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D&B Nation (6 months ago)
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King Taison (5 days ago)
D&B Nation hahahahaha I hit that like hsushshsjshshshshsh hahaha
Tateka Davis (5 days ago)
D&B Nation to talk about the job and the family and friends to see you and I can go over it and send me copya to get my life back in and will not make a note of it on a different direction but I'll getting a new car rental for your help in this tomorrow when I hear back to you about something like you can do that but if not then don't answer me back if interested let us have been working with the family are in my thoughts I have to do it tomorrow if you'd be willing and I can do that for me I can get it back on the couch with my phone to get a chance can I come by tomorrow to talk to me about the status on my phone number to reach out right away so we can meet and talk about it will you be able and the inside is you talking to me about it but it is not working for me and I have been trying the new year and I can meet up at the park and I will have the money when ur to talk with a little bit of time to I will get you thei I can meet up and get back with the kids to the park with you and the people are going in a different direction I would love to see you guys soon and will be in the area tomorrow I will call me about this when we were there last week and I can do the needful as a reference on a different direction and the inside and the family have the money when ur to talk with a friend and I have to get my life together and the family and friends are coming in on the same for your sake of my mom's house and the family have a little late today but will get it in a little while and the family and I have been working on the house in a little while if we could get it back in time with your friends tonight so we are looking at a little more than a month and I will have the right email for your sake I hope to hear what you talking bout in real time with the family are in my prayers for the family are in a little late to the meeting and will be in touch with me to the store and I can do the rest of the week is a little late to the office and will get it back on Monday or the following is my phone back on and I can get a new car so we are looking at a time and consideration and look at the Moon and I have a few things to get done before they go on the same day I can come over my head I will be in a meeting tonight at earliest and will be a few hours to talk with a good friend and then don't answer I can do that but if you have a few hours if that is ok with you on your own or the others and I can get it to talk about the status of this order to the office in your ad I have been in the hospital since the first half and I have a few things to get a new car and then don't bother you have to go
Neo the Husky (5 days ago)
D&B Nation bru Damian turns the lights off 😂😂
Tateka Davis (5 days ago)
D&B Nation and will not be able to attend this interview is scheduled for you have time can get the inside and I have the
Tateka Davis (6 days ago)
D&B Nation army is get a chance can meet up with you guys soon as I get to school tomorrow and we will be there for the interview at
RebaAndMattVlogs (12 hours ago)
I think she is very rude to that man I know y’all be joking but for real tho
Snipes Replay (23 hours ago)
But what the subs didn't know was after the video they actually had a 4 some. Stay tuned to see the video coming Never.
Mercedes hernandez (1 day ago)
Yes he do
Malcolm Eady (1 day ago)
Damien be standing behind alexis like real close to her but
Jalexian Thompson (1 day ago)
“U don’t wanna have a threesome we gotta do different stuff”😂😂😂
Ml Ml (1 day ago)
Y’all some ugly hoes
Tjswagg (1 day ago)
We're all Thots around here😂😂
Kimberly Alexys (2 days ago)
They all ugly asf
Treyvon Holland (2 days ago)
Bianca is way badder he does not like big llex
Dominic Leon (2 days ago)
Alexis Luna (3 days ago)
Leave his ass he a liar and unloyal asf. Stutterting like a mf too.
Ginger Oats (3 days ago)
He was rubbing his hands together like he wanted to do it😂😂😂😂
Keyun King (3 days ago)
Damien, I’m hatin G 💯
Nova Gaming (3 days ago)
Called this mans dick small I’m dead
Delaina Struck (3 days ago)
this is sick asf
Delaina Struck (3 days ago)
they all look the same
Floop (3 days ago)
He clapping his hands lmao Damien in heat bruh
SpecOpsEnder TM (3 days ago)
I thought that was FaZe adapt
Icezick Warren (3 days ago)
monsster malade (3 days ago)
She don't like black she is a gold digger
Trey Jones (3 days ago)
they look like twins
saskia osbourne (4 days ago)
trem bicnnnca
Jasmine Rodriguez (4 days ago)
Biannca is the prettiest out of all of them. Alexis and Christian uglyyy 🤮
Vidal Watts (5 days ago)
Your sister got booty
Magic the Kid (5 days ago)
If you did not ask him you would not be in this situation
Magic the Kid (5 days ago)
Team damion
Magic the Kid (5 days ago)
Stop blaming damion
Magic the Kid (5 days ago)
You two were ment to be
Magic the Kid (5 days ago)
I think Damian really loves you bianca
Handsome_ Max (5 days ago)
Where the sister thots
Handsome_ Max (5 days ago)
Cristal and Alexis look alike Biannca don’t look like them
Jamier's daily life (6 days ago)
They all thick
Yessenia Sanchez (6 days ago)
Aiyana Bilodeau (6 days ago)
Me too
James Young (6 days ago)
Your sisters be ug in the club
Wanda Cleveland (6 days ago)
Team biannca
I'm not Afraid (7 days ago)
I will fuck that girl
Kevin Mosley (7 days ago)
Just Me (7 days ago)
you like to play with girl
Nicole,Daejae& Careem (7 days ago)
He rubbing his hands
Capo 600 (7 days ago)
Don’t fall for the bait😂😂😂😂
Capo 600 (7 days ago)
JJ Moore (7 days ago)
All y'all twins Bianca
p curlss (8 days ago)
is she playing about wanting a 3 some with his brother? bc in other videos she be talking about his brother, if any they both are not loyal to each other and they have trust issues...
Dominic Suarez (8 days ago)
Dam biannca is the best lookin outta all of them 😂😂😂😂🍍🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾😈😶⬆️😶⬆️👅🤣😧⬆️🍍🏃🏽‍♀️😂😋😂😋🍍🏃🏽‍♀️😶🏀😶🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🍍👑😂🏃🏽‍♀️😶😩😶😩😶😩🍍🏃🏽‍♀️😂😈😈😂😈😂🏃🏽‍♀️🍍😩😶😩😶😩👫🏾💍💫💍❤⚽️🖕🏾❤❇👅❇👅🤣😩😧💍😐👫🏾⚽️👫🏾🖕🏾😂❇🍍❇😧🖕🏾👅🖕🏾😶💀😢💍😢💍😘💀😋⬆️👑🤣👑🖕🏾😈⚽️🏃🏽‍♀️😐🏀😐😈😧🤣😧🤣😧🖕🏾🍍⚽️⚽️😂🤣😂😈😂😈😑👑👫🏾👑👫🏾😘😧💀👅💀😐💀😐💀💍💍🏃🏽‍♀️😈😩😈⚽️🤣😧😩💍❤💀👅💀😢😐😢😢😐😢💍🏀👅🤣❤👑👫🏾👑😂🏃🏽‍♀️😁😈🤣😁⬆️😑😩👅💍🖕🏾💍💍❇😐😐😑😐🍍💍💀🍍🏀😂😈😂😈😂👑😂😋👫🏾👑😂👑😑😈🤣😶❤⬆️💀❤💀💚😢👅😐💀💍😐💍😶😩😧🏀😧😘🙄😘🙄😘🏃🏽‍♀️🍍🏃🏽‍♀️😑⬆️😑😩😩😑⬆️😁🤣😁😈👑😂👑👫🏾😋🍍😘😧😘😧😢❤😢💀👅💀😐💍⚽️❇😁😈🍍😋🍍😋😶😘🏀😶🏀😶💀👅💀😐💀👅🏀🏀😧🏃🏽‍♀️😧😈😧🏃🏽‍♀️😧🏀💚💀❤😢😢❤😢❤😢💚😢💀👅💀👅💍💍❤😐❤❤💍💫😐💫⚽️💫⚽️👫🏾🖕🏾🍍❇❇🍍❇🍍❇🍍❇🍍🖕🏾😧❇🏃🏽‍♀️😑😑🏃🏽‍♀️😋😁👑❇😋🖕🏾😘⬆️😢⬆️😢💍😘💍🏃🏽‍♀️😐⬆️⬆️❤💍💚💀😶😧⬆️😧⬆️🏃🏽‍♀️🍍😘👫🏾😘👫🏾👑🙄👑❤😩😶😩😶😩😂😈🍍🏃🏽‍♀️😧💀😶💀⚽️💍👫🏾💍😂💍😂👫🏾😂😁❇🤣😈👑💫🍍😑🖕🏾⬆️🏃🏽‍♀️😋🙄😧😶⚽️😩🏀😘💚❤👅😐💍💀😢
baby kilo (8 days ago)
"we're the sister thots " I'm done
Kyesha Holland (8 days ago)
How does the song go that’s like something like daddy uh chicken wings
Marisa Pitarresi (9 days ago)
“Foursome” “With who?”
Marisa Pitarresi (9 days ago)
Biannca’s hair is giving me lifeeee😍
Louie G (9 days ago)
I feel like Damian liked big lex
Alfonso Karim (9 days ago)
Darian Motley (9 days ago)
Europa Imperium (10 days ago)
The girls are white
Fritzroy PETTY (10 days ago)
Why yhr hell you like alexis
Majanae Dawson (11 days ago)
Yeah he likes her
why dont u have kids
Sequoia Toomer (11 days ago)
Yeah do this
JAY_DA_38 SAVAGE (11 days ago)
Lexis fine ash to low key😂😂
susan johnson (11 days ago)
JNJ (12 days ago)
This nigga Damien walked in the room looking so damn ugly😂
Niya Wright (12 days ago)
Gertrude Stafford (12 days ago)
Tamia Price (12 days ago)
Yes he do
Keisha W (12 days ago)
He do like ur sister boo💌
Brandon Nuessmeier (12 days ago)
I love this channel like if you agree
Johanna Torres (13 days ago)
I bearly notice who was bigg lexx *Like if they all look literally THE SAME*
Myah Garza (13 days ago)
omg he does fleet with lexx team biaaanca
Shanijah Edwards (13 days ago)
I think he likes her
Trinetta Jones (13 days ago)
Team b
Tony (13 days ago)
Lol my eye has air and l cant really see but you guys make my day ☺
Alyna Rose (14 days ago)
They all like alike wtfff
Shiloh orozco panda (14 days ago)
Semajah Pendleton (14 days ago)
Hecks no he's loyal he even fought over u
DaNeesha Fisher (15 days ago)
He be doing the worm dance on her😂😂LMAO😂😂😂😂😂
Aziya Hale (15 days ago)
You and your sisters beautiful and yall look alike😘😍😗😙😚
Tajay Lindo (15 days ago)
Lemme get right wit yo 2 sisters
Tajay Lindo (15 days ago)
Look at the way he bend her leg
Tajay Lindo (15 days ago)
Now Ik what they do in da bed
laila larkin (15 days ago)
moneybabysocute 3 (16 days ago)
I Don't Play Around ! (16 days ago)
Team biannaca all day everyday
Yagurl Jayyy (16 days ago)
Binnca looking A1
janiya bishop (16 days ago)
He do like your sister
Claire Olivia (16 days ago)
Dangggg they look alike!
lil drizzy (17 days ago)
The name Christian is her sister name. Right! And that my name so I guess I'm 17 KNOW! I'm 13!😥
jashaun talley (17 days ago)
He definitely like Alexis
Nathalee Raymond (17 days ago)
Dede life (17 days ago)
Team B for life
Anasa Mohamed (18 days ago)
They love each others
LilRonnie TV (18 days ago)
2018 strong🤞🏾
Namir 4 Life (18 days ago)
Damn how many of them is there
Jacarter Coleman (18 days ago)
Nicholas Bender (18 days ago)
Stop saying Beyond so long mother f*****and your sister so ugly
Gaming with Huncho (19 days ago)
She expose his assss
Andy Sippel (19 days ago)
She do like Lexus because the way he look at her but I still think you love you so don't ever think that don't let nobody tell you nothing wrong
Yellow Synth (20 days ago)
are they albino
Papi Shampoo (20 days ago)
Team Bianca
Taylor Parker (20 days ago)
They just like you 😍😍😍😍
Daphne Mangram (20 days ago)
Y is her sisters so light
Olivia Paille (20 days ago)
Your house is the definition of magnificent! Literally ever room I could fit a family! That one room is bigger than my apartment lmfao!

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