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Stoic Knee Sleeves, Elbow Sleeves, and Wrist Wraps Overview

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In this video I go over the offerings from Stoic, which include their knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, and wrist wraps. These have a lot going for them, but do they live up to the hype? Knee Sleeves: https://www.lift.net/product/stoic-knee-sleeves-7mm/ Elbow Sleeves: https://www.lift.net/product/stoic-elbow-sleeves/ Wrist Wraps: https://www.lift.net/product/stoic-wrist-wraps/ Social Links: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bcdiamond Instagram: http://instagram.com/campbellfitness Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/campbellfitness Snapchat: CampbellFitness brandoncampbellfitness@gmail.com
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Daron Wright (5 days ago)
An anchor on the rack and an anchor flag. Prior service Navy?
Daron Wright (5 days ago)
Awesome! Thanks for the reply, and thanks for some of the highest quality home gym videos available.
My dad was, but the anchor is on the RI state flag (where I live).
coin777 (6 days ago)
Brandon what about the X knee sleeves from mark bell? They been available for more than a day now and still no review.
raynal beads (12 hours ago)
I got them. I'm sending them back my sbds are thicker
coin777 (6 days ago)
Comon Brandon, 0:38 we can see that there is still place for them ;)
I spend a lot of money on stuff, but $85 on another pair of knee sleeves isn't in the cards right now lol.
Alex Yonehiro (8 days ago)
What federations are these approved in?
all but IPF
mrkentucky03 (12 days ago)
My Rehbands are getting some wear after about 5 years. I may be buying some new ones this year. Mine aren't very tight either.
Some good mileage there!
That fat asian kid (15 days ago)
Are you going to make a review on the elite fts power bar anytime In the future?
Probably not unless I get sent one to review, hard to justify buying another power bar!
Atif Mansoor (18 days ago)
Bought their elbow sleeves from Amazon. Their customer service is great and it's easy to exchange because of size.
Right on!
Victor H (18 days ago)
Great video!!!
Victor H (17 days ago)
Not being sarcastic
Thanks dude
the video you did testing out the bar grip shirt (dragging accross the bench) was amazing, maybe we could get something similar in fashion to test how much weight a pair of sleeves give ?
If I can think of a way to accurately measure it!
Daniel Kimball (18 days ago)
Can we be expecting an archon trap bar review soon? Eager to see a review on that one.
I have a few other videos to get to first. To be honest it's not my favorite, I think at the price it's still a good deal, but given the option I think I'd prefer a regular trap bar.
Dom (18 days ago)
I just bought these 2 weeks ago.. They're great. Also bought a LEVER BELT for $26! lol equipment prices are dropping finally.
Jeff Carver (18 days ago)
Anti-microbial, neverstank knee sleeves, that's the game changer.
Christopher Quach (18 days ago)
Do you like the new a7 knee sleeves or the stoic ones more? Thanks in advance!
Don't really have a huge preference TBH
juraj dubny (18 days ago)
Only had sbd and titan yellow jacket knee sleaves. Dont know if in US are the titan one better but I had two pares of them, both ripped..now have SBDs and no problem with them. The sizing was correct. Even contacted Titan after my first pair ripped after 2 months and went with one size up, but it ripped again. The same thing happend to a couple of guys in my gym. Now everyone changed to SBD. One guy had problem with the titan singlet aswell just wearing it once at a meet.
juraj dubny (18 days ago)
Brandon Campbell Diamond I had the new ones..mostly black..the second version..both me and a frend of mine had exact the same problem.multiple rips inside the knee sleaves. Tried L for the tight or compfit than I changed them for XL but the same happend only two moths after using. Now I have sbds for 6+ months and they look like new. Smell awful but thats adifferent story😀. I bought them from an official dealer for Slovakia and Cech republik so I cant re ommend them. I liked them more them sbd visualy than Sbd and they were 15euros cheaper but it was a big disappointment
Which Yellow Jackets did you have? The older generation (mostly yellow) had some issues from what I've heard, but the newer ones (mostly black) have held up ok for me.
Tom Karaiskakis (18 days ago)
anyone knows the outro?
It's called Hard Luck
Vladi Bono (18 days ago)
I really need one of those
Right on!
Bradley Bromlow (18 days ago)
Knee sleeves for days
Got a pair waiting for you next time you come to RI
Fred Abalon (18 days ago)
Ayyy! The sex puns comin back more frequent 😂 Totally agree upon the Strong sleeve wraps/sleeves. I bought 2 pairs of wraps at different times and noticed the newer wrap’s thumb loop is sturdier and less flexible while my older one looks like a used ribbed condom. My older strong knee sleeves had a tapered look which helped with application but my newer sleeves are rectangular making application harder but the bounce better. But like u said, sleeves are sleeves are sleeves and so are wraps 🤷🏽‍♂️ Keep up the good vids bro 💪🏽
One of the biggest downsides I see today with people going overseas for production is that there's no consistency in quality control.
zeeeeb0 (18 days ago)
brewin a beer called Powerlifter IPA now
Lol awesome.
Matt Wypijewski (18 days ago)
I have the Stoic knee sleeves and love them, want the elbow sleeves and have the wraps. Don’t love the wrist wraps yet but they are growing on me.
Yeah I tend to go with a bit of a stiffer wrist wrap when I wear them too, but def a fan of the sleeves
Daren Moon (18 days ago)
Man you uploaded this right in time. I have some old Rehband knee sleeves that I don't like to wear due to the tight feeling wearing off. My knee is royally messed up so thanks for doing this review, Brandon
No problem, I think this is a solid option (especially at the price)
Steve Pritula (19 days ago)
It's tough to compete in the BCPA (canada), because even local meets require IPF approved gear.
ah gotcha!
modernwarfareobama (19 days ago)
Sbd still has best wraps and knee sleeves though
modernwarfareobama (18 days ago)
Brandon Campbell Diamond I feel you... I just like sbd short and super stiff wraps I put on quicker n feel more support, but I do like gangsta wraps due to being more versatile for me, maybe soon I'll try this brand.
TBH I didn't like SBDS wraps. The velcro on them was below average and had them come off during training for me. Knee sleeves are definitely up there in quality, but also in price.
powerking (19 days ago)
Bryce tried his hand at reviews, but imo the king of youtube fitness reviews remains Mr. Innuendo himself Brandon!
That was a solid review on the titan ram!
Roland Chin (19 days ago)
The elbow cuff is awesome, helped me fix my tendonitis within the week. Still use it on all my push days.
Dennis Miller (19 days ago)
Stoic is a good product at a great price. I picked up a pair of knee sleeves and a single prong belt for just over $110. Couldn't pass it up as I have never owned either sleeves or a belt. What Buffalo bar are you using at the beginning of the video? Have you done a review?
Dennis Miller (18 days ago)
I want one so bad. Trying to get my gym to make the investment. Someday when I have the space I hope to build my own gym, as you have and then I will have one.
Duffalo bar! Came in last week!
charlene bermudez (19 days ago)
@brandon campbell diamond where did you buy your shirt that you're wearing here on this vid?
charlene bermudez (18 days ago)
ahhh. got it. thanks for sharing!
charlene bermudez sorry not a link, that’s their IG handle.
charlene bermudez (18 days ago)
coool. the link didn't work tho, lol. but i see, i see.
This is a lifting brand actually that reached out to me on IG. You can find them at church.llc on there.
Milford Cubicle (19 days ago)
I've been waiting for what seems like forever for them to get international shipping. I mean, come on guys, Canada is right next door...
Milford Cubicle (18 days ago)
Alright, i'll take a look. You're awesome.
Milford Cubicle they said order through amazon, should be able to make it work. They also said they’re working on pricing now to do it themselves.
Milford Cubicle (18 days ago)
i love you daddy
I sent them a message about this.
Casey Fenton (19 days ago)
Love the shirt. Where can I get one?
This is a lifting brand actually that reached out to me on IG. You can find them at church.llc on there.
B (19 days ago)
CHAU (18 days ago)
try on amazon theyre able to ship to Australia so idk why they aren't able to ship to Canada
Ah was not aware.
ggDenied (18 days ago)
I have the Strong sleeves and they shipped to Canada :)
J505 Perez (19 days ago)
Liking this video in hopes of a future Campbell tramp stamp video.
Hah there's a reason I haven't made a tattoo video yet... jk
Mason Pikey (19 days ago)
I'm sold! Thank you for this video!! Will buy some soon
Mason Pikey (18 days ago)
Brandon Campbell Diamond hell yeah thanks man
Thanks for taking a look
Kurram Javed (19 days ago)
they don't ship to Canada though! ive never owned a pair of knee sleeves and I want Stoic: what should I do??
I asked them about this, will let you know.
lomna17 (19 days ago)
Kurram Javed Amazon?
Ramon Suarez (19 days ago)
One thing I love about the Stoic Wrist Wraps is they have a Left and a Right side. A lot of manufacturers ignore this. It makes it much easier to get a tight wrap on both wrists.
Good point!
Austin Johnston (19 days ago)
Have strong and SBD and I liked both. Strong for every day training and the SBDs for 85% and above mostly just because I got them in a size smaller than the strong sleeves. Will look into these sleeves next time
Makes sense. I find I don't like wearing my tightest sleeves for long training sessions too.
Chris Simpson (19 days ago)
Is it weird for me to have a pair of SBD knee sleeves but Strong elbow sleeves?
Not at all
Mr. Perfect Cell (19 days ago)
Chris Simpson nah
Daniel Marr (19 days ago)
lastiness - longevity!
Lol there you go!
Chassetter (19 days ago)
Boo! Hiss! Giveaway only for instagram ignores your lifelong loyal youtube followers (at least 2 whole months now!) who don't use that crappy app but that's ok cuz wraps are for cheaters haha ya i said it, wanna fight about it?!
I'm so anal about responding to comments on youtube that i didn't want to do that to myself. The IG post has like 1200 comments already.
TheRealBrofessor (19 days ago)
I always found it to believe that using gorilla tape around your knees would work just as great👍
One way to find out.
tylerty777 (19 days ago)
I literally just put these in my Amazon shopping cart. Great timing lol 👍
Haha too funny
Carpe Diem (19 days ago)
I have Mike Bell Strong knee sleeves, which are excellent. costs more but worth it.
I have several of those as well :)
RobertWilkinson (19 days ago)
6:57 spit take
Lol it's not easy talking for 9 minutes without a break or an idea of what you're going to say.
John Hernandez (19 days ago)
OMG love it
Thanks for taking a look
CHAU (19 days ago)
thanks papa
gotchu fam
Kenpachi Strength (19 days ago)
What size did you get for all three?
Small knee, medium elbow, 36" wraps
Michael Pietrzak (19 days ago)
Can we get a knee sleeves vs knee wraps pro vs con vid?
Jim Jones (18 days ago)
Random Weightlifter ah that's a good point, I kinda wondered about that part of it, good to know bc I'm going equipped this year lol
I probably won't make this video (at least any time soon) as I've never really worn wraps. My uneducated response would also something along the lines of wraps are also more difficult as depending on how or who wraps you, you can get more out of them, vs a pair of sleeves which the fit would always be consistent.
Tyler Keen (18 days ago)
Sources shown aren't very good AT ALL, first article showed that bar path was different and made the assumption it was bad for knee health. The article the link cited only stated that knee wraps add weight to lifts and made no statement on long term knee health. Not saying there isn't evidence of negative side effects on knee health by chronic overuse of wraps but these are great examples of terrible sources disguising themselves as reputable because they use graphs and p values lol That being said, most people who wear knee wraps now do raw w/ wraps. This being the case the overwhelming majority of your training SHOULD be done in sleeves with just enough in wraps to get used to them and establish a baseline. Because of how little volume is done in them, negative effects on knee joint health should be minimal. Where you start running into issues is when equipped lifters (mainly multi-ply but also some single-ply lifters) start using wraps every squat session and consider it raw because they aren't wearing a squat suit or briefs.
Tong Nhac Nguyen (19 days ago)
BJGally Some1 linked already, but also because of how thight you can wrap it can causes the patella (knee cap) to rub against cartilage. In long term this can cause arthritis.
Nick Karlin (19 days ago)
Jim Jones I guess it’s your opinion, knee miss tracking is a very real thing
Fivefootkillerz (19 days ago)
honestly i cant give up my rehbands. love those things!
TBH I don't see how I ever wore them in the past. While they do keep knees warm, I don't think they're ideal for powerlifting!
IG winner has been chosen and notified!
A.S.V (19 days ago)
These seem like a legit pair of items, I definitely would wanna grab them.
Have been enjoying them thus far
dustinmcd91 (19 days ago)
Haven’t finished the video yet, but I assume first comment gets me the sleeves 🤷🏼‍♂️
dustinmcd91 (18 days ago)
Brandon Campbell Diamond I’m good with the Instagram format then lol
Lol if only, but I had you as second :)
Lol.... sometimes she talks to much :) -david

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