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What Happens When You Stop Smoking?

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Text Comments (14665)
MrHogzor (4 hours ago)
48 hours in. been smoking for 15 years
waffle the Bottle (5 hours ago)
answer: YOU LIVE
Ryan Jarvis (7 hours ago)
Smoking weed helps, but some people smokes a cigarette after a joint which I never do nor I understand why they do. Also after the 3rd day of quitting, I noticed you think and respond faster. It's my 3rd day quitting cigarettes and coffee. I'm just sticking to weed. The anger and shit comes and goes. Just work out. I'll keep you updated by the 15th day which should be my time to have nicotine completely out of my system and not even the slightest of craving.
Alpha Barry (13 hours ago)
This video making me to stop smoking...6 month without smoking
Code Proxy (16 hours ago)
So i stopped for over 15 days now, I haven’t really been feeling symptoms like trouble sleeping or coughing etc I just feel normal as always I don’t heavily smoke but I’m not a light smoker either, I just smoked to relieve stress is all
Ashish Aggarwal (18 hours ago)
8 months on no smoking...btw I never smoked just want to get likes 😂😂
Just Random (21 hours ago)
I stopped for 2 years now i'm smoking again
Chris (23 hours ago)
hitting my juul rn
Hot Lava (1 day ago)
I’m watching this while smoking
ÐÄñ KLM† (1 day ago)
Its as hard as no fap challenge omhhg
support india (1 day ago)
i stop smoking 20th day ago....wish me luck...
jodopeg (1 day ago)
Cigarettes are totally disgusting. Most cigarettes are actually less than 50% tabaco, the ingredients in cigarettes are largely paper pulp, bonding and even burn chemicals , artificial or synthetic nicotine, crazy junk like formaldehyde. Even radioactive contaminants have been detected in the "filler" they try to call tabaco, like Benzene. Just cut open a cigarette, it looks like a paper shredder made it. No natural veins or ridges like in a leaf. It's no wonder smoking the shredded paper looking crap in cigarettes leads to all kinds of health problems. I like to smoke NATURAL NICOTINE,,, a quality, long leaf Cigar from a reputable cigar maker is how tobacco was meant to be enjoyed ..... One does not inhale the fine natural blended select tobacco, aged and hand rolled with only some water and a bit of vegetable gum to bond it. Real quality Long Leaf Tobacco , NOT enhanced with chemicals or additives has a load of nicotine ,inhaling it would burn your lungs. One just savors the smoke over the pallet and across the salivary glands and out the sinus, absorbing the natural nicotine and expelling the carbon by-product. This is how the Good Lord wanted men to enjoy the tobacco plant. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1axQdDuUpLhX6KD-eVS1AGDMPVOleUqd_/view?usp=sharing
Jayar Espedido (2 days ago)
I have 7 sticks of cigarittes left today.. after watching this i decided to stop smoking starting now... I have to make it....
Kevin CR (2 days ago)
1 month and 2 weeks since I stopped smoking.... And I feel good. But now I became addict to peanuts.
Jack_ _ (2 days ago)
Ive been smoking for about 9 years, on and off. Im a recovering binge drinker of 7 yeara. I haven't had a drop of alcohol in 10 days. My only urge to drink is after work. But ive been slamming back bottles of water whenever I have the urge to drink. However, I have a chronic sporadic cigarette habit, the only time I've ever had luck to quit, is either supplement tobacco with weed or cold turkey tobacco. Weed is too expensive and I don't smoke it anymore, just tobacco. The only logical way to quit smoking, is to chew copious amounts of none nicotine chewing gum, and exercise. Get an urge to smoke? Do a 100 push ups and get an endorphin high, and slam about 16 oz of water. The faster you get the nicotine out of your system, the faster route to recovery. Meditation helps too, if you can get to it. Continuously tell yourself that the shit is bad and every cig is going to take 10 minutes off your life. Its a tough windy road to travel, but though perseverance and mental strength anyone can achieve this. Mind over matter. Mind over matter. Mind over matter. Good luck.
àñúj (3 days ago)
Cold Turkey isn't working (atleast for me)....though I have cut down to a single cig a day.... Wish me luck....pls.. encourage me.....
Athul ms (3 days ago)
I have been smoking for past 9 years since my highschool , and i tried many times to quit it was really hard for me as i was surrounded by friends who smokes and who never supports quitting, morover i never had any busy life i was just free ,lazy so i just had to smoke to pass time.BUT things have changed now i stopped smoking its been a month im really proud of myself .One thing i learned abt quitting cigarettes is that if anyone wanna quit cigarrete just stay away from people who smokes ,get busy with any work ,try to drink tea or coffee when u feel to smoke .If u can manage like this for minimum 3 days then you can stop smoking forever .Just think if u cant stop it now then when you gonna stop it ,it may be too late .I know its really hard but its not a impossible thing. Now i wonder why i used to smoke for what i dont have any stress im happy theres nothing cigarette did to me no magic all it was just something created by chemichals some artificial things thats not necessary for humans .So everyone you can stop smoking no preparation needed just stop it end of the story .
_Shock_ (3 days ago)
why does this make me happy i don't even smoke
Sreesha Achar (3 days ago)
I left by bringing my ego out. Why should I be a slave to this silly thing in my life. And I dint touch it after that.
chris defreece (4 days ago)
Does vaping apply to this
Jzonqellis Washington (4 days ago)
I just quit today
The Wayward Grape (4 days ago)
The idea of it taking 15/80 of YOUR TOTAL life span to recover from smoking, should be all you need to know. Get a grip of yourself and quit.
Salma Sadik (4 days ago)
My dad has been smoking for more than 3 years ;-;
whos clue (5 days ago)
this is stressing me out... time for a cigarette
No User (5 days ago)
Am I the only one with a strong mindset ? I smoke couple cigs but i ain’t addicted 😂
Gacha Kat (6 days ago)
My mum/mom and step dad smoke I tell them all the time please stop listen to a smart child please stop they say stop making us stressed I say back no they don't help stress please listen to a smart child do u want to die early They just ignore me and they moan we don't have much money I say stop smoking remember that time we acctuly had money coz u stopped for a bit then they smoke again someone please help
18 years no smoking :) Ps: I'm 18 yo.
0:12 voice crack
Henry Maritz (7 days ago)
thank you so much
xXYelloMelloXx YMO (8 days ago)
started smoking at the age of 12 now 23 and quit smoking an went to using an ecig within one month, I'm no longer addicted to nicotine and surprisingly watching this video kinda would want a smoker not to quit due to how bad you made it sound but actually if you do what i did which was stop smoking and start using an ecig then you wont have to deal with any withdrawal symptoms. depending on how much you smoked on a daily basis depends on how long it will take for you to quit nicotine. i smoked around 5-6 cigs a day so when i quit i used 3mg e-liquid for the first two weeks then went down to 2mg e-liquid on the 3rd week then went to 1mg liquid on the forth now i occasionaly just toke on the ecig time to time with no nicotine just because i still have the habit of wanting to inhale when stressed and it works fine, i can run alot better my boxing training has gotten even better. i wish i didnt smoke at all because of me smoking i cannot have a child so anyone planning to smoke or even social smoke with friends don't do it as i started just social smoking as a kid and now i wish i never did it and have ruined one of the greatest things i could do with my life.
Vampire Noman (8 days ago)
Well 3days im not smoking. And nothing happen to me.. That u show on ur video
Ismael Lyman (8 days ago)
Smoking is good for you
RIP (8 days ago)
30 packs of cigarettes equals 600 cigarettes
Shani Jutt (8 days ago)
I stop smoking i am sick
Christian Nicolas (8 days ago)
Or chew gum
mikitz (8 days ago)
Smoking causes an otherwise preventable death? I didn't know non-smokers were immortal. Dumbass.
aktnilab rado (8 days ago)
Everyone knows it’s terrible for your health though..it’s directly printed on the pack along with images from hell. With Just like any other drug,addicts will justify the reasons behind why they are using.
Xenius (8 days ago)
Day 1 (August 5, 2018) I hope I can trust myself 😇
Kevin Demey (8 days ago)
I just random stoped 2months ago watching this makes me proud
Asia S (8 days ago)
I quit two days ago and WHEW my body is going thru it but ima do it!
Nav Nav (8 days ago)
Hi, anyone looking to quit smoking can contact me at nav740074@gmail.com I will certainly help you.
Broken Brooklyn (9 days ago)
Why do I watch this? I dont even smoke xD
Ezekiel Ferrer (9 days ago)
First day tom. wish me luck...☺☺☺
DrivingDay 3286 (9 days ago)
That voicecrack tho
Vast Vids (10 days ago)
Finishing my pack then I'm done 😤😤
meloy Adonis (10 days ago)
What if your a smokee for 50 years already can it still go back to normal?
Dell CPU (10 days ago)
Trying to stop now as I smoke what hopefully will be my last cigarette.
Satadru Banerjee (10 days ago)
Fake video!! I always sleep well,feel warm and feel much more confident when I smoke a cigarette after a bad day!!
change the game (10 days ago)
So hard☹️
Fun & Entertainment (10 days ago)
I never smoked,and doing no fap,drinking grean tea,is it helpful to me?
ahmad syechan (10 days ago)
Wellndont forget the amount of money you could potentially save
Coco Ploofs (11 days ago)
i’m 17 and have been smoking since i was 15... i quit yesterday and now i’m just watching videos like these to past the time... wish me luck.
xTheBeast (11 days ago)
Coco Ploofs good luck
Quentin Bry (11 days ago)
who remembers popeye candy cigarettes?
Delete. .Yourself (12 days ago)
So im 16 and i kinda smoke but i dont carwe cigs and a pack lasts like 2 3 days so its not on me to say to someone that they should stop but i would rly love for my dad bcs 3 packs a day for him is nothing and he even says that he wont live more than 70 or much less so yea...
Kyle Gentry (12 days ago)
I got fat in my lower back.
DESTROY ISRAEL (12 days ago)
DESTROY ISRAEL (12 days ago)
Jb Galvez (12 days ago)
After seeing these video i decided to stop watching videos like these 😌
pera 448 (12 days ago)
5 years without smoking 💪🏾
Daniel Hayton (12 days ago)
My great grandad quit after over 60 years
Fish_Stix69 (13 days ago)
This vid is real legit, stopped smoking for 1 month now
x*CløverPlayz *X (13 days ago)
Great help to my future job! (Doctor)
Umar Shahbaz (13 days ago)
gonna quit smoking from today wish me luck guys
Moses Kuehne (13 days ago)
What happens when you start smoking ?
My dad quit smoking 13 years ago and quit drinking like 3 years ago
Calm Down (14 days ago)
3rd day im at bed already but still want to smoke:( /i didnt\
Avishay Seerathan (14 days ago)
I want to quit smoking but i cant....suggest me a method to quit cigarettes please
Sabrina (15 days ago)
*smokes a cigarette while watching this video*
The Dingers (15 days ago)
Hopefully My Parents Stop
It very hard to quit😭😭😭 i smike almost 3 years from now 3-4 cigarettes a day, i try reducing it the more i reduce the more my body want to smoke darn it i wish i never use that thing
Last week my friend gave me a cigarette and said just try it for once in a life nothing will happend, it tasted really bad but at the same time i felt very cool in front of friends.I think iam started addiction of cigarette. What should i do now. UggH😫
Loner Stoner (15 days ago)
I quit dec 23 2017🤗
Teodora Preda (15 days ago)
Better no smoking at all!😄👍🏻
GRGplays (15 days ago)
What about vaping? (With nicotine)
Lyv ie (16 days ago)
Just think of smoking like eating junk food. They're both unhealthy and very addicting. When you eat junk food, it makes you feel more relaxed and it can make you happy, for a moment. Just like when you smoke a cigarette, you'll feel more at ease. But in the end, you still want more. That's pretty much why cigarette/drug companies and junk food can make a lot of money because it's addicting (and that's their goal too, to make the products addicting). So make sure to never pick up a cigarette, never do any drugs, and try to eat cleaner! Once you stop eating junk food, smoking, and doing drugs, you'll feel so much better. A happy, healthy body determines a happy person!
Logan Viral (17 days ago)
I have been addicted for 3 1/2 months, around 1 - 2 cigs a day (on average)
Logan Viral (17 days ago)
I am quitting right now. I will be done in a week.
Princess Tababsy (17 days ago)
Is this true? Bcos in our country some people says if ur a chain smoker then suddenly stopped smokin after a year you might get a cancer or problems with lungs.
Kim Brian (17 days ago)
non smokers die, smokers die, what's the difference?
jimmyleb 11 (17 days ago)
Better not smoke so we wont get difficulties quitting
Chaasad Bailey (18 days ago)
Good thing I vape
BTS Jungkook ARMY (18 days ago)
Why do my grandmother’s friend died when he stop smoking? Wth
If you smoke you die!
Dylan Perry (18 days ago)
Day 16 no nicotine. Day 30 no opiates. Life is pain.
David Alexandrovitch (18 days ago)
6 days clean from smoking and didn't feel anything
sunny Tomar (18 days ago)
only dopamine im addicted to is after masturbation
Alvin John Pericon (18 days ago)
I never smoke :D
Jack Johnston (18 days ago)
Why do you talk like that
Sergeant1990 (19 days ago)
Im only smoked 4 sigs a day, but in the weekends I smoked a lot. I quited but I dont feel real benefits from it, it makes my day just less enjoyable. Normaly I was excited to smoke in my break at work, now I dont have anything to look forward to. I quited for over 5 days now
David Alexandrovitch (18 days ago)
Sergeant1990 cause smoking boosts your brains happy juice called serotonin. It takes a few weeks to get back to your normal serotonin levels from smoking as long as u don't use any illicit drugs that boosts serotonin.
Lawrence Brown (19 days ago)
I'm going on a month without having a cigarette is it rough hell yeah it is I've been coughing up all kinds of shit.. but I ain't going back
Gee Rard (20 days ago)
wish me luck lol HAHAHA
Serdar Ekrem İleri (20 days ago)
4 hours and 10 minutes without smoking !!!!!!!!!!!!
Kellie (20 days ago)
10 hours without smoking 😋
ayub hussen (20 days ago)
David Chantursky (21 days ago)
i can't quit smoking. pls help.
Blckjck off (21 days ago)
Good luck guys with stopping that shit
Stay Grinding (21 days ago)
Please stop smoking. It's stupid . Unhealthy. And just a waste of money. Quitting was hard for the first 2 weeks . First thing on my mind right after work was always a cig. But once I stopped for the first 2 weeks. I still had the crave and mood swings. But once u get passed that. You feel so much better. :) hope you all that are trying to stop goodluck.
Low Mike (21 days ago)
from 72 hours to 1 month... nice jump
5,678,801 (22 days ago)
I smoked for 4 years.. 3 days ago i had an extreme panic attack and i immediatly stopped. Idk how but this made me tottaly fear cogarettes
stray 9 (22 days ago)
This is non terroristic the people that run cigarette company need to be thrown in prison and torched to death them fuckface dickwads took over my life I hope they fuckin die non terroristic statement plz don't arrest me 😂😁😀😁

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