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BS Aside, How Much Protein Do We Need?

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I apologize if I am not doing the greatest job of explaining what I am hoping to get across here. Various points to consider include that an additional 50 grams of protein consumption correlates to a 200 calorie increase. Also, source of the protein, digestibility, and even more factors come into play. I mention here the amount of protein I can consume daily without any seeming reduction in muscle mass - that number then is lower than what I find I require to gain additional muscle. In short, I am looking at .5 to .75 grams of protein per pound of body weight to maintain muscle mass and 1.25 to 1.5 grams per pound of bodyweight to "gain" ,muscle mass. One could argue that an increase or decrease in body fat percentages would impact these numbers, but as muscle mass increases, percentage of body fat axiomatically decreases where no additional body fat is gained. This is all best left simplified, IMO, hence, these are my generalized numbers I apply.
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S.H Lyrics (3 months ago)
If u eat as much protein as a big man your going to become that big man simple
Tommy Pellegrino (3 months ago)
best protien source?
Marius Buciuman (5 months ago)
Teach away teacher
Robert Lillyblad (7 months ago)
I'm 5'10" 190. Time to turn it up to 300grams lul
roderick jones (10 months ago)
And kidneys?
Michael Trinidad (5 months ago)
If you keep it plant-based protein and drink plenty of water you shouldn't have an issue
Nick Richards (5 months ago)
Look up John Meadows video on kidneys.
I must rule the football field #NFL
cuchulainn1967 (11 months ago)
Adolf Hipster (10 months ago)
but they were TINY comparing to nowadays bodybuilders, even some "gym bros"
Dmitriy Poltavskiy (11 months ago)
In clinical animal trials the addition of muscle mass was only accredited to hyperplasia when in the presence of growth hormone. Without growth hormone, muscle size is due to hypertrophy not hyperplasia.
Dmitriy Poltavskiy (11 months ago)
I am a senior in Exercise Science at East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania and we are constantly presenting and comparing research
live1thedon (11 months ago)
james your on steroids so you can eat whatever you like lol .this is not good info for us natties
Mike Morris (11 months ago)
live1thedon He's just on test, even the hardcore steroids you cannot just eat whatever. Plenty of guy's on steroids look like crap for a reason. Their not magic, gotta take the diet serious.
Parham Norai (11 months ago)
is there any difference between plant based protein and meat for muscle building and maintaining???
Matti Keller (10 months ago)
It is not a good thing that animal protein raises IGF-1. There has never been a correlation with that and muscle gain, but there has been a correlation with cancer because it accelerates the growth of cancer cells. Thats why meat has been classified as carcinogenic.
Matafaka Jones (11 months ago)
Parham Norai Oh sorry im not into steroids
Parham Norai (11 months ago)
post cycle therapy
Matafaka Jones (11 months ago)
Parham Norai Sorry what is PCT ?
Parham Norai (11 months ago)
do you guys know any good source for learning what I need for PCT??
maxk880 (11 months ago)
Damn dude.... I really want to listen, but you're talking so damn slow, please talk faster
ceeloc (11 months ago)
But you must eat protein every 3 hours or you'll go catabolic
Adam Waddington (11 months ago)
There's no way to know if it was just the extra protein specifically or if it was just the extra calories... you could have gained the same amount from 50g of extra carbs...
FitLife (11 months ago)
Ok, I was not going to say anything but the obvious is glaring right at me. IF you have been into bodybuilding for sometime, you know, Protein will NOT build that much muscle without help(GEAR). Notwithstanding his age, over 50, protein will not maintain that kind of mass and size. think about any pro bodybuilder over 50- hell, Dorian yates. Why is he small now? NO GEAR! look at Kevin Lavrone, (GEAR).There MUST be at least a hefty TRT,HRT dose every week. Furthermore, the body can only use so much protein in a day. It is best to check with your doctor because too much protein, even in short stint to burn fat, is taxing on your kidneys. You kidneys have to filter it out and if there is too much it's like a boat plug, it gets clogged.
Marcus Bryan (11 months ago)
I aim for 300 and which I make. You are right as well, I remmebr growing muscles I haven't even hit like my neck and traps. I also weigh 240 so that is an extra 60 grams even. ;)
Jack O'Connor (10 months ago)
FreeLife feed the troll
FreeLife (11 months ago)
Joseph Stalin yea one can see the quality of muscle, amazing
Marcus Bryan (11 months ago)
Oh thanks bro. Yeah what you are seeing there is a real 27 inch waist on a 240 pound person 10 years plus. And a pretty big back, my back isn't mass freaky but detailed as I always aim for aesthetics and mass. I just can't gain weight to 280 and have a 32 inch waist like the rest disgusting.
FreeLife (11 months ago)
if thats you on your pic, that looks insane man
Tommy Sargeant (11 months ago)
Sounds like someone's been listening to Fred Hatfield... he never PROVED hypertrophy vs Hyperplasia, but it was a logical theory. More concern was placed on HOW to gain NEW permanent muscle mass.... and his writing were based on NATURAL training. He spoke out against juice, yet all the models in his books were IFBB pros..... ironic. Too bad he couldn't have actually spoken on the matter.... I guess you chose not to either....also... whatever. You gained new muscle mass with 50 extra grams of protein.... but how much "extra" of anything else? How about new muscle with extra juice and no extra protein, or are we to assume that you are jacked and that this information only applies to jacked bodybuilders? The "whoah" factor will NEVER come to a natural bodybuilder, unless it's because he's ripped to the bone, not because he monstrous.
Gordon Preston (11 months ago)
Shout out from Australia 🇦🇺.. your a cool bloke mate .. honest and really informative...you seem really friendly.. Awesome channel mate
Jeff Wingham (11 months ago)
Holy Shit=drugs
Chicken (11 months ago)
The studies have been pretty clear on this, anything more than ~.6-85g/lb is unnecessary when caloric intake (net surplus) is taken into account. Like anything related to training or nutrition, more is better only up to a point; protein synthesis tops out eventually, and it's not nearly as much as people seem to think (particularly if you're natural, the gains are SLOW regardless of how much protein you take). However, if you're on gear, you're likely able to utilize more protein than someone who isn't, simply because your body is in a more anabolic state and primed for building muscle tissue at a greater rate.
fails to mention all the drugs injected
Zeke (11 months ago)
well say you stopped gaining muscle mass, instead of adding more protein, have you considered consuming more carbohydrates instead?
Simon (11 months ago)
Rich Piana says you should ingest roughly 150 grams of protein per hour (24 x 150). Truth.
Jared Jordan (3 months ago)
Simon and what happened to Rich?
Ande Hauguth (11 months ago)
Simon if you want to destroy your kidneys thats the way to go
runi86 (11 months ago)
I heard you became vegan. How do you get a high protein diet while being a vegan ?
Nick Richards (5 months ago)
He's not totally vegan, he takes whey as well to help his protein requirements, as shown in some other videos of his.
whereyouat (11 months ago)
runi86 beans,soy,legumes,veggies,fake meats,nuts,shakes,rice,oats and plenty plenty more. i would say 0.8-1.0 is high protein dont liste to what all these pros say they all worl for supplement companys who want you to think that
Darian Cozzlee (11 months ago)
If trying to lose body fat, do you figure protein at your goal weight or current body weight..??
whereyouat (11 months ago)
high carb,moderate protein,low fat. plant based. thats all u need
thomas thomsen (11 months ago)
This is exactly the reason I subscribed to your channel great advise and thank you for sharing your experience especially your advice on plateaus and how to get out of them. Please let me know if you happen to still take clients, my email is sadlybeast@gmail.com
TheBodyOfChrist (11 months ago)
50 grams of protein. AKA 200 more calories.
Law Gaunt (11 months ago)
Your bud thank you for all your information is very helpful very much appreciated I was just asking myself how much protein do I need to start packing on muscle and then you come out with this damn video nice move peace much love my brother
Mellow Bill (11 months ago)
Lets not forget, steroids increase protein synthesis, and the body becomes less efficient at synthesizing as we age. For 'TRT' users, its a whole different hormonal milieu. And you never 'own' those gains.
DIYworld Productreview (11 months ago)
Mellow Bill .... I'm new to working now been doing it for about a year-and-a-half now.. just started trt 6 months ago.. I'm at the point where I feel like the trt isn't enough.. what can I do... to increase the gains.. my doctor regulates my test levels at around 800 give or take a hundred..
Big R (11 months ago)
If I'm growing, I crave meat and milk, when I'm not, I don't. My subconscious mind simplifies it. How the hell my body knows what foods have protein in it I have no idea. What sucks is I'm coming back from an injury and steadily getting stronger for the last three months (muscle memory), now this week suddenly my strength regressed a bit, my arms went down a quarter inch (yeah...when I got weaker I checked...I'm more vain than I thought), and I have no desire whatsoever for meat and little for milk. Like Tiny says, our body is a vehicle, and once again I've got to figure out wtf is wrong with it.
John Johannesen (11 months ago)
Do you feel that your training and dietary advice is specifically for enhanced bodybuilders, or is there really no difference if you're a natural?
Drama (11 months ago)
Im at 200 lbs 5 foot 9 if i turn up my protein to 300 but still keep my carbs the same 200 250 grams can i go up to 220 225 lbs?
Drama (11 months ago)
Do a carb video for gaining size
alexander101207 (11 months ago)
If you added 50g of carbohydrates each day vs. protein, do you think you would have gained the same size as if you did with protein? Was it truly the extra protein which added size, or just the additional total calories?
seaniedub0 (11 months ago)
alexander101207 great question, wondering the same thing
Robbie Fekete (11 months ago)
check out the book proteinaholic, some great info in there
Gen Mo (11 months ago)
I used to eat 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. I cut that to 0.75-0.80 grams of protein per pound of body weight and I'm still making gains.
Le nn ard (11 months ago)
0.8 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight has been widely documented by a lot of athletes as an optimal amount. Of course the human body is a very intricate piece of machinery and in some cases people can get away with as low as 0.6 grams per pound of bodyweight albeit in rare cases. This goes in the opposite direction as well with some individuals needing a higher amount somewhere in the 1.0-1.5 range. It all comes down to trial and error, experience with those values a bit and see what your body reacts best to. Also James giving us an optimal amount of 1.25-1.5 is probably due to the fact that James has been an enhanced athlete for quite a while. When enhanced you are making your body perform at a higher effiency rate than naturally possible (think of it as having your body perform at 150%), therefore a lot of enhanced athletes have stated that an even higher amount of protein is required to reap the full benefits of being enhanced. Good luck.
whereyouat (11 months ago)
DIYworld Productreview bro just ditch the fats keep them low keep the carbs high good clean whole food carbs and the protein moderate, start doing cardio and train intense each session, if your trying to lose weight and get leaner switch to plant based, measure calories eat below maintenace and sleep well thats all you nedd to lose weight a few tiny steps= one big one
Vivid Joey (11 months ago)
I would try to hit at least 150 grams a day
DIYworld Productreview (11 months ago)
how exactly do i find that out
Sean Welch (11 months ago)
The rule of thumb is 1-1.5g/lb of lean body mass, not necessarily body weight.
kyle Hill (11 months ago)
thanks jim for taking the time to explain that, i was guilty of never thinking of hyperplasia, thanks for the enlightenment,now if you could speak a few words on post workout muscle soreness how to read it,just your knowledge on this would help. hope you make a full recovery, get well brother. i have been use your strategy on doing 5 nice thigs for people every day
kyle Hill Get an Arginine supplement before workout and after. Huge difference
PlasticCup (11 months ago)
Can't wait till I'm the "Holy SHIT" guy :P
Eric Wojo (11 months ago)
.7 g per pound
martin moriarty (11 months ago)
Jason blaha told me I only needed 60 gram's a day , thanks james
stormtropper88 (10 months ago)
QueensNative That is laughable and not true coming from my trainer that knew both brothers and were from my town
QueensNative (11 months ago)
I know 60 grams of protein seems laughable, but 60 grams may be all the protein you truly need to get big and muscular.. Mike Mentzer was 218 pounds of rock hard muscle on a 5'9 frame and he only consumed 60 grams of protein daily.. After all it's not how much protein you're consuming but how much your body is utilizing that really matters..
RaisingConsciousness77 (11 months ago)
60 gram's for exactly what objective? Average adult male is plenty fine and healthy on that amount. For working out, maintaining or gaining, yes more..
thomas thomsen (11 months ago)
Youngsta Fam Yeah total "klown"
Youngsta Kang (11 months ago)
martin moriarty that dude is a klown
Denny Medeiros (11 months ago)
Absolutly true for me too.makes sense.. At 43 I eat half of the protein I needed to build the tissue in first place and maintain 220 pounds easy
S P (11 months ago)
I don't know all the technical trickery involved but I know I had great gains consistently and never took in more than 100g of protein a day. Carbs are what I focused on and that's where my strength and gains came from. Bulking or cutting was all a matter of adjusting carb intake.
John Lucas (11 months ago)
Great info. I just read a study from 1986 using muscle builders that resulted in the conclusion of .76 per lb of body weight to maintain and only .86 per lb to grow so clearly your experience is on track with that.
TheOpportuneNoodle (11 months ago)
Good stuff. I've been experimenting with different protein amounts. I'm a natural athlete who doesn't take it too seriously (don't compete or anything) but I've been eating around 0.75g/lb and seeing size and strength gains. Maybe I'm not maximizing my potential but definitely seeing consistent gains!
Nathan M (11 months ago)
I have been gaining some good muscle whilst eating 60-70 grams of protein.
I feel if your body will hold muscle if you lift heavy weight. Hormones will hold the muscle because it knows it needs it because you lift weight. So even less protein is needed. I've been in prison for 3 years, went in 235lbs lean and came out 230lbs and still in great shape because I kept lifting. Mature muscle will stay longer especially if the gains have come from eating and Training without steroids. Steroid muscle will go somewhat. Thoughts ?
Luke Ludwig (11 months ago)
You are one of the VERY few people on youtube that brings up hyperplasia! All i see is hypertrophy! Good stuff man
Irfan Khan (11 months ago)
Your spot on with the protein,,,,,Mentzer gave a talk on that,,,when I did the YMCA instructors course in 90s they said half gram per lb bodyweight,,,,
edinborogh (11 months ago)
Awesome to see you again Mr. James! thanks for an awesome and informative video!!
Jason Shults (11 months ago)
I can cruise at half a gram per pound of body weight. But I'm not huge, and my body fat is pretty low now. I've been intentionally reducing my body weight this past spring and summer through intermittent fasting. What has come off has been mostly fat, about 8% of my past body mass. Down to about 185 now, and looking like I did 20 years ago. Not near as strong, but I don't need to be.

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