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Justin Bieber - Baby ft. Ludacris

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Music video by Justin Bieber performing Baby feat. Ludacris. #VEVOCertified on April 25, 2010. http://www.youtube.com/vevocertified
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Text Comments (5173315)
Konrad Sławek (32 seconds ago)
Diesel like
Konrad Sławek (10 seconds ago)
Dies lime
Kendesh MV (1 minute ago)
I love this song. It's dedicated my first love ... A.
퓨링 (1 minute ago)
Nicolas Cheuquehuala (5 minutes ago)
Bulbul Prasad (6 minutes ago)
i like this song justice biber is my favourit
Blue Slime (14 minutes ago)
Nice Video (17 minutes ago)
Don't know why I clicked
Isabel Huella (19 minutes ago)
Bech fakiu
Mmer 1 (21 minutes ago)
Kuulostat tytölt
kezia claudia (22 minutes ago)
Dislikenya buanyak
GTA 4LIFE (26 minutes ago)
Try to play back the song
Ishan Saleem (27 minutes ago)
You will never win
Donald Trump (31 minutes ago)
Illegal song.
VerZi (32 minutes ago)
2018? Finally came here after 8 years
Unout User (32 minutes ago)
Disslike. 👎👎👎👎👎
Ishan Saleem (33 minutes ago)
Listen the Justin bieber backward lyrics the guy is really in the illuminate
Lakshya Tandon (34 minutes ago)
the song sucked
Mitrajsinh Solanki (35 minutes ago)
I love this song 😘
Hi Deez Nuts (36 minutes ago)
Anyone realise this video now has more likes than dislikes?
CallowayGaming (39 minutes ago)
Can my comment get 9.3 million likes???
chirag makvana (42 minutes ago)
Nice song
Leo kun (42 minutes ago)
Sincerely Justin is an imbecile, arrogant, idiot in those words in spit and floor the flag of Argentina the cent but is an imbecile has nothing at all goodbye uff
Hương cookies (44 minutes ago)
Kenny Is Gamer (47 minutes ago)
9.2 millón dislikes fuck
Ly Study (54 minutes ago)
Danilo Perisic (1 hour ago)
Join the dislike community now! Dislike immediately 😉
Przemsonekk (43 minutes ago)
Yeah Boii!
Anonymous Team!! (1 hour ago)
Damn 9.2M Dislikes and 9,3M likes
Marcos Sanchez (1 hour ago)
What up
ملك الموت (1 hour ago)
😂😮👎9.2 Molin
Suman Verma (1 hour ago)
CTM xdd recién me di cuenta que aparece Drake en esta wea xdd kdkdbab las weas que hace uno a las 3 de la mñn xdd
Laaroussi Touile (1 hour ago)
Never liked JB but this song is weirdly good.
Leo King (1 hour ago)
2018❤️...Still rocking 💪
shuvo das (1 hour ago)
Monkey Man (1 hour ago)
9.3M Likes, 9.2M Dislikes?! 😨 Wow...Wow...Wow...Wow...! Im gone WTF baby! 😂
انا احب جاستن بيبر لاكن اكره اقترابه من النساء
Daxua Champion (1 hour ago)
Justin is you a girl ?
Debasish Saha (1 hour ago)
no name (1 hour ago)
O M F G.....9,2 M dislikesss whattt
unicorn friends (1 hour ago)
i love you 😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💖💟
Wayalat Nonis (1 hour ago)
I love your song
Anfielo el-troyano (1 hour ago)
csmr 9.2M dislike y 9.3M like, y siempre creí q la q cantaba era mujer.
Sharif Al Muktadi (1 hour ago)
niny asyfi83 (1 hour ago)
Что самое говно на планетке? Правильно - этот клип)))
나이스호연타임 (1 hour ago)
조회수 실화????
Chris the savage (1 hour ago)
Roses are red violets are blue get Justin Bieber out of that tune
Euphoria (1 hour ago)
Ya no es un bebé y me duele aceptarlo 😭😭😭😭😭
Thùy Trang Nguyễn (1 hour ago)
9,2M dislike :V
Its Kyra (1 hour ago)
Cringe is real
shino Joy (1 hour ago)
Tunahan Etiğ1 (1 hour ago)
1 tane bile yorumlarda türk bulamadım aq
Rakesh mishra (1 hour ago)
I am waiting for your reply and we'll all is well to my last I am just waiting for your reply I am waiting and will it and keep
BenjaminGH06 (1 hour ago)
Suscribanse para que llege a los 50m aber k pasa xd
Samantha Acosta (1 hour ago)
Damn it’s a million away from more dislikes than likes. What is there to hate about the video??? I loved it
Samantha Acosta (1 hour ago)
supriya sunar (2 hours ago)
I love you 😜 👋
Sora Plays (2 hours ago)
Time to sell my soul to Satan
imcashmoney hunny (2 hours ago)
Bixxed (2 hours ago)
I mean who likes a 13 year old flirting?
Arshan Ahmad Qaiser (2 hours ago)
ياذااا فيه عربي دس لايك بليز
Luis Pereyra (2 hours ago)
Pinche Justino esta era musica que gustaba no la Miarda de ahora
Fantastic Death (2 hours ago)
Con esta cancion debuto este men? Que mierda! Escuchaba mi hermosa musica y me aparecio esta mierda!... Pero no esta mal el "baby" xDD...
Ally The Bunny (2 hours ago)
🐰 oh my gosh
stranger girl (2 hours ago)
2018? Come on im not alone❤
Neil Casinio (2 hours ago)
Thu 1:45pm July 19, 2018 Philippines
Rabbi Imon (2 hours ago)
Yuo to good
Soleil Sophie Zerafa (2 hours ago)
Hi tomorrow is my birthday 8
Aabid Khan (2 hours ago)
19 July 2018
Utku Çölkuşu (2 hours ago)
9m2 dislike 9m3 like 5.1m chatt
ᐯegeta Blยe (2 hours ago)
I. Love this song 8 years laters... We too ?
Tharak Dhoni (2 hours ago)
ᐯegeta Blยe (2 hours ago)
Drake at 1:14 :0
ᐯegeta Blยe (2 hours ago)
July 2018??
HGA (2 hours ago)
Is he a girl
Subscriber challenge (2 hours ago)
Wow Justin changed
Sparkle.gymnast 12 (2 hours ago)
I remember when this song came out, I was 4 at the time, and my older sister would always listen to it and I would just stand there covering my ears like *”WhAt Is THis ! mY gOD”* and now 8 years later I’m 12, and my sis is 23, I’m listening to Drake and my sis is probably covering her ears if she were here with me and not in California 😂😂🤷‍♀️
The Big Dog (2 hours ago)
I think
plo re (2 hours ago)
Prathibha Alluri (2 hours ago)
Can any one make it eqal??? I mean likes and dislikes
Bhaban Mohanty (2 hours ago)
Nearly same likes and dislikes
Bhaban Mohanty (2 hours ago)
Anybody in july 19 2018
The Wanna Be Dinkster (2 hours ago)
All warfare is based on deception
Cool Beans (3 hours ago)
Ok I’m seriously disappointed in the Internet right now. What has the human race come to? We’ve become so twisted that this video has more likes than dislikes. *shudders*
nguyen long (3 hours ago)
2018 who are listen?
GINILOX208 (3 hours ago)
It song suck
GINILOX208 (3 hours ago)
WonderAffect (3 hours ago)
umm i still hate this song hate is a strong word but this video made me use it XD
ipan Panjaitan (3 hours ago)
enak suaranya
Nadia Fernández (3 hours ago)
Daniel Bliffin (3 hours ago)
This song is crappy
ThisGurlDari (3 hours ago)
To me he sounds the same
ThisGurlDari (3 hours ago)
He was actually kinda cute
Still know all the lyrics (2018)
Killer Kumstar (3 hours ago)
Original Precursor (3 hours ago)
First time I heard this I thought it was a lesbian singer, singing to her girlfriend.
della agustia jeni (3 hours ago)
Amazing is music 💖👍
YOZR Pro1 (3 hours ago)
YeEz y (3 hours ago)
Oh I forgot to clear my search history while watching this video I’ll do it now 👍

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