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Dumping Iron: How Excess Iron Negates Healthy Habits & Causes Age-Related Diseases

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High iron levels can negate your good diet and exercise habits while raising your risk of age-related diseases like cancer and heart disease. In our latest episode Dennis Mangan shares the best methods for testing for high iron and reducing iron to healthy levels in your system, plus touches on the benefits of intermittent fasting and his perspective on SARM’s. Three Takeaways You may have your diet and exercises and sleep dialed in, but an over-accumulation of iron may negate those good habits Know your ferritin levels and aim for lower than the “normal” range in lab tests The #1 most effective way to get rid of iron is blood donation Article- Dennis started with the basics of iron as a reactive element. Iron reacts with different constituents in our body, so the more iron in our body the more damage it causes. The #1 storage mechanism for iron in our bodies is our blood. Interestingly, Dennis points out than 10% of people in the US are truly iron-deficient, and those are mostly pre-menopausal women. The basic problem is this: Our bodies are evolutionarily conditioned to retain iron, so we have exquisite internal mechanisms for grabbing onto iron and no controlled means for getting rid of it. Over the years our bodies gradually accumulate iron and continue accumulating it beyond a healthy point. In fact, Dennis explained, “The average 35-yr old man has about 4-5x the amount of iron in his body as a woman the same age.” Our internal systems for mitigating the damage of iron aren’t perfect, resulting in age-related diseases like cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, all of which afflict men at much higher rates. So you may have your diet and exercises and sleep dialed in, but an over-accumulation of iron may negate those good habits. Then Dennis went into detail on how to get your iron to healthy levels; “Know your ferritin levels – this test is the most common measure of the level of stored iron in your body...The #1 most effective way to get rid of iron is blood donation. The average man who donates blood once a year cuts his ferritin levels in half.” If you’re not qualified to donate blood you have other options for lowering iron levels, from exercise to supplements and diet habits that inhibit iron uptake. There are no iron-reducing pharmaceutical products, which explains why there’s no incentive to raise public awareness of the issue. We hear much more about cholesterol as the cause of age-related issues like heart disease, because there are so many cholesterol-reducing drugs being pushed on the public. We finish up by touching on the benefits of intermittent fasting and keto powders. Intermittent fasting puts you into a state when your body is burning fat for fuel, and keto supplement powders that help put your body into ketosis faster can help you fast longer and reduce hunger pangs. There is an important point to remember- Adding protein or BCAA’s during your fast will cause an insulin response and mitigate the benefits of intermittent fasting. All studies show that intermittent fasting does NOT burn muscle - provided you’re getting enough calories overall. To get the benefits of intermittent fasting, start by experimenting with minimizing your eating window – skipping breakfast and shutting down food intake at 8pm - to turn on your body’s fat burning furnace. Iron levels are so critical to aging that excess iron may negate all your good diet, exercise and sleep habits. So getting your iron to healthy levels should be an integral part of your self-directed health management. Start by working with forward-thinking doctors who can help analyze your lab tests and donating blood 1-2x per year. Dennis Mangan is the author of Dumping Iron and the founder of Rogue Health & Fitness, where he educates others on natural means of rehabbing their bodies and creating the body of their dreams. Click here to get the book Dumping Iron on Amazon. Click here to get your FREE copy of the Amazon Bestseller: The Definitive Testosterone Replacement Therapy MANual. The book has helped thousands of men around the world reclaim their health and vitality by presenting practical information about the best ways to maximize TRT. Learn more about optimizing your health, reversing the aging process and all things testosterone at http://trtrevolution.com/.
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Laura Smith (2 months ago)
Hei Jake, thanks so much for the information...though is very hard to listen, so i had to stop at one point, speaking so fast gives me palpitation...and i cannot follow all.. There is no difference from tv, it doesnt make you necessarily sound smart, it make you sound as if I listen tv...I see this horrific trend among you-tubers transforming the YT in the tv news, people start talking aggressively intense to seem interesting....absurd...were do we hide?
tom hennessy (2 months ago)
"Abnormal ALT started if hemoglobin >11 g/dl females or >13.5 g/dl in males" Sooo, using the marker for pathology, elevated ALT, it seems the low end of normal, anemia, is the best hemoglobin to have. Women do not manifest preeclampsia, sign of problems in pregnancy, at 11 or below, but, go up from 11 just as the ALT would say it should?
Andy B (3 months ago)
Funny you are talking about keto diet. That diet messed me up and I think it's that way of eating that pushed my ferritin to 440.
Eduardo Corrochio (3 months ago)
Concerning the IF, how much protein do you recommend a day to limit insulin response?
castro95john (4 months ago)
My iron is 533 im only 27 what should i do liver enzyme came up 76 too how can i fix it
robert putt (3 months ago)
castro95john , you are welcome. Thank the Lord for the internet. Get it down to zero. Curcumin with a black pepper extract called peperine, will also help pull out the iron faster. God Bless Brother
castro95john (4 months ago)
Thankyou i recently told my doctor i felt better after they had me run a few blood test she recommended the same and I'm changing my diet as well thankyou for the response.
robert putt (4 months ago)
castro95john , give blood, getting rid of the iron will start to heal your liver! God Bless!
tee jay (6 months ago)
can you reccomend a bioavailable curcumin??
Bill Bolam (8 months ago)
Really liked your book. Have been a disciple of the "Iron Hypothesis" of aging and disease for 10 years now. Have about every book written on the topic, but yours is very concise and covers all the bases well. Very inexpensive too. Perfect for someone newly interested in this topic. I'm also a fan of the Health-e-Iron website. Oceans of data supporting your theory. Keep up the good work!
Joni K. (9 months ago)
I disagree with just a ferritin lab. It should be a full iron panel. My Dec 2016 labs after already donating blood twice: Iron, total=226 ug/dL (27-159) TIBC=317 ug/dL (250-450) Iron, Saturation=71% (15-55) UIBC=91 ug/dL (131-425) Ferritin =112 ng/mL (15-150) Donated blood three more times; July 17 labs: Iron, Total 175 (50-170) TIBC 335 (265-497) Iron Saturation 52% (15-50) Ferritin 48 (7-270) Besides blood donation, I'm also using other ways to lower iron.
soupper soulger (10 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0lEmXJD7p4 In April 2015, scientists at the Dr. Rath Research Institute in California published a groundbreaking study in the American Journal of Cardiovascular Disease proving that heart disease is an early form of the vitamin C deficiency disease scurvy. Building on a discovery made by Dr. Rath in the early 1990s, this publication deals a major blow to the cholesterol theory of heart disease and the pharmaceutical industry’s associated $30 billion annual sales in patented cholesterol-lowering statin drugs. In the video below, recorded on 23 April 2015, John Cha, project leader for the study, discusses the research with Paul Anthony Taylor, Executive Director of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation. Copies of the study can be downloaded for free from the website of the American Journal of Cardiovascular Disease: http://www.ajcd.us/files/ajcd0007056.pdf For further information, please see the press release on the website of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation: http://www4.dr-rath-foundation.org/TH... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=So8akB-SlFE
thefreedomlass (10 months ago)
Close to 60 year old woman with high iron levels and elevated liver enzymes. Have more blood tests and EKG tomorrow. Thank you so much for this advice! GOD BLESS
Joni K. (9 months ago)
thefreedomlass How did it go?
Space Otter (11 months ago)
I have Hemochromatosis. I've felt like an old man since I was 35. Diagnosed at 43. Ferritin is at 6900, should be 50. I can attest that it drags your ass down and destroys you.
Alex Blake (6 months ago)
Joni K. Why? What is wrong with cilantro?
Joni K. (9 months ago)
TheBaRolExperience Good direction. BTW, Morley doesn't recommend using cilantro.
TheBaRolExperience (9 months ago)
research morley robbins..also research coriander seed powder, cabbage.cilantro powder, IP6 supplement to reduce ferritin
tom hennessy (2 months ago)
Since IP6 is recommended to prevent osteoporosis, one might wonder how calcium would figure in that statement. "Protective effect of myo-inositol hexaphosphate (phytate) on bone mass loss in postmenopausal women "
Tam G (4 months ago)
Also binds and removes calcium...
birage (8 months ago)
Binds and removes iron. Aka phytic acid.
TheBaRolExperience (9 months ago)
what about it?
misshearttree (1 year ago)
cucurma longa?
birage (8 months ago)
That also lowers iron levels, not sure if it binds it or what.
TheBaRolExperience (9 months ago)
what about it?
Lord Belcher IV (1 year ago)
I have the opposite - low ferritin. Not sure how to increase it, a I suspect I have absorption issues re the stomach.
robert putt (4 months ago)
Joni K. God Bless You for posting this. It is criminal that most doctors say normal ferritin is 170 to 380. Mine was 426.8 and it almost killed me. I have to get this out to everyone. I've had major problems for the past thirty two years, I got shot with a shot gun and still have all the pellets in my body. Lots of iron. The doctors could not figure out what is causing this Motor Neuron Disease. But by the Grace of God I found this YouTube video. As soon as I gave blood the muscle tremors stopped. I slept perfect for almost a week. It's slowly coming back but I know what to do now!! Thanks to you I know it should be Zero!!! Thank You Again. Your time has made a huge difference! Praying for you now! Lord please bless Joni. Amen!
Renée (8 months ago)
Sorry what is he saying car-cumin? I need to get it but not sure on the American pronunciation.
Joni K. (9 months ago)
Lord Belcher IV What is your ferritin level? ~~~ A few quotes from #55 Iron Toxicity article by Morley Robbins: "I am DONE with the incessant NONSENSE about Ferritin this, and Ferritin that… esp. from folks who try to tell me that their Thyroid Rx meds simply won’t work UNLESS their Ferritin is ~100 ng/mL… OMg! MAG me with a spoon!... Anyone who REALLY believes that deserves their Endocriminologist!... I realize that’s a bit offensive, but today I’m RE-DEFINING the Landscape of our understanding about the Copper<>Iron Dynamic… Let me share a recent conversation that I had with Sir Douglas B. Kell, PhD, Knighted in 2014 for his pioneering and penetrating research into Ferritin (“Iron Behaving Badly,” 2009a) and whose research lab is at the University of Manchester in Great Britain. It was an honor just to be able to spend some time with him, and also a bit humbling when I realized we were the SAME age! OMg!… (Where’s MY Knighthood?!?... ;-) ) And he had actually watched my video, liked it, and even said that I was “Spot on!” re the Pathogens & critters LIVING on that Iron… (YES!... Score one for the Mg Man!...) The highlight of the conversation, however, was when I asked him, point blank, what is the IDEAL level of Ferritin in the Serum?... With NO hesitation, he answered: “Zero!” I said, “Excuse me?...” Did you REALLY just say “Zero?!?”… And he simply smiled! I then pointed out, “Do you realize that you are in VIOLENT opposition with EVERY practitioner on this Planet who are OBSESSED with Ferritin levels?... He merely smiled, again… But he went on to comment: “Morley, Ferritin levels are NOT a sign of ‘Iron vitality.’ They are a sign of tissue PATHOPHYSIOLOGY. The ONLY time Ferritin shows up in the serum is when organ cells are breaking down. By the time that Ferritin protein shows up in the blood, the Iron inside it is likely ALREADY released. The Ferritin showing up in the blood is most likely the protein, WITHOUT the Iron!” My take on reflecting upon my conversation with Dr. Kell, as well as after reading this STUNNER of an article: • Ferritin does NOT belong in the serum, it should ONLY be found INSIDE the cell where it does it’s work to support the ongoing need for cellular Iron for proteins & Iron-Sulfur clusters. • When Ferritin does show up in the Serum, it is a sign of PATHOPHYSIOLOGY, not a sign of “Iron vitality!” Again, a complete reversal of what we have been TRAINED to beLIEve. And the article does add further insights to bring the article to a provocative close with this point: “It is possible that a Copper-containing enzyme, such as Ceruloplasmin, may play a role in Iron metabolism due to its Ferroxidase activity and its ability to load Iron into Ferritin.” (deSilva & Aust, 1992; Guo et al, 1996; Juan et al, 1997; Juan & Aust, 1998; Reilly et al, 1998; Reilly, 1999; Reilly & Aust, "
Jiří Hutečka (1 year ago)
NEVER TAKE MORE IRON. Go read Robbins work http://gotmag.org/the-root-cause-protocol/ you need to go ceruloplasmin tested. I guess is low.. So look at Robbins web what yhou need to do increase it. Magnesium, B vitamins, vitamin A(retinol). Stop vitD, stop Calcium etc.. good luck...

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