont want to try that 😂😂😂
Daniel Brassesco (9 months ago)
Got hungry...
darkangelbb101 (9 months ago)
High quality graphics Real men wearing skirts Singing with cute girls who sing well metal Ramen what more could you ask for?
Pineapple King (9 months ago)
Naruto would love this I bet
Billy Murphy (9 months ago)
I love this band <3
Tyler Hayes (9 months ago)
I miss Lady Beard ;-;
Ах ты ж ебаный ты нахуй...
Wuklock (9 months ago)
Ramen Napalm?
Sandy Cook (9 months ago)
I've tried Idol Formerly Known As and Deadlift Lolita, but Beard + Baby era was best
desamator11 (10 days ago)
Sandy Cook I absolutely agree.
Slapy (9 months ago)
God save japance
Lisis Li (10 months ago)
Шикарно :'D
Christian Treff (10 months ago)
Beard Ramen ? I dont want to know what they mean by that 😂😂
Petar Zec (10 months ago)
Buena banda. Que gran estupidez hizo el transexual en dejar a las niñas solitas... :(
C Koch (10 months ago)
I miss you ladybaby, plz reunite
Roni Alvarengs (10 months ago)
que bom ver o Nando Moura fazer uma coisa q presta .
Jesus von Nazaret (10 months ago)
Mit Hass gekocht
Gran's Stuff (10 months ago)
Are the lyrics really simple or is it just the translator?
Dmitry Acerman (10 months ago)
I love 'em!!!
Даня Эт_я (10 months ago)
треш, однако что-то в этом кушать..
Lance The Host (10 months ago)
Making ramen never got so hardcore.
a nobody (10 months ago)
Naruto ist glücklich
元・のら猫 (10 months ago)
Juan Gutierrez (10 months ago)
Larga vida al ramen de mi maestro NARUTO
Ferrisea Blakeney (10 months ago)
😭😂😭😂😂🤣😂😭 thank you for your happiness...😭😍😍😍😍😍😍
RandomTipsyLemon (10 months ago)
`☆*☆ Live your life as if you were in an anime ☆☆°°
Robert Daniel (10 months ago)
This is one of the best things I've seen and heard
ʀᴇᴏʟ (10 months ago)
ღ웃 ✧・゚: ✧・゚*ღ웃 ✧・゚: ✧・゚*ღ웃 ✧・゚: ✧・゚*ღ웃 ✧・゚: ✧・゚*ღ웃 ✧・゚: ✧・゚*ღ웃 ✧・゚: ✧・゚*
sokiihoo (10 months ago)
This remember me of Orange Caramel.
tragediazz meza (10 months ago)
Pasado de verga este pedo jajajajajaj
Kymberlyn Reed (11 months ago)
Sex Machine Guns did a song about ramen, but this one is just so kawaii core!!!
Valem Time (11 months ago)
eu amo vocês <3
Jhonny Martinez (11 months ago)
Saudades 💔

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