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Is Diet 90% or Not?

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Is training more important than diet?
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Jimbo Jones (7 days ago)
Not to a guy on gear like you. But for the Natty crowd, butter contains estrogen. Estrogen suppresses natural testosterone, bye bye gains. Foods are drugs. Many are androgenic and many are estrogenic.
Demon Posessed (10 days ago)
Ted Trager (25 days ago)
What about sleep?
Garfit Gar (28 days ago)
We are 70% water 💦 fruits and vegetables are 75% water 💦 H2O hydration
David Setser (1 month ago)
Fuck a diet get ya ass up and go lift! Food is the real anabolic quit fucking making excuses as to why you cant be as big as you want; lift heavy house food add mass:) James, God bless you bro.
Jeff Wingham (1 month ago)
You can't out train a bad diet.
Mr Bob (1 month ago)
Acceptance of being a mere mortal is the key
fsufan (1 month ago)
tony Hugh was showing bodybuilding was mostly about drugs. genetics is very important to
Sean Madill (1 month ago)
Man James you've got a big hater train of trolls and shit talkers on here why don't you block some of those punk assses
Beastt OfRage (1 month ago)
The way I see it, it all connects into a whole. When you are not chewing your food you are still digesting it. Between sets the muscle rests, maybe even grows to some degree. I dont believe that certain functions shut off while others perform. As far as difficulty. For me training brutal is the fun and easy part to vent my demons. I hate to eat because of said demons, nerves. Hard as hell for me to sit down and eat all the time. Has to be done though. Perspective is what it comes down to when it comes to difficulty of being consistant with the various aspects required. If difficulty for the individual is not the topic and instead importance of each activity, I find that much harder to define, because as I said I feel they are all connected to eachother and progress cannot be made without the other factor in place. You cannot just eat and not lift and get heavily muscled. Therefore they are equally important in that sense. The amount of time something takes is not that meaningful. You can perform very easy activities all day long , while something extremely difficult may annihilate you in minutes, energy , recovery wise. With these things taken into account I would need a very specific question and very detailed to throw percentages on the shit. I would not be able to quantify it either way, but eating is definately something alot of people seem to fuck up. Then again I see most training like fuckin bitches in the gym. I can speak only for myself and say that diet is the hardest part for me, and the one thing that keeps me from getting larger and making progress, when I am not growing. Though my training would destroy most mentally and physically, so it is perspective and relative to each individual. Drugs is the other thing. I never went heavy into synthetic muscle. If I wanted to get much larger and stronger than I am now , it would require heavy drug use and even heavier eating. Injuries are definately a consideration too at this stage , when it comes to hindering progress, but if I was on mass amounts of growth hormone and anabolics I could probably grow with alot less weight and train more like a bodybuilder.
MASTER BLASTER 3000 (1 month ago)
Great vid... With that said How much REALLY is there then Water milk Meat poultry fish and eggs Oats and rice???
Ptah Adam (1 month ago)
My gym buddy and me can do the same workout routine but I’ll make more gains because of my diet plan and genetic potential. That’s the hard truth of bodybuilding.
Chosen Won (1 month ago)
Water? Water? Water? I'm pissing my pants with laughter. The one thing I would put on the table is an x rated magazine. Fuck water. Water. If you're in the dessert, yep, you need water. Does anyone not know this? You need water.
zippy zingy (1 month ago)
Oxygen is number 1.
rock962000 (1 month ago)
Think about it this way, put someone in a scenario like the TV show Naked & Afraid, their #1 priority is water, then food later on.
Iron Man (1 month ago)
When you look at a people in the gym, you can easily see who eats the crap food and who eats only good food, not necessarily by their physical size, but just by their skin.For me, diet is everything, without a good diet, you can kiss your maximum potential gains good bye. Water comes into diet for me anyway, food and water go hand in hand. Drugs are like 5% if that. I always say, if you cant build a physique like steve reeves naturally, drugs aint for you so dont take the risk as the reward wont be there.
Gavin White (1 month ago)
Diet, training and sleep are all 💯 %
Based Pepe (1 month ago)
The most important thing by far is genetics. Even your body's response to supplements or drugs is genetically predetermined. In fact, when people say "That guy has good genetics" a lot of time they're just saying he's hyper responsive to gear. Kevin Levrone is the perfect example of this.
sirbrad4 (1 month ago)
Who's taping down there the dog?
cub68134 (1 month ago)
such arms!
Brutus the truck (1 month ago)
James I'v never read your comments section ,( although I watch most of your vids ). I see it appears you have picked up all of Rich's Trolls ..lol Nice to see they found some where to fester. Just an thought ...Since there already here and rich's passing left an whole in the youtube community, I vote you help fill the void , I think its time for James Tiny Vest to become the persona there of . Make some content pic up where it was left "" Healthier By the day 90 day transformation ? Especially for the folks like us over 40.. Loved the dad bod period , just expand on it ! add an lill cheese !
Nicholas Maddalena (1 month ago)
Nicholas Maddalena (1 month ago)
There's no steroids in jail and mofos Definitely get jacked and healthy so it's VERY dependent on putting the time in.
Edward Short (1 month ago)
Water food testosterone. Diet of champions
Sherman 616 (1 month ago)
genetics determine how your body will respond to literally everything
batman (1 month ago)
Looks huge tiny tim
Breakneck (1 month ago)
I always take it as a sign of not giving a fuck about video production when someone shoots a video while driving, eating, doing cardio etc. I'm sure James is a busy guy but take the proper time to record. Nobody wants to see you doing laundry or driving or otherwise too busy to actually stop and record because it's not that important to him.
miamistomp (1 month ago)
I think this time you are way off. Plenty of people have a great diet and dont train--with little muscle to show for it Growing up in Philly we ate everything to gain weight and trained HARD Fritche;s gym in Germantown turned out champions in bb and weightlifting ( you can look them up ) His recommended gaining drink was ginger ale, cream and skim milk powder In fact, look at the old magazines-very little nutrition talk other than eat eggs., drink milk and eat meat Maybe not the best for health but if you are young and train like the devil you Will gain Plenty of convicts came out monsters on peanut butter, milk and powdered eggs too
Jim Myers (1 month ago)
Everything is subjective. The only truth is that if what you're doing isn't working, try something different. Most don't consider how important rest is either. They mistakenly think, more is better, even more is even better still. But, No recovery, no gains. PED's allows people who overdo it to recover faster than they would otherwise.
cmo butts (1 month ago)
I Always enjoy youre vidz james,big fan all the way from New Zealand🇳🇿
Jonny E (1 month ago)
Was james in the hell's Angels when he was younger? I wish he would talk about his tattoos some time. I sure he doesn't want to promote anything but fuck he must have some stories
Blake (1 month ago)
Personally I would say it is defiantly 90%. You can see construction workers that work 40 hrs in the sun and heat. But they still eat like shit so they are still fat. You can also see people who don’t eat allot and they are slim.
Swolace Ferrari (1 month ago)
90% drugs 10% diet! James quit fukn Around and get back on some sostenon atleast! But you put a great message in there! Pre workout oats and coffee, that is one of the best pre workouts you can have! 💪🏾 CSWOL
J C (1 month ago)
Doesn't matter how you eat as long as you get your macros in. Doesn't matter how you lift. train to failure, train 100 sets, train 3x or 6x a week. Only thing that matters is genetics.
QueensNative (1 month ago)
J C Genetics play a huge part.. But you still have to have a training routine and good diet to maximize your own potential.. Even if you have great genetics and you're over training to the point of total exhaustion you will not reach your maximum potential
westpur (1 month ago)
Very impressive video.
Zuffazombiekilla (1 month ago)
If you're not a beginner (1-3 years) the answer is yes if you're neglecting your protein intake...Now if you're training for definition that's a different story.
Wayne Forni (1 month ago)
You gotta put 100% into everything for the best results.
Steve MacInnis (1 month ago)
thank you James for the video,i'm 60 overweight and banged up from near40 years construction work. Waitin to hear on a disability pension. My belly is my problem,how to loose it. peace from Steve from Cape Breton
Trapletes Fitness (1 month ago)
Look I was in prison, and there are other guys in there I'm in the state of Illinois,, now the food in there is worse then dog food. And commissary is nothing but sweets and chips. But I put on 50 pounds and brought my bench up and all my lifts but I'm useing bench as an example, from 135 to 335 in 18 months. There are massive guys in there, and not just massive, guys are ripped also. So I don't care much for the diet stuff....we still have weights in my state....so guys are bodybuilding with out supplements and shit diets looking like champs, and stonger the a ox.
Trapletes Fitness (1 month ago)
Johnny Vasquez if you can sleep in the joint with both eyes closed your a bad muther fuker! Lol
Johnny Vasquez (1 month ago)
Trapletes Fitness sleep is key to recovery and you get it in there outside world no so much
Ryan Degroot (1 month ago)
Trapletes Fitness that’s because all u do is workout, eat and rest. We all know that proper rest is essential. On the outside diet is key because you have to do a lot more than just workout and rest.
TonyLittleNutz (1 month ago)
If you go “down” on your girlfriend on a regular basis, will that increase your estrogen levels?
Scott Steacy (1 month ago)
I used to think that it was 80% drugs and diet but then I went to jail I had a crappy diet no drugs but I trained really hard and I got crazy results. Now I have a different outlook on the training.
FitLife (23 days ago)
do you have any before and after pictures? you do know the body has something called myostatin, that inhibits growth past your genetic limit. You have to take gear to block Myostatin and get large. Myostatin (also known as growth differentiation factor 8, abbreviated GDF-8) is a myokine, a protein produced and released by myocytes that acts on muscle cells' autocrine function to inhibit myogenesis: muscle cell growth and differentiation. In humans it is encoded by the MSTN gene.
Scott Steacy (1 month ago)
Bradley Sargent was a basic bro split
Brad Sargent (1 month ago)
How often did you train each muscle group?
Chosen Won (1 month ago)
" You need calories to gain weight." How profound. And guess what else, you need water." No shit. I'll tell you what you don't need, and that's a high IQ. How about you need to be alive to be a bodybuilder? Why not? At 55 years old this old fart isn't gaining any muscle, guaranteed.
Demon Posessed (13 days ago)
While bodybuilders emphasize eating proteins in order to grow muscle, one often overlooked nutrient is water. Incidentally, water is the most anabolic nutrient you can have since muscles are mostly composed of water! And water intake is relative. Just don't underestimate it's importance is the meaning behind his message, its too bad you're to cognitively deficient to accurately decipher it's meaning. 😂 🤣😂 🤣😂 🤣😂 🤣😂 🤣
Chosen Won (1 month ago)
Still holding the steering wheel like a 16 year old does wearing a tee shirt. What's later, hop scotch? Is this guy ever going to mature?
Chosen Won (13 days ago)
Take a basic English class. My God, trying to appear intelligent, huh?. Isn't happening. Is this James? Maybe learn how to use spell check as well. LOL. Hilarious. Thanks for the laughs.
Demon Posessed (12 days ago)
The main method to attain increased intellectual capacity is trough psychical exercise, other than that it is obvious that your mind is a bit chaotic and all over the place, I am not ruling you out though but there seems to be some type of neurological deficits in the frontal region is my estimate. To put it in more simplistic terms, you're more id-driven than somebody with their executive faculties intact.
Chosen Won (1 month ago)
Florida sucks. Living other places have made me appreciate Michigan. Are you running gay bars? LOL.
Chosen Won (1 month ago)
Not happening. The only thing I'm disappointed in is that none of you bodeybuilders live closer. Just watch the muscular guys in boxing and MMA. A joke. Strength has little to do with the ability to fight. Guaranteed. I wish you were sitting across from me right now, because I would bitch slap you in front of your wife or girlfriend just to expose your paper tiger ass.
Jack (1 month ago)
Ryan Degroot hes never been a powerlifter only bodybuilder
Charles Gusto (1 month ago)
Looking small! lol
Deathishere (1 month ago)
Photo shop
josh bauer (1 month ago)
u're looking really good and healthy man!
Pepe Pistola (1 month ago)
Thank you! It is refreshing to see someone who actually knows what he is talking about.
Stylin andProfilin (1 month ago)
How long do you live without oxygen
Demon Posessed (13 days ago)
Toco Sauce (1 month ago)
Or a cold beer?
Toco Sauce (1 month ago)
How long can you live without sex?
Steve MacInnis (1 month ago)
in bed pull the covers over your head and fart,then you'll know
juju (1 month ago)
mrdealx (1 month ago)
Jason Dinkins (1 month ago)
Trapletes Fitness (1 month ago)
juju it's muther fukin shake time!
Water .. Food .. Training .. Sleep .. Repeat .. TNT 450 ..
95 percent
Genghis Khan (1 month ago)
Basically, whatever is least sexy and sucks the most is always the most important. And this goes for life in general. So Water>Food>Stretching>Training>Supplementation>"supplementation" (y'all niggas know what supplements I'm talking about here, don't play dumb)
Steven Kane (1 month ago)
Dude we talkin about bodybuilding here or being stranded on an island??
Steve MacInnis (1 month ago)
fillip Vaselevski (1 month ago)
I dont like looking at it as a certain % of importance, theres 3 different mechanics and while they all help achieve the same goal theyre still different mechanics. Some say is diet, training both 40% and rest is 20% or it might be 30/30/40 etc. they're 3 different things that require 100% IMO. Diet 100%, gym 100% and rest nice at the end of the day. Its had abit of a negative approach on me as if one isnt 100% i dont feel like doing the other 2. For instance if i cant get the diet right for the day because unexpected things happen i tend not to hit the gym and dont bother getting good rest... doesn't feel like theres a point.
Carnal Carnage (1 month ago)
Great video big guy.
Carnal Carnage (1 month ago)
I can't put a percentage on anything except health itself. Nutrition, training, sleep, mentality, and supplementation together are 100%. To fracture that combination, will have effects on your potential.
Jody (1 month ago)
James..I need to talk to ya bro
Jody (1 month ago)
Here is my .02.. for me,the diet part of this game is the hardest thing for me. I simply just don't eat enough or drink enough water.Im 46 and just now figuring this out. When I do have time to give it a 100 percent..I keep it simple and it works for me..15-20 lbs of chicken and same amounts of cups of rice.and a minimum of.gallon a water a day.My job as flooring installer burned calories like a wild fire.. fat is never an issue for me.. so diet for me is 95 percent of it.. yall have a great day!
Jason Dinkins (1 month ago)
Same diet wise. 46 and when it’s clean I lose fat and gain some muscle as a natural. When it’s bad I get fat regardless of the amount of training. That’s just how it is at this age as a natural.
Jody (1 month ago)
Doie Venlift no...per week..lmao
Doie Venlift (1 month ago)
you eat 20 lb rice and 20 lb chicken per day? floor installations must burn calories like crazy mate...
3Runner95SRB (1 month ago)
Start drinking distilled water, a distiller costs less than 100$ and it's one of the best things you can do for your body..
Carnal Carnage (1 month ago)
I'd have dbol tbol tren clen test AI's on my table. I'd buy watered down roids so as not to die from dehydration. I'd eat the table and the weights, to continue my ascent to godliness.
FitLife (1 month ago)
James, why don't you post your blood work, since every video talks about you gaining muscle while off trt, gear whatever. Post the blood work and lets see before and after? that will squash all questions.
JGM (1 month ago)
I hope this guy lives for a long time
Tony Crawford (1 month ago)
Good job old man. liked this video alot. I been training off and on for 30yrs and got excellent results but didnt know the game of strict nutrition. Im 54 now and in good condition plus good mass and pretty lean about 235lbs at 6ft 2ins. Keep teaching based on your experience. much respect. Sarge.
JGM (1 month ago)
Tony Crawford your huge for 54
UcanbeGOD (1 month ago)
If diet is 90% I'm fucked.
UcanbeGOD (1 month ago)
Be reasonable
B (1 month ago)
you can change it?
Harry Banner (1 month ago)
Diet is super important to longevity. I feel like James is still healthy given his age and size all due to his diet. Look at Rich 240lbs for 20 years and ate like horseshit. Died at 48. James was bigger for longer and has 10 years on Rich. Obviously gear abuse is a factor but I think the diet is huge for longevity.
sct11s45 (1 month ago)
Harry Banner Rich was 275 lbs+ and took drugs other than steroids including OxyContin and cocain.
Chris Ross (1 month ago)
I agree!
davey Crockett (1 month ago)
A good diet is all about longevity..........a chubby guy who doesn't work out but eats super clean and stays away from artificial crap, sugar and sticks to oats, fruit, vegetables and a bit of meat will look a lot better on the outside (and inside) in the future than a bodybuilder who eats anything he wants to get the calories in. Of course someone who eats right and trains is the best scenario.

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