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D&B Nation (12 days ago)
Subscribe To Our Family Channel: https://goo.gl/X8TXFy LETS GET IT 50,000 LIKES & WE WILL PRANK DAMIEN AGAIN!!!
Sadae Edwards (14 days ago)
D&B Nation He said you might want to keep your legs close I’m going to beat that pussy up 😂 😂 your funny but not really
Ranija Love (16 days ago)
D&B Nation n
Sherida Edwards (18 days ago)
D&B Nation Go to do you any good luck to you also go to the asker go to Bianka
Lasheika Ward (23 days ago)
D&B Nation ooooooooo
FELICIA POLLOX (27 days ago)
Sarenity Myers (19 hours ago)
Alexis purposely arching in front of the camera!
Nyasia Childs (21 hours ago)
Ryan Akers (1 day ago)
is it weird the noises turn me on?
LEX garcia (1 day ago)
Did he say my nigga was hard af? Tho;P I didn't noticee ;P
LEX garcia (1 day ago)
You go bianca ;P putting damien in his place
Gracey Siller (2 days ago)
Ant_Boy_Spice (2 days ago)
Niggas never swing
K S Hoy (2 days ago)
her sister doin too much extra shit all in the camera tryna get attention. girl relax
Jay Gaming (2 days ago)
I was starring at Alexis but the whole time
Jada Roach (2 days ago)
Damian took off his earing😂😂😂😂😂
Nebraska's Finest 24 (3 days ago)
Juanita Camarillo (3 days ago)
I hate Damian now
Karen Thomas (3 days ago)
I want to date Bianca
Karen Thomas (3 days ago)
Davontae Jordan wants to date Bianca
edgar sical (3 days ago)
Bianca stfu like Damian don't like you hot asf sister
princess tanya (4 days ago)
bianca really tripped . i think they low key all be fuccin . so yeah bianca definitely likes rodney . you can tell .
SpecOpsEnder TM (4 days ago)
When your dirty minded in the intro she said we goin to "come" together
Jakins Elizeboth (5 days ago)
Damien is ass at fighting
Amirah Bryant (5 days ago)
Chicken Fried Rice
yuky valdez (5 days ago)
Omg y'all too too too TOO WILD LOL omg ya made me laugh so hard y'all made my day FOREAL LMAO
North (5 days ago)
Wow 2 pranks in one day
ricky pain (5 days ago)
who else was staring at her sista's ass lol
TehutiDG07 (5 days ago)
Lex be making some sexy as faces
Kimberley Vargas (5 days ago)
He can't hit girls
Takable Pond1339 (6 days ago)
Demien Went Wild Funny Video
Andrea Piña (6 days ago)
You are so pretty!!😰😰😰
Adrian Reed (6 days ago)
These niggas sumo wrestling 😂😂💀
Davine Johnson (6 days ago)
why rod lick his lips so much
janiya Mack (6 days ago)
😎jamari 55
Leo Vuitton (6 days ago)
Lightskin?? Ok.
Saoirsegooney 123 (6 days ago)
Bianca’s sis is a hoe she likes tf out of damien like cop tf on
Fortnite Boss (7 days ago)
I died watching this
Christian Fuentes (7 days ago)
Dam she look hot😜😍😜
Khamani Clayton (7 days ago)
She a thot
Waydan Harris (7 days ago)
I would not dare do this to damien after seeing his reactions
MJ PESO (8 days ago)
Alexis my baby😍
Frank Wilson (8 days ago)
Kiki's Life (8 days ago)
Why he beating up lex she didn't even do nun
Kiki's Life (8 days ago)
O hate these type of pranks cuz don't you realize ya girl got all her clothes on
Abio Da Gamer (8 days ago)
The lyrics prank the they pulled on Bianca the on Damien said it was a prank to Bianca. And now he said lexis let's go. I love you guys but I think something is up with Damien and lexis
ALISSA DE LA CRUZ (8 days ago)
why is he trying to punch him but he cant :)that was a good prank
Derrick & Derrion (9 days ago)
Rod beat his ass😹😹😹
ambercloey123 (9 days ago)
Your sister really put her ass in front the camera like that
Janel Scott (10 days ago)
Is it me but when bianca gets pranked like this she get madddd jealous like Shell KILL yo a**
Saniya Earl (10 days ago)
I’m not gay but Alexis ass is on point 🤪😋❤️
Thot be gone
Babygirl _princess (10 days ago)
Relationship goals
Showtime Ro16 (11 days ago)
Damien weak asf😂😂💀
Ny I (11 days ago)
Damien cannot fight for nothing
chris wilder (11 days ago)
Biannca you really like Damien
Niaxsluzive 23 (11 days ago)
It’s seem like Damien first resort it’s to take off his shirt and shoes
Tunde Owoyemi (12 days ago)
I’ll beat yo ass I’ll slap you I will beat yo ass
YOUTUBE (12 days ago)
why she showing her ass so much like wtf
All I hear is dolphin noise
chris nolasco (12 days ago)
Omg her sister thoo
21 wiz (12 days ago)
These videos are stressin
XxCarmelPlayzxX YT (12 days ago)
He pulled that damn cover off lmfao
Niya Teresa Smith (12 days ago)
I love u girl but u not light skin u MIXED luv u tho
dherron91 (12 days ago)
I been stopped watching them but it seems like b sister n Rodney are very uninterested in doing videos
Action_yt (13 days ago)
I hate this cause b sounds like a real hoe if I was demein I would have leave for a wild bruh😥😚😬😬
Frveshy Gaming (14 days ago)
damien cant fight
leithania williams (14 days ago)
i love your vidéo
viDrippy (14 days ago)
fuck these dolphins simple
Emilio Medina (14 days ago)
Damn your sis is thick
Gemini Girls (14 days ago)
Relationship Goals
Katelynn Williams (14 days ago)
Damien can't fight bro
galmformsp (15 days ago)
They wearing the same outfits as their other vids, that’s how u know they planned
lb squad (15 days ago)
Damien really could have killed him
DeMarco Burgman (15 days ago)
Woods Kids (15 days ago)
The way they was fighting
TechMasterPEB305 (16 days ago)
I’m sorry but Damien cannot fight. No offense. He doesn’t look like a fighter.
Katrina Miles (16 days ago)
Team d&b like if you agree
Kyra Stevens (17 days ago)
There's so many fuckin dolphin bleeps. I'm crying 💀💀😂
king. .jordan.916 (17 days ago)
Damien was kicking Rodney butt😂😂
via bubba red (17 days ago)
I have questions... Do you ppl really believe this is real? If so, how old are you? Why would he be so mad when everybody fully dressed? Do yall not think that point would give the "prank" away? Why is ol girl dressed like she ready to be in somebody music video? Does nobody see her being half naked in front of another womans HUSBAND as a problem? Do y'all really believe this is real?!?!?
Jeralynn Garcia (17 days ago)
It is a prack
Jeralynn Garcia (17 days ago)
Jeralynn Garcia (17 days ago)
He is hot
Jeralynn Garcia (17 days ago)
Dman is sick
Hey Itstoota (17 days ago)
I like that booty😂😂😂
Shunta Bradshaw (17 days ago)
Yall he really want her sister so i think yall should break up
Natalie Harris (18 days ago)
Tajay Lindo (18 days ago)
Jitts can’t fight
Tajay Lindo (18 days ago)
He walked in and pull the cover off like a boss
Kota Walker (18 days ago)
Why tf she always moaning in every sentence bruh 🤨 it's a little excessive like dude the moaning part is over and you still making noises 😂😂
black beauty (18 days ago)
A 3 some prank was😂
tiawms44 (19 days ago)
Noone can lie they wood hit bianca from behind. Boy or girl😘😂👉👌🍑🍆
tiawms44 (19 days ago)
Hahhaahahah😂😭 damien cant fight at allll!😂💪😑
soundcloud (19 days ago)
the cat look so confused , it was hiding under the bed and staring at them for the longest lol
Hannah Byrd (19 days ago)
I hate daimian he is a
Sahil Hassan (19 days ago)
her shorts are omg
Queen royalty (20 days ago)
Bianca so funny uh chicken pop pie
Miniature Baking (20 days ago)
giselle reyes (21 days ago)
Ariana Hernandez (21 days ago)
I was gonna take her 4 sum ice cream! 😭😂😂😂
I fink biancca just do these pranks to make him insecure. But she quick to jump when he pull her sister hahaha
Sierra & Ally 08 (21 days ago)
If I was Biannca I would have beat his ass for throwing a pillow and my sister and Damien needs to stop he is abusive
La'Dashea Rayford (21 days ago)
Alexis and Bianca pretty I like their makeup I know Alexis doesn't have makeup on be still pretty radney so quiet . why is Rodney so quiet?
Mannie Hogan (21 days ago)
Wait dude looked at fella meat lol
Mannie Hogan (21 days ago)
Bro I'm toooo dead ass for this one
Kevin Linares (21 days ago)
Alexis is thicc af

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