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Big Guts & Bodybuilding-Truth & Warning

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Big Guts & Bodybuilding-Truth & Warning
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Felipe Mendoza (6 months ago)
james, these dudes have drug problems, remember Nubain? cant get that anymore so now its OC"S and xanax, many other pharm drugs.
DrgnFlys (7 months ago)
Die-Ver-Tic-You-Lie-Tis. Inflammation of the diverticula.
Drama (9 months ago)
Blaha has his head up his ass
W i s h m a s t e r (10 months ago)
Dude I love this guy's channel, he is 101% real..... this guy could have a conversation with God and the Devil and they'd look at each other in Surprise they found this honest man.
mad1966dog (10 months ago)
BIG GUT is caused by drugs. to say it´s through eating is just BULLSHIT:
Today I had 86 g of fiber. Keeping things moving healthy..
Nicholas Krowicki (1 year ago)
Thx alot for the advice! Another thing people don't take into consideration is ab training. Today people believe that training the abs too often will cause them to grow and make your waist larger. Ask any of today's pros and they will tell you they train their abs very rarely or not at all (Dexter Jackson), but back in the day people would train their abdominals EVERY DAY. Serge Nubret claimed to do 2000 crunches a day up until he got ill and passed away a few years back. Dorian came along and suggested training less often, to allow more growth to take place as you rest, and it certainly seemed to work, but it also seemed to create muscle with less seperation than the golden age guys, who overtrained themselves into a more compact bodybuilder with more quality over quantity. Training twice a day was not unheard of when getting ready for contests and since the core is always involved with whatever bodypart you're training, the abs never got a chance to rest and grow and actually got smaller because it was constantly being broken down... that's my theory on the matter, and I base it pretty much on the key thing that's different about todays and yesteryears bodybuilders: Training philosophy, especially when it comes to the abs...
Tommy Sargeant (1 year ago)
Theres a lot of Vicodin/Hydrocodone and Oxy going around in gyms in California, that's for sure. The young guys are taking it for the energy it gives. They prob haven't reached the "addict" state yet, but once the drugs stop providing the energy and rearing their ugly heads... all the side-effects will set in... and you will start hearing about it. I remember back in the day there was an injectable drug for pain. Guys were getting hooked on it. I can't remember the name of it, but it got pretty out of hand. I don't know if the drug is still around. This was an intravenous injection, not an intramuscular inject. I think it was called "Nubain" or something. I don't know if it was an Opiate or what, but i do know it was addicting.
alfanitrous (1 year ago)
Great advice, thanks buddy.
j parks (1 year ago)
the problem is that hardly anyone includes probiotics in their diet. start converting milk to kefir and start getting healthy again
Undertaker 85 (1 year ago)
Jason Blaha is saying the truth! This fool is on steroids and should not be giving training advice to the natural lifters. Steroid use and abuse whether you like it or not most likely leads to abuse of other things in life drugs people etc. Get off the roids your on and train like you do and see who looks better. I'll put my money on Jason!
Barry Thacker (1 year ago)
We need meat and vegetables, the flip side of this topic, my brother a vegetarian aquired leaky gut,and got arthritis. His doctor told him to stop gluten and ingest meat grease the grease patched and healed the holes in his stomach he is back working.
Zim Gaming (1 year ago)
that is super interesting what kind of animal grease did he eat to heal? was he vegitarian or vegan?
Burl - (1 year ago)
2:40 best part
Shyho (1 year ago)
crum bum 37 (1 year ago)
been in lifting world 15 yrs and never heard of this. great info
Jeremy Metcalf (1 year ago)
I get diverticulitis. I was in the hospital for a week due to sepsis. Every time I eat a high meat diet I get diarrhea, belly pain and feel horrible. you need fruits vegetables, and grains. it's not seeds and nuts. it's meat. James is spot on. drink plenty of water during meals, and eat plant based protein!
Anthony Allen (1 year ago)
I've also had some weird Intestine problem which the dr. had no idea. idiots. I took a stomach acid test. by taking a TBLS of baking soda in water and drinking it then timing myself for 5 mins. if you don't start repeatedly burping within those 5 you have low stomach acid, so I've been supplementing with betaine hydrcoloric acid with pepsin and other digestive enzymes.that and organic apple.cider vinagear with "mother" .
KD35Collector (1 year ago)
Your right the organic apple.cider vinagear with "mother" .will clear that up u just need to take it everyday
WhatTheFucckk (1 year ago)
How come Arnold didn't had this huge gut?
Barry Thacker (1 year ago)
Mike Metzer also lean in the waist good looking examples, maybe they had good diets and did not take as much gear.
Big Hoss (1 year ago)
can't say enough say enough said it before how much I and people should appreciate the quality advice your a genuine good dude stand up guy!!! thanks
Pure and Vision (1 year ago)
so if eating lots of food in a short amount of time correlates to big tummy, would IF be bad for aesthetics in the long run ? if so, is there a way I can still IF without stretching my tummy, thanks .. also I don't agree that Jason doesn't know anything.. in my opinion 90% of ppl who have great bodies got it from skinny coaches etc and info given out by skinnies
whene u mention the name big Rich Piana, u better put some RESPECK on it.
Kris N (1 year ago)
blahino is still around... lol
bradleycontois (1 year ago)
you can try eating dried dates or prunes they have loads of fibre and taste great :D
bradleycontois (1 year ago)
i may cut that out cuz its kind a... mean. lol i fell outa my chair laughing at that xD
Materva 1974 (1 year ago)
My gut is from beer and french fries. I now this because I dont take any steroids or supplements, but I do drink a lot of beer and eat a lot of french fries.
Luis Baeta (1 year ago)
I am 5,7 that is 1,71m. We have guys today over 120kg, that means that a guy my height is as heavy as Arnold was at 1,87m
EcceSignumRex (1 year ago)
Jason has that one pic .... where he out-angled the camera .... once .... that's his entire YT-cred. ..
Håkan Rohdin (1 year ago)
Maybe it's just a Scandinavian thing, but almost every bodybuilder I have met or heard of (including national champions and those on the pro circuit) have had drug problems, from excessive use of painkillers to coke and other heavy substances. If not during the career then before or after.
christopher james (1 year ago)
Jason likes to make blanket statements. Tiny, how about bodybuilders inflating their arm size and other measurements? I know that very few guys have legit 20" arms as Arnold at his biggest had 19 5/8" arms cold as measured by Arthur Jones.
christopher james (1 year ago)
Wish I lived in an area like that.
ken buchanan (1 year ago)
steroids in this guy are way out of line for his health and blood pressure!!
Danny Eccles (1 year ago)
I'm really enjoying your videos fella. I love your approach to the use of performance enhancing drugs, and I really like all your advice. this video has helped massively. I'm just really starting to try and bulk up, I'm not very big at the mo at all, and I've noticed that my gut is starting get bigger. this has given some good tips to try and sort out. keep up the good videos chap.
Luis Baeta (1 year ago)
What people don't understand is that, not everyone that uses hard drugs turns unto a junkie. An analises of bank notes was done, 70% of them had traces of cocain. There are many people doing cocain, that doesn't mean they are junkies. It can become a weekly habit, hard to get rid of. The problem is people talking about things they do not know or understand.
Roy Hemion (1 year ago)
yeah....lots of nostrils too...lol...god only knows where else people slid rolled up bills to deposit some cocaine in....
Luis Baeta (1 year ago)
yeah! could be, but 9 out of 10 top value bank notes have traces of cocaine, that is a big % and a lot of notes
Roy Hemion (1 year ago)
maybe its becayse huge stashes of money are or were at some time stored inside cocaine stash houses or production facilities.
blkmustang007 (1 year ago)
Actually Blaha is an expert !... An expert on the art of BULLSHIT !
The68VeeDub (1 year ago)
Jason Blaha is the only person I know of that gives advice without having the body to back up his advice.
anonymous user (3 months ago)
Latin Lover only at professional level
Latin Lover (1 year ago)
+Adopted Hippo Anyone can make gains, even women can make gains, even my dog can make gains. What separates people who look good from others is bone structure, muscle shape, insertions, etc. If you have wide hips, narrow clavicles, a small bone structure, as many guys do, you were fucked before you even began. Can you build muscle and lose fat? Yes. Will you look better? Yes, but that doesn't mean you are going to look good. Meanwhile a guy who naturally has narrow hips, small waist, wide shoulders, long biceps, etc. He got lucky, all he has to do is gain muscle and lose fat and he will look great. Of course, the dumbass would probably assume his success is all from hard work and dedication and the reason the first guy in my analogy doesn't look as good as him, is because he is not as hard working, right? lmao
Adopted Hippo (1 year ago)
+Latin Lover Have you seen how Jason Blaha trains, pretty sure if he dropped the ego and just trained with a more balanced and varied lifting program he will look ten times better AND I SEE THIS PATTERNS with most people who accuse others of using steroid or blaming it on geneics ( no offence), they train only for specific movments and dont get enough variety and they end up magnifying the imbalance of symmetry they already have from the start. JAMES ddint get big with balanced proportions by accident. its malicious attention to details of his training and diet and years of scrutinizing his body to achieve the look he has now, of course everyone has a genetic strenth and weaknesses and some ppl can have freaky genetics, but im damn sure JASON Blaha and all the ppl who throw around the gentic card could do better, much better, if they started to pay attention to symmetry and train accordingly.
Latin Lover (1 year ago)
Adopted Hippo anyone can make gains, doesn't mean you're gonna look good let alone muscular
MegaProjectpat (1 year ago)
How did Arnold keep his stomach @ 28"? I also see a trend in a ton of body builders with bubble gut who are now losing it? "HeyElliot" suggested it was due too body builders not doing a negative cavitation exercise, similar to what girls do, that Arnold did regularly in his day but none of these YouTube guys even mention it. I focused on these negative cavitation exercises, unfortunately I was doing several other exercises as well but got great results. Thoughts?
jprp999 (1 year ago)
Arnold walked around at 210 between competitions and would gain 25-30 pounds through gear for a show - not a big guy, he had bubble muscles that made him look big, but there are plenty of pictures of him with big guys that absolutely dwarf him.
karl joseph (1 year ago)
pardon my mispelling
karl joseph (1 year ago)
A doctor who was in WW2 ! This was 8 years ago. Said something that always hit a chord with me. He was 2 miles over the action in a plane born in the 20s and practicing well into his 70s -so I can say his longevity is not questionable. The human heart does not differentiate between fat and muscle. That's why Lee Priest is always out of breath and Arnold has had heart attacks. Marines never are over 180 pounds I'm told. Anyway I'm not going to site pseudo medicine. Just what I see. Loads of Ks , including supplements that are hard to digest and GH plus the fewer doing the vacuums may also add to it.
Ej Passeos (1 year ago)
You're awesome and I love outside videos.
Jose Feliciano (1 year ago)
I was diagnosed with Diverticulosis after being hospitalized with high fever and bad abdominal pain and instead of following my doctors instructions about increasing my fiber intake, I continued with the same eating habits and found myself back in the hospital again. Now I have changed my diet to include lots and lots of fiber and I NOTICED a that my gut has become smaller and I feel so much better. I completely agree with what you are saying Brother and I hope more people watch this video because you makes sense. Thanks Joe. God Bless
google plus sucks (1 year ago)
ive got the opposite issue, 27 inch waist and not even that lean.. ever since highschool ive eaten a lot of protein, now i just use it to stay lean. and i was concerned of the effects of to much meat
billytheweasel (1 year ago)
I eat fiber to avoid forming diverticula that can get inflamed/infected. I eat a ton of beef... but also eat fermented food (sauerkraut), enzymes, probiotics, natto kinase. Not sure if anything's working, hard to tell.
erekllama (1 year ago)
billytheweasel - thanks for the reminder, I need to drink some kambucha...
Jason Shults (1 year ago)
Agreed. I've heard a lot of speculation about the gear possibly being at cause, particularly gh, but I've suspected it has everything to do with the massive amounts of food these guys eat for years, with a focus on the macros and little else. There are many problems that can occur in the gut from eating like that, and oral drugs also play a part, by changing the gut flora. I've never taken steroids, but I ended up having a permanent bloat to my gut. I found out through personal trial and error that the meds I'd been taking were partly at fault, but taking a good probiotic and eating a lot of probiotic foods, as well as removing certain foods from my diet altogether, changed things around for me. I am not a bodybuilder, and never have been. I have been interested in strength for over 3 decades though, and it has been a focus for me from my teens onward.
Anthony Coca (1 year ago)
Can you be on skype
Anthony Coca (1 year ago)
you look great. can you make a video flexing and bouncing your pecs
BroToPro (1 year ago)
beans are 20g of fiber a can
borlan100 (1 year ago)
I don't understand how anyone would listen to that pear shaped fat faggot jason blaha for weightlifting advice.
UnrealTournamentSERB (1 year ago)
make a video how to get rid of face fat
HelmetBlissta (1 year ago)
You seem short of breath?
charlie domingo (1 year ago)
Thanks James, awesome vid.  serious question.  It seems like you are out of breath always.  Is that so?  Just wondering if it's from holding so much size.
Thank you for this video.
Blues Brother (1 year ago)
Very balanced and IMO, informed opinion. As a Nurse and non-pro body builder ( which I am both) your logic seems to be a good theory. Many people as they get older began to have this large abdomen, even though they diet hard as body builders, older bodies don't snap back like younger one's. This includes joints and muscles, regardless if on anabolic assistance. Most Pro body builders experience larger abdomen's at some point, maybe it is a part of the aging person's fight. I am 42, I fight it as well.
BigC (1 year ago)
when I first found rich Piana I thought I had finally found someone legit as time went by I was more and more let down another casualty of fame. You my friend have given me hope that there are still honest amd real people out there don't ever change my friend (except your arm size)
St.Fiacre (1 year ago)
another thing you might want to try,is to eat a clove of garlic with your red meat.It will do two things simultaneously,it will kill the bacteria that develops when you have diverticulitis and it will stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more luetinizing hormone (testosterone) in your body.
invisibleman240 (1 year ago)
This sounds like good advice! Can you send a link of where you found this out?
Cardiel Orosco (1 year ago)
now I put two big ass scoops of Metamucil in my protein shake everyday
billytheweasel (1 year ago)
i may consider this as it's hard to get a lot of fiber in real food - which I always prefer.
Cardiel Orosco (1 year ago)
you're right about the diverticulitis I've been lifting since I was a kid not a competitive bodybuilder but just good heavy lifting and gained a lot of good size but at 32 I had to have surgery due to diverticulitis to all the red meat consumption
shaunsimpson2 (1 year ago)
Thanks for the advice
deadboy600 (1 year ago)
This guy has yet to say anything I disagree with. The Blaha comments are the absolute best on youtube.......absolutely fuckin hysterical!! lol
Clayton Jones (1 year ago)
You are great tell it how it is
Shadow Heart (2 years ago)
can someone spell ... that condidtion? tuberculus what tis? ... i have this gutt that doesnt seem like it wants to go anywwhere
billytheweasel (1 year ago)
maggot1234 (1 year ago)
its called HGH gut, the author of the video just pronounced it wrongly
DLM (1 year ago)
Is it a "GUT" that clearly shows muscularity?? Like a bloated 6 pack?? Or just another fat guy that can't understand the simple concepts of TRT and EAT LESS MOVE MORE?? I understand these concepts, 47 years old, 32in waist, 48 shoulders and 5'10@220. Of course I've been an athlete since I was 14 though .... Not bragging, just saying, it is possible to rival men half your age with the proper knowledge.... No insult intended, I just come across a lil brash. One of my many flaws
Ian B (2 years ago)
Show us your abs
FamilyGamingTube (2 years ago)
Thanks bro. Info is most definitely an eye opener.
Patrick Bateman (2 years ago)
I think there are several variables involved
Yahya Raz (2 years ago)
good info thank you!
Hunting Wolf (2 years ago)
I guess the most "famous" guy I know that had diverticulitis was Brock Lesnar. I really feel that lost him at least one UFC fight back in the day.
IronMover Always (2 years ago)
Great info JTV !
Illegal State (2 years ago)
Hgh makes every tissue in your body grow. Including your intestines. That's why a lot of big bodybuilders have a belly. I read the titles of your videos and go straight to the comments without watching the video because this shit is old news.
Tyler Cooper (2 years ago)
Is your right shoulder bigger than your left or is it just the lighting? Jw. Love your videos, new subscriber! (:
misterwillguitar (2 years ago)
Hey sir - I had diverticulitis around the same time as Brock Lesnar - mine caused a fistula between bladder and intestine - they had to remove some of it and I had a big deal of recovery time. Not a bodybuilder per se, but they tested me many times for steroids (the doc's didnt believe me, apparently its a common side effect). I havent had to change any nutrition since however......
misterwillguitar (2 years ago)
sorry if I seemed a bit dismissive of the "get the fibre" message - I didnt mean to be - its totally right, most of my fibre came from vegetables - and I was already eating pretty well (40-40-20 pr-carb-fat) hence me saying no need to change after surgery.
Dan S. (2 years ago)
lol at blaha. I've suspected he has klinefelter syndrome, 47xxy (extra female chromosome), which explains so much
Dan S. (2 years ago)
paused, I knew it was the food! knew it. i agree
Dan S. (2 years ago)
I work in methadone maintenance, some patients suffer chronic constipation and have same distended gut
wow,glad I watched this.With all the crazy bullshit out there I love hearing someone who really seems to know what he's talking about.
dobuto23 (2 years ago)
WORST PAIN in the world. Had to have some of my colon removed due to a perforation forming,. The colon actually attached to my abdominal wall to stop leakage (body does some amazing and weird things). The infection will also spread throughout your body causing fevers and damaging your other organs. You can also have the infection and not feel pain every time. I spent 2 years feeling like I was dizzy or buzzed many days of the month. I actually thought I had an exhaust leak on my work vehicle causing it. You definitely want WAY more than 30 grams of fiber a day, more like 50 PLUS grams
LordDeathspit (2 years ago)
What happened to your friend is exactly Brock Lesnar even down to refusing the bag. Being a wrestler and fighter Brock ignored the pain until his intestines burst.
SAMSON12321 (2 years ago)
One of the absolutely BEST remedies for GUT HEALTH is eating SAUERKRAUT. Yes, that lowly condiment usually relegated to Hot Dogs and Bratwurst is actually a MIRACLE product for your DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. Sauerkraut has LOTS of PROBIOTICS in it and is the engine for the proper digestion of food, especially meat. As James said, some of these BBers are consuming WAAAAAY too much meat and meat is difficult for the body to break down quickly or easily. It needs a helper and that is where Sauerkraut enters the picture. If you are going to be on one of these MEAT/PROTEIN heavy diets you must prepare your Digestive system to handle that. It is best to use the Sauerkraut that is homemade, so if you live near a GERMAN or RUSSIAN community check to see if they have stores that make Sauerkraut and buy some. On your own you can make Sauerkraut very easily it only involves about two Cabbage heads, some salt and Distilled water and that is it. The Cabbage is chopped up. It is pounded a bit with a mallet to break the skin of the tough Cabbage and added to a two gallon or so container, add about four to five teaspoons of salt to the container, a gallon of Distilled water and your done. You only now have to wait about a month and a half for it to FERMENT into Sauerkraut. While you are waiting go to some store in a German/Russian neighborhood that sells it fresh and use that until your own fermentation process completes. Eat the Sauerkraut in the morning before your eat anything or even brush your teeth. You can drink only the liquid if you want...Have about a shot glass or two of the liquid and/or consume about two fork fulls of the actual Sauerkraut. Drink about 8 ounces of Distilled water right after and DON'T eat for about a half and hour to and hour afterward. This gives the probiotics in the Kraut a chance to set up shop in your intestines/colon. To further help in your meat breakdown/digestion, make sure you have the equivalent of a shot glass of Apple Cider Vinegar after every good size meal. The acid of the vinegar promotes the pancreas to produce digestive enzymes that breakdown the protein into Amino Acids and makes assimilation into your body much easier. Do these two things and I am sure you will avoid much of the digestive troubles encountered by those who just eat without regard.
billytheweasel (1 year ago)
+Big Guns You should check it out Big Guns. There's a whole new world in that subject and the medical industry is clueless. Your immune system is due to gut health, for example. Not developing issues is the key. I don't have issues either and don't want any.
SAMSON12321 (1 year ago)
+Big Guns Veggies do not have probiotics in them. That can only be derived from FERMENTED FOODS and many foods can be fermented. I hope you are still eating the Sauerkraut? If you had a bad reaction it is as i said a sign your gut bacteria is way out of balance and that is not good. That will result in half digested foods, food essentially putrefying in your intestines as opposed to being DIGESTED and assimilated into your body. Also 80 percent of your IMMUNE SYSTEM is in your gut, so you want your INTESTINAL FLORA as strong as possible to avoid infections and digestive issues.... Take it seriously
SAMSON12321 (1 year ago)
+Big Guns The only time  person will have a reaction is if their GUT FLORA is really out of balance. They may experience some gas but no diarrhea for a couple of days and then it's over. You can eat sauerkraut until your eyes bleed and you will never have a intestinal issue....as a matter of fact you will be all the better for it. But since it takes a month and a half to make it, I would suggest either making a lot of it each time if your really like indulging in it, or eating only the minimum amount (a shot glass or two of the liquid or a few fork fulls) for the greatest benefit. No need wasting the product. BTW... Sauerkraut will last pretty much forever in teh fridge, so no need worrying about spoilage or expiration.
billytheweasel (1 year ago)
Fermented food for the win
franco (2 years ago)
Yep. sauerkraut is the shit. One of the best foods you can eat.
TheBodyOfChrist (2 years ago)
Or you could eat beans. They are high in protein and fiber
billytheweasel (1 year ago)
Some don't react well to legumes & nuts but there's no evidence I see that says they're a cause of diverticula developing.
TheBodyOfChrist (1 year ago)
+nattybro true, thats what i do. im getting 200 grams of protein plus a day. way over my needs. easily.
DeeBoFoSho (2 years ago)
You remind me of Brian Shaw. You're in better shape though.
DeeBoFoSho (2 years ago)
Why do you think he has high estrogen?
hourglass figure ahahahahahahaahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah man you should be little more mean :)
generalsoul1 (2 years ago)
Well this could all be true but my brother didn't get the gut until after his 5th hgh cycle.
Patrick bennett` (2 years ago)
o and the drug thing, so weed will absolutely help with the gains, helps u eat and sleep like twice as much and even make more insulin. now, if it makes u lazy then no, but holy fuck if ur a seasoned smoker god dam u can bulk up on weed. most people dont understand that and most pot heads dont like to lift weights, wtf people. smoke sativa strands which arent sleepy as fuck and then try an indica for night time. just was leavin u a comment on that one cause u mentioned u hadnt seen drug people in bodybuilding. matter of fact medical marijuana can help with the aches and pains too. i had a short leg, just an eighth inch but it dislocates my pelvis and i workout like that anyway, fuck the pain. wearing a shoelift these days tho. ahhhhh :)
Patrick bennett` (2 years ago)
i can see u burn off all the extra energy and stress n stuff in the gym cause ur super calm on ur video, thats how i feel if i work out alot, otherwise im like wired up and intense.
David Argento (2 years ago)
I try and get at least 100 grams of fiber 3 days of the week and 40 grams on other days.  The Metamucel is the best I agree. I/m 43 and I just don't digest like I did in my 20's.
David Argento (2 years ago)
Yep Carb loading and packing in the food.
JIMMY.J REVIEWS (2 years ago)
BIG LENNY , RICH PIANA ....DO YOU HEAR THIS? ...lol good job Mr the the tiny vest!!! .....LMFAO hourglass figure .... Fucking awesome man !!!!! XD...I'am GLAD YOU LEFT THAT IN!!! it made my DAY!!!
Pepin The Short (2 years ago)
This is all i can think of when i see Lenny .He was saying something about having heart issues recently in a video i think . dude is going to strain hard for a shite some day, and drop dead with 50lbs of compacted feces in his gut.
John Thomas (2 years ago)
Noob here. I was under the impression that HGH created big guts. Is this incorrect?
Roy Hemion (1 year ago)
boxxer221 are u a real boxer? serious question...no wisecracks intended....
boxxer221 (1 year ago)
+Roy Hemion boring, blocked.
Roy Hemion (1 year ago)
boxxer221 open a bit wider....I JUST might be able to squeeze it in....and the fact you have no teeth will make it easier.....but be careful....people been known to choke on it...if you need advice about how to handle it....you're mom can help....oh....don't let your fiance know....last time, her and your mom....(my nickname for her is GUN because she loves getting cocked and and can take loads of shot) were here they argued over who got to "clean up" .....so I made sure I loaded them both up....they cleaned each other, out.
boxxer221 (1 year ago)
+Roy Hemion yawn.
Roy Hemion (1 year ago)
boxxer221 I don't need to try harder...are you just repeating what you're boyfriend whispers in you're ear because you can't get it up? "Pathetic....try HARDER"....yeah...you definitely repeat what you hear....damn parrot.
Jody (2 years ago)
Bro.. great info!!
Matthew Secord (2 years ago)
Wow I think you may have saved my life - thank you for the info.
Death Kramp (2 years ago)
You're going on the Blaha FBI list kid.
ND840 (1 year ago)
It Langleying
Efillisto (2 years ago)
Does use of GH make the gut worse or has it no noticable effect in ur opinion... adn did u ever use gh to get this big or was a basic test dose all u needed ?
Efillisto (2 years ago)
basically the more food volume u eat, the more fibre u should eat aka veggies and i like chinese stir fry, which is easyli digestable .....
Efillisto (2 years ago)
damn, this gut disease might be one of the causes of Big fuckin Lenny's Tom Platz Abs
Efillisto (1 year ago)
+Marky Mark i still suspect of a alien impregantion fetus livin in that massive gut-thing..... Lenny is the Mother of the future alien overlords
Expert Analysis (1 year ago)
Of course that's why Lenny looks preggo, his intestines grew from years of gear/gh and eating so much.....
Efillisto (1 year ago)
+invisibleman240 it was on instagram pics.... it was sick.... and i cant restore that dudes message which si fuckin weird. utube is becoming PC like twatter.... even mentioning tranies can get u baned
invisibleman240 (1 year ago)
What video?! XD
Corrider 11 (2 years ago)
did you see Jason with legit trannys that was hilarious
TheGangsterflavor (2 years ago)
thanks for the consistent videos James! your the man
Wolfgang Rittner (2 years ago)
Thank you for the warning and truth!.
Darren Lester (2 years ago)
Thank you for the warning about Jason Blaha.... I used to take a lot of his advice but after hearing this I will definitely be unsubscribing from his channel. Great video.
EcceSignumRex (1 year ago)
+billytheweasel you're right it's the person that's useless - not the support - the support works as a ''field'' ..
billytheweasel (1 year ago)
+EcceSignumRex except not without mindfulness, that
EcceSignumRex (1 year ago)
+billytheweasel mindless support is and has always been useless - it's the only reason to be on the internet ... to study it .... i've even gotten some books out of it!  cheers -
billytheweasel (1 year ago)
+EcceSignumRex the withdrawal of support is not without warrant, therefore not mindless.
EcceSignumRex (1 year ago)
Believe it or not .... most people don't care for mindless ''support'' - when, it's obvious you're just looking for things/people to reject ...

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