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Using the haters for your motivation to achieve greatness. Created by VideoShow:http://videoshowapp.com/free Like Sub Share Comment Hulkfitness
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dude we are not haters, we are just being honest not even negative. if you don't like our opinion well proof us wrong. im just saying I came across your channel and it made me laugh. such a weak ass teaching other losers
Cooper Schettler (1 year ago)
@ me
lil kang (1 year ago)
Cooper Schettler don't be a hater
Cooper Schettler (1 year ago)
Kala Kukkar not his videos lmao
lil kang (1 year ago)
Cooper Schettler what's good fam
lil kang (1 year ago)
I live in south india in a straw hut with my family. Our only other property is computer and a cow that gives us milk. We wake up every morning and first watch your videos and then we pray. We used to see that you would never wear your seat belt and it terrified us so we prayed every day that you would start wearing it and we prayed for your safety. So proud of you for wearing seat belt when you drive now, please keep it up. We hope you stay safe and stay alive and make gains and make many more videos. And just as your intro song says, Allah allah allah allah allah. ❤️
Robert Ace (1 year ago)
Yea there be ppl clowns online who make threats to strangers they don't kno lmao, all they're doing is exposing themselves as being losers with no job no girlfriend, still living with parents lol. That's the case i bet 99% of the time.
Robert Ace (1 year ago)
Like how all the Piana haters migrated to mac diccs page lol
ScareTV (1 year ago)
good point! dammmm goood vid
aobnoxious (1 year ago)
Good video brother, keep up the great work!!
Hulk Fitness (1 year ago)
N N (1 year ago)
Finally some good content. Awesome job on this video.
Hulk Fitness (1 year ago)
n. n. thanks man

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