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7 Most POWERFUL and Dangerous PISTOLS of ALL TIME

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7 Most POWERFULL and Dangerous FIREARMS of ALL TIME Hello everyone. As it turns out, there are people who really need a super-powerful, super-expensive and ultra-dangerous gun! One that would fit in their pocket and is able to one-shot their victim hiding next door. Shooting with such guns is dangerous not only for those who are shot, but for the shooter himself! Broken hands and hearing loss – that's the price for such a high striking ability! Thank you all for watching !
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MAD LAB (4 months ago)
7 Most POWERFUL and Dangerous SNIPER RIFLES of ALL TIME ►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdCT1btVze0 ►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdCT1btVze0 ►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdCT1btVze0
rohit Kumar (7 days ago)
itrxdjh gfdydrj
Claudia Medrano (1 month ago)
Fahad Farrukh (1 month ago)
MAD LAB hey wht is the name of the music at 6.23 please share the name thanks
Justin Wallace (8 hours ago)
A collection of the most impractical and useless novelty guns in the world lol. I'd rather focus on something fast and reliable with as many rounds as possible.
Penumbra (9 hours ago)
*Big Iron plays at the end*
Nahuel Martinou (10 hours ago)
Crazy north americans... :-D
Timothy Gallatin (18 hours ago)
The gun in the thumbanail should never be shot unless you have have bones of steel
Knut Aarstad (1 day ago)
Shadow Mage (1 day ago)
Shadow Mage (1 day ago)
E * (1 day ago)
The noisy cricket.
KE Dragon (1 day ago)
whats is with metal storm revovler, pistol,
Vova Syhin (1 day ago)
That counter strike player must e bottling, there less then 0.1 seconds between each head shot. Nobody has those kind of reflexes.
Dr. Ramon de Torres (2 days ago)
Even though the speaker sounds native, it sounds as if he is reading from a manual that was translated overseas by a non-native English speaker. There are points where the grammar is stilted or broken. Is this a bot voice?
SlyFox Gaming (2 days ago)
Anygun can one shot anybody
dan hemmerling (2 days ago)
How boring are guns!
Joubinour (3 days ago)
holy shot
Gage Sequeira (3 days ago)
Dam right they need a gun like that lol
MECHTanked (3 days ago)
Is the thumb nail a cursed image?
Fica majstor (3 days ago)
Cs 1.6 aimbot... Good old times 😂
And What about the bombshell Tri-magnum?
adrianne moldez (3 days ago)
y tf is blunderbuss not here? im sure that's a pistol too but an explosive one
Samuel Cherniak (4 days ago)
bullet size comparison is so fake!
Jeffery Thornton (4 days ago)
compensatiting for something? I wonder
Richard doowop (5 days ago)
Im so sick of this jerkoff Jason Bond and his fucking ads
Bryan Stuart (5 days ago)
Use its intended American measurement. Inch, not mm.
Mc juggie squad (5 days ago)
10 minute mark i see
Emperor Nero (5 days ago)
lmao this dude knows nothing about guns
jeanett cabalonga (6 days ago)
Desert eagle is one of my favorite pistols
Hideika (6 days ago)
We all know Obrez Pistol is best Pistol
dethklokicksbutt (6 days ago)
I want this out of my reccomended
Robert Baker (6 days ago)
If it breaks your wrist you probably should reconsider a defender role under any set of circumstances
Isaac Phil Gotay (6 days ago)
when the gun recoil was too much
Truez GD (6 days ago)
Small Gun and Big Bullets?
Stev.3.n Hernand.3.z (6 days ago)
Did y’all hear that dumb lady that tried to make a prank of shooting her husband with a deagle and her husband tried to use a hard book block the bullet unfortunately he died
Wangy Jammies (7 days ago)
Catch your victims hiding next door
EQOAnostalgia (7 days ago)
As soon as it started... oh it's one of these corporate youtube everything sounds like a fucking TV show channels. Nah, i'm good. Yall have at it though. I support actual youtubers. This garbage belongs on cable.
Evan Mixon (7 days ago)
What I've found is if you have been shooting with proper grip and handling for a long time on any handgun caliber, you will have no problem with a large handgun like these. I've shot my entire life and when I got the chance to shoot a 500 S&W magnum, It (the recoil) felt a little underwhelming. I'm not saying it doesn't kick a lot, because it does, but it wasn't as bad as I expected due to what other people on the Internet have said about it. The worst part about that gun is how expensive the ammunition is. I shot the model with the 8 inch barrel so the recoil wouldn't have been as bad as the shortest one you can get and I am aware of that.
GT FORD 427 (8 days ago)
Jeron Playz (8 days ago)
And -1 sub..
Jeron Playz (8 days ago)
Because of the title it deserved 0 likes and 500k dislikes click BAIT
ROVIR VRIAN CAMAY (8 days ago)
Riddick : I will kill you with my tea cup...
nevergiveup909 (8 days ago)
The top 3 or 4 are impractical. The point of a pistol is to be a light secondary. The top 3 are more collectors items then pistols... say, the one that came 2nd... would you expect a police officer to carry that. No.
Jonh Cena (8 days ago)
Wheres bfr?
VbgVbg 113 (8 days ago)
I cringed so hard, do some research first
VbgVbg 113 (8 days ago)
The thumbs nail is literally Armor piercing sniper bullets stuffed into a revolver.
valdarmort (9 days ago)
bert gummer would love these guns ha ha
Xero 1 (9 days ago)
The r8 without the nerf
Tom Finley (9 days ago)
Sorry. no understandee metric.
Alan Thornton (9 days ago)
what about the magnum research bfr its more powerfull than the 500 magnum
Kontractor (9 days ago)
Hmmmm.... I seem to recall seeing a gun magazine, probably back in the 60's, that showed a 30-30 revolver on the cover. I want to say it was a Savage, but I could be wrong on that. Any serious collectors remember that pistol?
AMERICAN DELTAS (9 days ago)
What If you put a grip on these guns
UnknownUser025 (9 days ago)
Assault "guns" or "weapons" dont exist. This terminology doesnt even have a definition. Pls dont make us cringe
Skip (9 days ago)
50 junkers 250 kinko grams, what the hell are you talking about
David Baty (9 days ago)
Assault this fuckhole!
careystuart (9 days ago)
I'm not a gunsmith or an electrician,but "joules" is a term I've never heard applied to guns.But,what do I know? I've been listening to my Dynaco tube amp,in .45 caliber....
Jungsuk123456789 (9 days ago)
Hey there is a channel that copied your vid exactly and probs more than just this: watch?v=zmtxx91WfaQ
Aniruddha Dutta (9 days ago)
dual berretta...
Jesse Owens (10 days ago)
One of the worst informative videos I've ever seen. Should be a cartoon...
Tj4y (10 days ago)
“Special support“ Log 😂
Irene Rivera (10 days ago)
Is the magnum like in mw2
375GTB (10 days ago)
Daniel Cotar (10 days ago)
Von Fowler (10 days ago)
Would love to see a round hit the ground and a puff of powder go off
Jolujo 58 (10 days ago)
Enough already with the metric crap....Speak English...Lb/ft, Inches/decimal etc
bong boi (11 days ago)
Revolvers are not meant for hunting dumbass.
Kade Widdas (11 days ago)
Kade Widdas (11 days ago)
And when I shot my first revolver it did not break my hanf
Kade Widdas (11 days ago)
Shut up man I shoot a shotgun. When I was 9 and it did not give me hearing loss
SGamer11 (11 days ago)
THE .50 BMG IS NOT A SNIPER RIFLE. It is an Anti-Materiel rifle.
Živá Urážka (11 days ago)
The Thunder 50. BMG For when you need to kill someone from behind a tank.
WV Gunslingers (11 days ago)
5800 joules not 58000 lol.. 19.5g bullet is ~301 grains -- at 772m/s (2533ft/sec) that works out to 4288 ft/lb aka 5814 joules...
Magnor André Adolfsen (11 days ago)
I just love the thumbnail👌
uri p (11 days ago)
Why would you introduce the Taurus 454 instead of the superior Ruger Toklat 454?
Iamlordofthe Internet (12 days ago)
Aiden McGuire (12 days ago)
I don't care about the first one I can LIFT and so what it's called don't be a pussy go big or go home
Albert yan (12 days ago)
Ever heard of using thing called plural?
Kushking BiG_OG (12 days ago)
Lies!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone knows that the golden gun is the strongest , havent u ever heard of 007? Damn rookies xD
Prutiss Bartlow (12 days ago)
....... ladies and gentlemen.... I gave. u..... Dirty Harry. ..aka, Clint Eastwood Legend
Roger Balcer (13 days ago)
Cut the metric stuff and use SAE !
Jake Donehoo (13 days ago)
I hate how say dessert eagle like it's a place
If I could create any gun, it would be a mini gun, but it fired mini nukes. Wait that’s a fallout gun, isn’t it.
Grant Earnhart (13 days ago)
Why do any of these guns need to exist
JÎl KH RÊMÎX (13 days ago)
i wane buy
GENERAL-PJ (13 days ago)
Fucking retarts
No One (14 days ago)
I only need guns for zombies 😎
MalkWithOreoz (14 days ago)
Tusk (14 days ago)
the giant remington i would not qualify it as a pistol because its simply too big to hold with 1 hand
Bite Me (14 days ago)
Raging bull is American not Brazilian lol also I love the 454 round it's like a rifle round and a custom Colt kimber 1911 with tactical Arron's and an 11 Mag is the perfect handgun
Bite Me (14 days ago)
The desert eagle come sin 357 44 and .50 I personally love the 50 cal the 500 smith and Wesson is better but I think for a grown man the deagle is much easier to hide shoot and reload
Bite Me (14 days ago)
Most powerful pistols are the 500 smith and Wesson the .50 desert eagle and the 357 magnum now I know people typically think the 44 is more powerful but I can personally tell you I think the 357 round is more powerful than the 44 it seems to have much better penetration
Ruben Elfrink (14 days ago)
You people dont know shit about guns
Justin Piloni (15 days ago)
Did you get these terms your using from CNN? Man please know what the actual fuck your talking about. Assault revolver? Assault weapon? For the last one You said "You can see the flame coming out of the compensator", it's called the flash bud. It amazes me how people who know literally nothing about firearms talk about how they are the gun experts and we need to ban guns because they are scary looking. 99% of those people have never fired a gun once in there life and have no clue what they are even talking about.
Infinite (15 days ago)
I am convinced America is crazy.
Matsimus (15 days ago)
Click to the bait
Xxzthomas zxX (15 days ago)
The 2nd one is just a 45 long colt
Tommy H (15 days ago)
Guns aren’t dangerous only the shooter can be
TalkingInk67969 (15 days ago)
Lol they put the hand cannon from fortnite in real life
angela prestwood (17 days ago)
thanks for the metrics lesson whats wrong with feet per second my thought
Moonlight Photography (17 days ago)
What kind of music is playing at the end, please? Thanx.
w3g3l (17 days ago)
Did anyone check this over before they gave it to the narrator to read? Fact Check
Ziggy Doom (17 days ago)
I think the finger gun in dead space would trump all of these. With less noise and nearly zero recoil.

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