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The Ask Jay and Jim Show-How to Read Your Bloodwork & Monitor Biomarkers

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For more information about becoming a patient with Bod MD/HD: http://www.TOTRevolution.BodHd.com Learn more about Optimizing Your Health, Reversing Your Aging Process and All Things Testosterone and TOT: http://totrevolution.com/ To sign up to the TOT Revolution Mailing List to get FREE BOOKS and the weekly Ultimate Life Optimization Report: http://bitly.com/TOTRev So many men fixate on their testosterone numbers, but why is that a bad idea? Are you getting the correct test to measure your estrogen levels? What should you know about cholesterol? On this episode, we discuss how to understand certain biomarkers in a blood panel. "It’s more important that you feel good and have no side effects than it is to have a specific number." -Jay Campbell Three Takeaways - It’s important to understand the oxygenation of your red blood cells. - If you have a level of above 200 in cholesterol, make sure that you are: exercising, trying to suppress your insulin sign, and doing cardio and resistance training before you even consider going on statins. - Estrogen is still necessary for some key functions, and you can only consider suppression when you have side effects AND the correct test for it. At the start of the show we talked about the importance of measuring White Blood Cells and Red Blood Cells, hemoglobin and hematocrit. We talked about why keeping close track of your insulin is so necessary, and the importance of testing for estrogen the right way. We also discussed: - What people get wrong about erythrocytosis - Whether taking statins is a good idea - Measuring prolactin The most important thing when you want to get optimized is to get your bloodwork done. It helps you get a clearer picture of your health, and it keeps you from going down the path of the sick care system. You have to go private, because getting this information is not how the sick care model functions, and you can easily get manipulated by a garden-variety GP. Ultimately, the more you know, the more you can optimize yourself. To Get Jay Campbell and Jim Brown's Magnum Opus on Testosterone Optimization Therapy http://TOTBible.com Feel the Focus of the World's Most Powerful OTC Nootropic-EMF http://www.optimizedlifenutrition.com To Pick up your FREE Paperback COPY of The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet(Continental USA Only) http://www.metabolicblowtorchdiet.com To Get the MBTD on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2xOXcOK To Radically Improve Your Physique and Develop Maximum Muscle Mass in Minimum Time-Utilize Jim Brown's Forged Training: http://AdvancedForgedTraining.com To Learn the systems and processes to radically improve your health, fitness and fat loss in the shortest time possible. http://90days2optimized.com To Coach with Jim and Jay http://trtrevolution.com/coaching Download the FREE PDF of The Definitive TRT MANual: http://trtrevolution.com/PDF To Listen to the Audio Version of The TRT MANual http://amzn.to/2exRnf7
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Jason Payne (11 days ago)
Nice , I got blue cross ppo,,went to doc with a huge list of what I wanted , everything above and then some, 3000 +, my co pay 22 bucks,did a Pre t panel,research a lot of Pre t panels on many web sites , my doc was tripping a little bit, but went with it, they have their paper from the lab for blood work , but it don’t have a lot of the test we need , so u bring your list with u, sbgh,dhea,dht,and so in, there not on your docs list for quest or labcorp,and when the girl inputs the blood work and your Ins in the computer, it will tell her your co pay to the test she s doing for u, that was at quest, and I’m in Cali, never had got that much blood work ,usually the basics, and normal hormones that r the standard, as defy, or Nelson’s lab,so try your own Ins before u go paying another lab, but get your Pre panel u want, and your 8 week or every 6 month panel
Jason Scharrer (2 months ago)
I can't thank you two guys enough for all the information that you provide here. Thank god for the internet, there's never a better time to be alive!!!! I've been on TOT (how about that, you converted me from saying TRT, haha) for years but always felt like something wasn't quite right. Learned more listening to you guys than from my own doctor(s). Making an appointment with Dr. Rob to get myself totally "dialed in" with all of this. Just wanted to say thanks so much for sharing all of this information. Love your passion getting this important message out there!!!
Odin Aesthetic (2 months ago)
Continuously putting out real informative content.
Truth Apocalypse (2 months ago)
So true on prescribing statens, I had a blood clot due to low magnesium from acid blockers. Cardiologist didn't even consider my low magnesium. FYI magnesium is essential to break up any clotting. The rest of my heart was squeaky clean and in general my health is/was excellent. Sometimes you have to fire your doctor and find one that is competent. BTW the same doctor also tried to prescribe further acid blockers that would interact with the statens making everything worse. Run from the acid blockers as fast as you can, they destroy the gut and make it almost impossible to digest food correctly in addition to what I've already discussed. Another FYI make sure your magnesium levels optimal.
Dr. V. P. C. (2 months ago)
Masters of TOT !!! Thanks again for lots of very useful info !
Vib (2 months ago)
Guys great show. Your are helping a lot of guys out there. I have been suffering from a lack of penis sensitivity in the head of my penis but i get fairly strong errections. This makes it hard for me to orgasm during sex. Could this be low e2? Im not an AI
Giovanni Miceli (2 months ago)
Great show

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