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Tales of drug overdoses

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Luke Lastname (10 months ago)
I had taken a bunch of Codeine once. I just wanted a good high and forgot the dose I had done before so I went with 10 pills cwe then mixed in pop. I had been hanging out for a bit sipping and was tryna brush my teeth and piss so I'd be comfortable and could just sleep without getting up after. The high had already hit me by the time I was brushing my teeth so I rushed. Laid down in my bed and put on some music while I was still good to walk. Laying down listening to experimental music is what I always do on Codeine and its a great experience. It was a basic high nothing weak but I was handling it. I was a couple hours in which is usually past my peak. But around this time I got a huge pain in my chest an instant headache. My heart started racing a lot faster. This scared me. I was sure this was my end. Weirdly this is when the high picked up. This happened again on a smaller scale later in the high which is very weird. Cause it doesn't make sense for Codeine to peak that fast and that late. I had said goodbye to myself and accepted my possible death. I was easily too high to text anyone. The high became too much that I couldn't ride it anymore. I didn't know the time. I had taken off my headphones and set them on the ground. But I instantly looped back to when I was wearing them. Which scared me. I had done this maybe 15 minutes which was a really long time in the moment. I had eventually taken them off and just slept. I wasn't expecting to make it.
Akroma Jones (10 months ago)
Scary shit man.

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