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The Formula For MLM Success In Two Simple Parts with Carol Gruendl, Nikken Royal Diamond

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For Carol Gruendl, the path to success didn't begin with overwhelming excitement about a business opportunity -- it began with a great deal of skepticism. Her husband Igor discovered the Nikken business opportunity in 1995 and stated that his decision to join "came down to simple arithmetic." Initially playing the role of skeptical spouse, Carol now has powerful advice for those who might be in a similar position she once was. As Carol and Igor connected their hard work with the business opportunity a life altering transformation occurred. Seeing the fruits of their labors in the form of time and financial freedom is a stellar benefit. Being able to be present as their kids grow up and show others how to walk a similar path -- that's powerful. Full Post: http://goo.gl/9deLak Catalyst Community: http://www.catalystmlm.com More Interviews: http://catalystmlm.com/category/interviews Connect on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/catalystmlm Connect on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/catalystmlm Connect on Instagram: http://instagram.com/catalystmlm Connect on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/catalystmlm Takeaways: "Begin with the end in mind." "Sometimes the belief won't come until the check does." "The warm and fuzzy market is not always warm and fuzzy." "Find the leader you resonate with best and attach to their methods." "Mirror the commitment level that new business partners bring fourth." "Moving to the cold marketing often gives the freedom to be who you want to be." "Sometimes you have to be quiet and listen for long enough to hear the true answer." "There is a dramatic difference between owning a business and a business owning you." "The freedom and personal growth that MLM offers can make you become unemployable." "Look for people who can handle stress, communicate, and have built successful in their life."
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