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How a U.S. Nuclear Strike Actually Works

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What would happen if the president of the United States wanted to launch a nuclear weapon? Here are the steps the commander-in-chief would need to take. ---------- Like this video? Subscribe to Bloomberg on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Bloomberg?sub_confirmation=1 Bloomberg is the First Word in business news, delivering breaking news & analysis, up-to-the-minute market data, features, profiles and more: http://www.bloomberg.com Connect with us on... Twitter: https://twitter.com/business Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bloombergbusiness Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bloombergbusiness/
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Text Comments (1694)
Jacques LeDisco (7 hours ago)
The program, Bravo Romeo Delta, from Frankenstein Software, simulated a limited nuclear war.
Robsay01 (9 hours ago)
Hope I’m at a ground zero if this ever was to occur. I don’t wanna be around after.
Silent Night (23 hours ago)
Thanks for the info yours truly North Korea
Dick Trash (1 day ago)
I find it amusing how you assclowns decided to publish this when Trump was president.
purikov (1 day ago)
Every retard screaming "trump will start a nuclear war" in the past should be shown this. Presidents have little power without agreement from the rest of the government
PANDORY Games (1 day ago)
Missile launch is a mistake did you send a counter missile to the mistake missile and blow it up
Blue-lives-matter (2 days ago)
All a hoax if nukes where real and the world's greatest weapon y not keep its existence a complete secret
ein verdutzter Herr (2 days ago)
We are all doomed
Raymond Zhao (2 days ago)
*Trump:“Wait, I want to launch the missile through Twitter”*
Ronnie Buchanan (2 days ago)
the president cant decides to launch nukes. only the Congress can.
michael suchinski (3 days ago)
news flash, there are no silos anymore, so much for checking your facts bloomburg
Shaboi_Mike (2 days ago)
michael suchinski dumbass there are silos. North Dakota, Montana all have Minuteman silos
Emiya Kiritsugu (3 days ago)
"Once it fires,the missile cannot be called back" But but you can disarmed it in the War Room, i learned it from Captain Price in COD4 :D
Paul Randig (3 days ago)
So many safety steps. Still, no step to make sure that the president is mentally fit to make such a decision.
Carlos Trani (3 days ago)
So...... no self destruct code Incase it’s a false alarm?
d e austin (4 days ago)
wouldn't launching nuclear missiles be a pretty clear indication of insanity to begin with, and therefore an illegal order which the military would have no obligation to obey? I suppose that would be a twenty year legal battle, but at least we'd be alive to fight it (I hope it's something like, "launch those missiles, or you're fired too, private.")
alex droogy (4 days ago)
All you have to do is ask Joe Biden who has the code (and he will tell you. he loves telling everyone.) and VOILA' !
D Wall (4 days ago)
Nice of you to lay out the process so enemies can figure out how to derail it!
J3d (8 hours ago)
This has been public knowledge for decades.
TheJcrist (5 days ago)
Once it fires there is no point in anything. Whoever presses the button is committing suicide in planetary scale.
Christian Kidzspeed (5 days ago)
It is like guys arguing over their penis.
obsolete professor (5 days ago)
OPE (Purity of Essence) or POE (Peace on Earth) is the recall code.
studinthemaking (5 days ago)
And cock roaches party late into the night.
Tony Soprano (6 days ago)
Time to hack these little caveman systems
Veega Veega (6 days ago)
So practically if anyone wants to crack the real launch codes, He should be physically on the submarine itself. It is not such a easy thing like in movies.
Patrick Kenyon (6 days ago)
And land based silos are not connected to the internet. So to "hack" those codes, you have to fight your way into the base itself.
jeffg24LT21 (7 days ago)
Y'all done being paranoid af??? LOL
Gunshinzero (8 days ago)
Man imagine how scary it would be to get a call like that when you're the guy who launches the missiles. Especially if it's a preemptive strike cause you know it's a game changer.
Dudley (9 days ago)
Trump should be able to tweet commands directly to missiles.
Satria Murti (10 days ago)
".... Cannot be called back" you mean suicide?
Butt Munch (10 days ago)
He won’t do it no balls
Nicholas Ennos (11 days ago)
It is scientifically proven that nuclear bombs are fake. Phillippe Hubert's test for the age of wine showed there was no caesium 137 in the atmosphere before the first nuclear power station accident at Chalk River in 1952. So all nuclear weapons before this date were fake. No doubt all nuclear weapons after this date are fake too
Nicholas Ennos (1 day ago)
Cesium is spelt caesium in the UK where I live.
Nicholas Ennos (1 day ago)
Google flyer vin4 gb and there is a precis of the scientific paper of Phillippe Hubert. The graph shows no caesium 137 before 1952. It also states categorically that if a wine contains caesium 137 it was not made before 1952.
Nicholas Ennos (1 day ago)
All of what you say is disproved by the simple fact there was no caesium 137 in the atmosphere before 1952. Everyone agrees the so called nuclear bombs should emit large amounts of caesium 137. So the absence of this element before 1952 proves nuclear bombs are fake.
thomas lewandowski (1 day ago)
One more thing, so the two cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki really wern't destroyed my Nuclear weapons? The people who died from radiation exposure really did not die? The USSR, China, France, Great Britain, India, Pakistan, North Korea and Israel all lied about developing nuclear weapons? Oh and all the physics I took in college that proves that nuclear weapons can and were developed are bullshit?? Oh Man you have issues..
Nzan Thung (12 days ago)
Just imagine looking out from your window and you can see the tasar bomba coming towards your area...what would you do?. For me I'm just gonna stay there and wait...cuz there is nothing you could do about it...
Andrew Patrick (12 days ago)
Any nuclear strike will result in the death of the Earth.
Lyn Shilen (12 days ago)
the air will b to toxic for most life forms but 1.. one life form will remain unharmed in the middel of hell anyone still alive under ground will have no idea whats out side and it knows wear the bomb shelters all r i would rather b dead thank u very much
Joshua Knott (12 days ago)
Mike100 (12 days ago)
For a second strike it makes sense to rush through the command chain within 3 minutes to the point of no return. For a first strike this procedure seems to be pure madness.
Ken Su (13 days ago)
Jeff (13 days ago)
Ronak Sharma (14 days ago)
It sounds like you have done this before
blakr21 kol (14 days ago)
i love my president!!
colonel 100 (15 days ago)
No such thing as an abort button
JijitzueHD , (15 days ago)
Low key scary when your country and other countries have bombs capable of decimating a city
DrBobaliscious (16 days ago)
Where do you guys get some of this stuff from (0000)? The Minuteman code insert thumbwheel setting was ALWAYS Papa Sevens=P7P7P7.
Ya Boy Pigz (17 days ago)
wait a minute isnt this a movie
TS175 (17 days ago)
we all gonna die...thank goodness.
zerpBot (17 days ago)
What if the president is an idiot and says "Catherine Zeta"
Seems like it would be easier if we just made it an app on our smartphones.
Aiden DeMarsey (18 days ago)
I’m pretty sure the public isn’t supposed to have this information.
Patrick Kenyon (6 days ago)
Don't worry, it changes.
Clemens Cave (18 days ago)
"My button is bigger and IT WORKS" President of the United States everyone..
Annie Möff (19 days ago)
You forgot to mention that the presidential order has to meet certain criterias, otherwise it will just be ignored
NZHALKO2 (19 days ago)
so the whole world depends on this stupid fuck? omg
Kai West (20 days ago)
Speaking about ICBM. I once had one, it was a PHP based 0day for CF lol.
David Smith (20 days ago)
It may not be able to be called back but it does have a self destruct
TJ (21 days ago)
no need, trump is in putins pocket.
motch (23 days ago)
nuclear war is totally possible under that maniac trump's admin. im worried
Stryker 101 (23 days ago)
So the mission Impossible 4 scene where a fired warhead is stopped is false
Joshua Chavez (25 days ago)
our nuclear button is bigger. N. Korea shouldn't mess around.
jaime74128 (26 days ago)
Question: Can a Crazy Submarine officer launch a ICBM?
Patrick Kenyon (6 days ago)
It takes 2 to turn the keys. And the whole rest of the crew will be fighting to stop the 2.
Sound of Silence (27 days ago)
Once a soviet submarine crew refused to lunch a nuclear strike to usa pacific back in the Cold War, some corrupt kgb agents tried to nuke USA from pacific so they will blame China, search it it’s very interested how a small crew saved the entire planet...heroes
Nestor Pelayo (29 days ago)
I honestly feel like if we beef up our nuclear arsenal instead of sending soldiers, we'd significantly decrease the chances of going to war because no one wants to get vaporized.
Zane Shute (24 days ago)
nice, you figured out nuclear deterrence
KevTheCreerian Playz (30 days ago)
HopeFully Theyre Pet Dosent Touch That Button *NUCLEAR BUTTON*
Watch Dogz (30 days ago)
Fuck Imperialist American Bastards!!!!
Christoffer Andersson (30 days ago)
What happened to the nuclear football?
moist faucet (1 month ago)
I thought the US president can launch by telling everybody in the whatsap group.
Jebus Kist (1 month ago)
Nice to know that I can order fast food at a faster rate than a president ordering a launch of an ICBM Nuclear Warhead.
dice1331 (1 month ago)
So.. there's no fail safe? Like a self destruct on the missiles? lol
Cruzman06 (1 month ago)
that's intense.
sweiland75 (1 month ago)
Just passing through to give this a thumbs down.
Zane Shute (29 days ago)
Christopher Lee (1 month ago)
I wonder if the code is in deepweb or marianas web hmmm
Brezzy Bradley (1 month ago)
Sooooo what if a nuke was heading towards us already and it takes all this time to just launch a missed we would be dead by then.
Patrick Kenyon (6 days ago)
That's why the silos are hardened.
svenmega10022 (1 month ago)
Holy smokes! You mean nukes could be launched in just 5 to 15 minutes?
Dallas Baker (1 month ago)
I can't believe you people gave this moron the codes.
Politic Artisan (1 month ago)
Anti-American propaganda...
Here's Johnny (1 month ago)
I thought nukes had a self destruct function? Or is that just me watching too many movies😂😂
HaloModder555 (1 month ago)
The SecDef has to concur with the President. It must follow the procedures listed in the Football. There is a booklet outlining various types and levels of strategic strikes and retaliations, escalation protocols. The President cannot get drunk one day and decide to nuke China.
John Richard (1 month ago)
People didn’t seem to realize that Obama’s really crippled our military those dems are so corrupted
AmericanPatriot2011 (1 month ago)
Can they target the DNC HQ?
Dankest Eevee (1 month ago)
Wait I'm confused i thought nuclear submarines needed both the commander and the one under him to agree and have keys for it is my life a lie?
Patrick Kenyon (6 days ago)
It takes 2 to tango.
sweetasflip (1 month ago)
I believe today, the president and it’s chain of command can do all of these sequences on an app. It’s much quicker providing trump won’t tweet about launching it before ordering the actual launch
Tru S Armor (1 month ago)
why the Deputy Director and nt the Director of Operations ?
Preet Singh (1 month ago)
No mouse will ever invent a mouse trap for itself but we humans have and are proud of it
Tasty_ Burger12 (1 month ago)
There should always be abort codes
Bodhi (1 month ago)
Scary stuff. I cannot believe congress is not consulted in this.
Leonardo Goulart (1 month ago)
Bullshit. If the US strikes first, there's no reason to decide it in 5 minutes. An US first strike would be carefully planned throughout months, maybe years, and done when least expected by the enemy, targeting the enemy's missile platforms to minimize the retaliation. The scenario where an US launch has to be decided in less than 5 minutes is if the enemy launchs first. For this scenario, they have pre-planned defense/retaliation protocols and the decision to start one of these protocols has to be done by pre-authorized people on full time 24-7 shifts. Obviously the retaliation doesn't need to be confirmed by the president because he may be sleeping or taking a bath, and they have to decide it withing the timeframe from launch to detonation, which should be about 20 minutes, so every seconds counts. Plus, it makes no sense to ask the president: "we just detected an enemy nuclear launch, should we strike back?" If the president trusts these people to detect enemy attacks, he will obviously answer "yes", so the people on full time shifts are pre-authorized to retaliate in this scenario.
Darryl Hetherington (1 month ago)
Russia's 'dead man' system ensures they keep launching on 'Auto' so the USA is ashes.....Don't be fooled into believing they don't have the capability. Peace is an option Americans and friends forget....From 1965 - 2015 more Americans have been killed by Americans that by all the enemies in ALL the wars of America's history...Including the Civil War..So the government sends kids overseas to die fighting 'terrorism'...The terror is within
RAMMSTONE (1 month ago)
It blows me away how much America spends on their military. I would have stopped spending when we could have destroyed the earth 10 times over.
Adrian Andrade (1 month ago)
And that’s how you reach your 25 killstreak
Michael Gwisdala (1 month ago)
I am about ready to do this in Making History: The Second World war game on Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. The date: April 15, 1935
Angelo C (1 month ago)
Eric Smith (1 month ago)
Right off the bat in the first 30 seconds you got it all wrong if a surprise attack happens the president may have less than 5 minutes to make a decision he's not going to sit around a table get everybody Starbucks and ask for opinions he's just going to retaliate.
Eric Smith (1 month ago)
So Trump said his was bigger huh sounds like a pecker contest to me laugh out loud.
EMP TiBeR (1 month ago)
Within the first five second ill have killed 50 people just saying. Fallout !!!2018!!!!
dat yeet boi (1 month ago)
Djt and kju are like ksi and logan paul and by the looks of it, trump is too childish and reminds me of Logan paul
Ullas (1 month ago)
Presidents before Trump orders: push the button. Trump orders: grab the Pu@%y
David G (1 month ago)
John Bolton's wet dream!!!! That slime bag loves war!!!!
Flavio (1 month ago)
those damn nuclear weaponized submarines that gives me the chills!! They are stealthly sneaked around the globe and can stealthly launch a missile and keep hiding or change position!! For all i known, it is possible that there is one of those stationed here in our cost, right under our noses!!
chung chan (1 month ago)
that sounds fun
David Plantiko (1 month ago)
Trump's secret code: "1234567890".
Kerlem (1 month ago)
In the LGM-30 missile silos: "Skybird, this is Dropkick with a red dash alpha message in two parts. Break. Break. Stand by to verify; Red Dash Alpha: Sierra - Hotel - India - Tango - Yankee - Oscar - Uniform - Romeo - Papa - Alpha - November - Tango - Sierra."
Jeff Cockmann (1 month ago)
im sure the military and the president would be allowed to launch a nuke even faster if its a retaliatory strike, i think they can launch immediatly if that is the case.
tubescorpion (1 month ago)
What is your source for that information?
Yosh Monster (1 month ago)
Even though that's probably not how it completely works.
DictatorSayers (1 month ago)
All you need is a red headed patriot to shout over the walkie-talkie, The Iron Giant taught me this

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