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Testosterone replacement therapy | at 21 years old

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aobnoxious (26 days ago)
I think this dude died guys!!! RIP HULK. https://www.silive.com/westshore/index.ssf/2018/06/250k_settlement_in_death_of_tr.html
Walter Maul (1 month ago)
No offense either you cut that camera off pretty quick you hiding trt from someone?
aobnoxious (1 month ago)
Obviously not, Hulk here is a master of keeping shit on the "down-low".
Walter Maul (1 month ago)
aobnoxious does she know tho
aobnoxious (1 month ago)
Sounded like Mom was walking in!
Walter Maul (1 month ago)
You said shit all about how you feel....Just talked about steroids and gains....
Jam Doot (1 month ago)
Sublingual is under the tongue, subcutaneous is the word you were looking for mate.
simon collingwood (17 days ago)
Hulk Fitness watch this ya hero v shrunk and other fluff pumpers like guzman (tren) have a great day educational how to not train.com! https://youtu.be/-I4PprJ1VBQ thank me later hot shot
Hulk Fitness (1 month ago)
Jam Doot true shit I got them mixed up for a second lol

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