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What to eat on the Ketogenic Diet | Our Keto food staples

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Today I'm showing you all our favourite Ketogenic foods that my girlfriend and I love to eat on a regular basis. Basically, our staples that we always have at home and that we discovered over the last 1,5 years on a low-carb, high-fat Ketogenic Diet. ► Keto Collagen: https://youtu.be/uQM7D_Ssavo I haven't done a video like this in a while, so I figured it was about time! I split the video into five sections: 00:39 Vegetables & Fruits (sort of) 02:00 Fats 03:51 Protein 05:43 Baking ingredients & Spices 08:27 Drinks, Sweets & Extras ** RESOURCES I RECOMMEND ** ► Chocolate Keto Collagen (so good mixed with black coffee!): https://goo.gl/r5Pj3T ► Exogenous Ketones (if you always wanted to try some): https://goo.gl/i5zD9B Make sure you use the discount code MINIMALIST for 20% off! Our video review: https://youtu.be/uQM7D_Ssavo ► MCT oil: http://geni.us/R35aB ___ Are there any Keto staples that you always have at home and that I left out? Please let me know in the comments! I hope you enjoy the video. If you did, don't forget to leave me a like and to subscribe if you want to see more videos in the future!
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Text Comments (1337)
Kari Goes Keto (1 day ago)
Great informative video!
King Stephen (4 days ago)
The holy avocado lmbo
Mary Roberts (4 days ago)
What about frozen vegetables?
The aesthetics in this video are amazing!!! watched all the way through
Elizabeth Porter (13 days ago)
Very helpful video. Thank you for posting !
Dana BROWN (13 days ago)
Very good info
Eric Reed (15 days ago)
Ummm sir! You have beautiful eyes!!
Paiiin In The Butt (16 days ago)
Good to see some quality New Zealand lamb. Over here all our sheep are grass fed
antoinette RICHARDSON (17 days ago)
I am vegan so what plant protein can i use?
Minimalist Keto (14 days ago)
Nuts & seeds are probably the only options that are lower in carbs. You'll probably have to supplement with some vegan protein powders (hemp?) to get enough protein, while keeping carbs to a minimum though - without causing too much digestive discomfort from too much fiber.
bridgette foster (18 days ago)
Thanks! Great video
Angelo16d (19 days ago)
I'm Italian and really miss my pasta and pizza
Minimalist Keto (14 days ago)
Hey Angelo, nice name ;) Why don't you make your own Keto pizza then? We have a tasty recipe on the channel :)
cousmaster (19 days ago)
good job....thanks
ana hernandez (19 days ago)
Love your video.and yea you have beatiful eyes😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
tita testa (22 days ago)
I never thought i would see yerba mate in a video made by someone who is Austrian, and never in a million years would I thought that it could be also a keto friendly video !! I dont know why I got so excited but I think its because I like seeing how parts of my culture (Im argentinian) can reach out to a variety of countries which are far way from mine!! great video, suscribed ;)
Timothy Jesse (28 days ago)
Watch at 1.25 speed.
Minimalist Keto (14 days ago)
I do the same 99% of the time on YouTube, can't blame you ;)
Hola! (1 month ago)
Very helpful for me.., thank you so much
Uncaged (1 month ago)
One great thing about trying Keto in Ireland, is that it is very easy to get grass fed dairy, pretty much all Irish butter, milk or cheeses are from grass fed cows/sheep or even goats. Our bacon is also about the best in the world, also free range
Minimalist Keto (1 month ago)
I'm so jealous :) We love buying Irish beef/lamb/butter whenever we have the chance
Peter Mota (1 month ago)
Good job Angelo...Good Luck
Deborah DeBooth (1 month ago)
Great video...very informative.
Isaac Ashley (1 month ago)
By far the most helpful video i've seen on Keto! Me and my Fiance are looking to give it a go and this has helped tremendously!
CMDR Exoticspeedefy (1 month ago)
What about us less incomers? All that expensive food costs a fortune. At least here in NZ. We export our best meat you guy's get it cheap we get left with the crap and it's still expensive!
Minimalist Keto (1 month ago)
Sorry to hear that! We pay 8,5€/kg for ground lamb from NZ, is that more than what you pay locally?
Natalie Gutierrez (1 month ago)
This is the best video in youtube.👍
Konnichiwa Minasan (1 month ago)
Pizza 🙂🙃!!
Gita Saxena (1 month ago)
I enjoyed the video.
Gita Saxena (1 month ago)
Dash Perú (1 month ago)
sauerkraut is fermented cabbage
Eileen Kenny (1 month ago)
Thanks for a very informative video... great for beginners - like me!
Gabriella Gulyas (1 month ago)
Very nice video, but in the 3. can it`s not octopus, it `s calamary (squid, ink-fish)
Marina silva (1 month ago)
Very helpful. Thank yiu
LeeAnn McCoy (1 month ago)
I Know I'm late but doesn't the flour have many carbs?
Vilma (1 month ago)
i am hungarian
stacey licciardi (1 month ago)
Awesome info thank you so much! I am a beginner and started today.
Mama Aicha (1 month ago)
Is tomato ketosis?
fckjws (1 month ago)
In Lidl you can buy organic butter, it's very good. They also sell organic milk. Székelykáposzta is really good. :)
Questfortruth (1 month ago)
Bitte! Thanks a lot!
Julie Turner (1 month ago)
I’m currently researching this diet and your video has been very helpful. No waffling just straight to the point. Thank you
Gabriel Reviews (1 month ago)
It’s tuna ok?
Minimalist Keto (1 month ago)
free2danz1960 (1 month ago)
Do y'all have daily calorie limits?
jon garrison (1 month ago)
Question: does sperm have carbs? Asking for a friend.
Dale Stanley (1 month ago)
The answer is, not proper food 🍲 so don't worry about carbs and simply eat what you want but in moderation. Keto is a freak diet.
Rocky Mountain Princess (2 months ago)
Nice video. Thanks for sharing!
willy nilly (2 months ago)
Every Keto diet has to have proper Irish BUTTER
Maral T-K (2 months ago)
With all due respect to you and your healthy lifestyle, but how on earth you look unhealthy, skinny? Black under eyes? I started doubting after admiring guys like you or others like vegans, raw eaters. Somehow they lose big body masses, their skin colour go pale. Do you feel good? Are you full of energy? Sorry for being this straightforward and maybe a bit invasive, but I am having these questions lately.
Minimalist Keto (1 month ago)
No worries. - I've had those rings around my eyes since I was 16 years old (my mom raised me vegetarian until I was 18). - Haven't been sick a single day ever since starting Keto 3 years ago. - I like my six-pack and my muscles to stay visible, which is why I maintain a low body-fat percentage. It's normal for my face to look skinnier as a result. - Depending on the season I gain more color ;) Hope that helps :)
vinohn (2 months ago)
Great Advertisement :)
Melexi Moon (2 months ago)
What about nutritional yeast powder?
Zoli NZ (2 months ago)
Székelykáposzta, yummy 👍😜
Bambino Ruth (2 months ago)
What an amazing and informative video! Your preparation and organizational skills for this video really made a huge difference! Cheers from Texas USA!
ant isolano (2 months ago)
Vegans will say don't eat meat as it will kill you, ketos say don't eat carbs, and the world just goes into a spiral of contradictions while I eat a lovely sandwich on the beach watchin the sun set listening to BBKing ...........................
Fernando Soares (2 months ago)
Very helpful! What are your thoughts on pine pollen? Is it a good choice for Ketogenic diet? Thank you?👍
Matthew Seven (2 months ago)
Hitler lived there
Arlandra Smith (2 months ago)
Thank you!!🦋
Carol Wood (2 months ago)
What do you mix with stevia? Didn't hear w/your lovely Austrian accent. Also, when you mix it together what is the best ratio for healthy sweetness? Thank you (danka?)
Carol Wood (2 months ago)
Thank you for your kind response. Very helpful.
Minimalist Keto (2 months ago)
we use an erythritol & stevia mix as a sweetener. Haha, thanks. I've never actually mixed it myself, as we buy it pre-mixed in powder form from Germany. This one is probably pretty close though: https://amzn.to/2LlLMpq
Martha Esther (2 months ago)
Keto, vegan. Both expensive. I can't afford.
Minimalist Keto (2 months ago)
Keto is definitely not expensive, especially if you have weight to lose and you combine it with fasting :)
Gustavo Ibarra (2 months ago)
Do you eat the Yerba !.😳🤔... I’m from Uruguay....is to doing as mate not to eat it.
Minimalist Keto (2 months ago)
of course not, do you eat your tea leaves? :)
Dalia Divas (2 months ago)
Thanks for sharing I'm doing keto diet 4 months ago, it's interesting this information for me and my family
Minimalist Keto (2 months ago)
you're very welcome Dalia!
Mike Ash (2 months ago)
Wendy Smith (2 months ago)
What about salad
holarc (2 months ago)
sweetener is a mix of stevia and... what?
Melihcan Çarkcı (2 months ago)
I have to share my excitement with someone, but I'm too embarassed to tell my family & friends because I'm very private about my weight, but this morning I crossed from the 201s into the 143s!!! I've been so sohamed of my weight and getting out of the 200s has been so emotional for me today. Crying happy tears :D This process took 24 week. Thanks to my book i got help. I take care to follow all the rules. Take a look at the free version. https://bit.ly/2si7Glw
Sheryl James (2 months ago)
Just Starting out what's the minimum of things you Need?
Azam Khan (2 months ago)
usha p (2 months ago)
Shall I eat K F C , chicken?
The Yeti (2 months ago)
Why did you say avocado was not the best, sadly?
timothy peachee (2 months ago)
klander plim (2 months ago)
can you post blueberry ice cream recipe?
chazoclock (2 months ago)
Thank you for sharing! I got a good tip about the stevia sweetner. Very informative thanks
Helen Lesley Smith (2 months ago)
pesto is basil garlic pine nuts pluss olive oil easy
information geek (2 months ago)
Your voice is so soothing for a man. It was refreshing! I can tell how in love you are an I think that's sweet.
Aaron Sades (2 months ago)
I enjoy yor video, but some of the ingredients, I did not understand because they are in german not in english or spanish.
shelia rouch (2 months ago)
Hello from florida!! Thank u for such an easy intro to the keto way of eating..this has been so helpful for me..thank you
Gabriella Lewis (2 months ago)
Thank you for this simple, clear and wonderful video!
Living Keto (2 months ago)
Super good video. Say hi to your girlfriend. We are also hungarians and have almost the same food at home. But we live in sweden!
rajaa abboud (2 months ago)
Thank youuuuuuui
Tylar (2 months ago)
I tried that 90% dark chocolate.. Omg disgusting, one of the worst things ive eaten
rnstudent romeiro (2 months ago)
Can I do Turkey ground?
Sarah Mughal (2 months ago)
Are u German?
David Williams (2 months ago)
Please checkout this great keto cookbook. https://bit.ly/2KyijrZ
Roy Eaton (3 months ago)
where are the micro nutrients?
Robin Hansen (3 months ago)
Did you have a girlfriend or not, was not clear enough.
joseph mangum (3 months ago)
Here is the keto cookbook that I use and I love it https://bit.ly/2KXumju
Edward Gaines (3 months ago)
What if you live in the ghetto? Nothing but chettos at the gas station.😞
J L. (3 months ago)
Such a pretty man.
MyElena1980 (3 months ago)
I found a big portion of informations about keto recipes and diet. 100hoursmastery.online/KetoRecipes youtube is keep blocking me..., *If you used it, and it was fine like this comment for others please :)*
Shie H. (3 months ago)
:). Sauerkraut is just called sauerkraut in English. Your food staples look both familiar and delicious.
Quaid Roberts (3 months ago)
Thank you for being so straight forward
Mary Deakins (3 months ago)
This is one of the best videos.. Helped me develop a shopping list etc Love how you grouped it all Kept it simple....not overwhelming and confusing like most
vanessa huston (3 months ago)
thanks just starting today
Jan Manni (3 months ago)
What about beans? I use garbanzo beans alot for a protein source.
Jan Manni (3 months ago)
Loved your video. Just getting into ketogenics. Watching here from Sacramento, California. Thanks again.
DrJackCallaghan (3 months ago)
Amazing video man! Thank you!
Gloria Mitchell (3 months ago)
Very good content; I found it very helpful as a newbie.
Brian Perkins (3 months ago)
I loooove keto
Robin Mangala (3 months ago)
Maris Momodu (3 months ago)
Wow straight to the point i loved this 👌
Ali Alkuwaiti (3 months ago)
Thank you that’s really informative:)
edwin deleon (3 months ago)
cannadian bacon the best
J wes Mclaughlin (3 months ago)
Keto burritos by me! Jalpenos, hot sauce or chili optional. And eggrolls to!
ANIL NAIR (3 months ago)
I prefer Himalayan pink salt to sea salt
Minimalist Keto (3 months ago)
Nothing wrong with that!
Fukurokuju (3 months ago)
This was a really nice video. I wish people talked about Bitcoin encryption in this way...hahaha ;) Cheers. Good luck
Minimalist Keto (3 months ago)
haha, thanks a lot!
Boyd Jones (3 months ago)
In English, sauerkraut is called "sauerkraut." :)
Minimalist Keto (3 months ago)
you're right ;)

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