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Making a Circle-Cutting Jig for the Bandsaw

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(As several people have pointed out, cutting the handle on the bandsaw the way I did wasn't wise; it was actually a spanner-type handle where you can pull on it to loosen and rotate it as pointed out in a considerate comment by Darren below. I had even checked in the manual before cutting it, but that didn't offer any insight. I think it's still worth keeping the video posted to show my mistake(s) so others can learn from them, but I appreciate when comments are helpful rather than judgmental.) I want to work on another bowl, so I decided that I should make a circle-cutting jig. Now that I have a bandsaw, I just need a jig to rotate the wood in order to help cut it into circular shapes. This saves work on the lathe and is a bit less scary than having a piece of wood with sharp corners spinning at you!
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Allen Oxendine (6 months ago)
Thanks for sharing, I just purchased a lathe and am looking for ideas to help along my learning process...
The Unlucky Woodworker (6 months ago)
+Allen Oxendine Lathes are a lot of fun! I'd recommend starting with smaller projects like pens, mallets, replacing old tool handles, etc. to get a feel for the machine. There are also a bunch of great kits out there for making things like pizza cutters and screwdrivers, which make wonderful gifts.
AlexnSue1 (6 months ago)
I dunno about 20 seconds in... I was shaking my head at 1:20 though. Being unlucky is one thing, but enabling accidents to happen is another. Even not knowing anything about that machine, I would have undone the screw holding the handle on and repositioned the handle, not cut the handle. If you don't know how machinery works find out before you dive in. Power tools don't care what they cut! They might be designed to cut/sand/grind wood or metal, but will just as happily chew through flesh and bone. Perhaps with a little thought you can change from being The Unlucky Woodworker to The Careful Woodworker. Here's a little gem for you... measure twice, cut once. It will save you a lot of heartache later on.
The Unlucky Woodworker (6 months ago)
The screw was captive, so it wasn't a matter of just unscrewing it and the manual didn't have any info about adjusting the handle (it ended up being a spanner-type as mentioned in a Darren's useful and considerate comment about a year ago).
Theodore Bowers (1 year ago)
I'm 70 years old man been around equipment pretty much my life . learned a lot of this myself... but I was around people and learns how to run equipment safely 20 seconds into your video you scared me already please before you get hurt cut off a finger or something has somebody teach you how to use that table salsa and what you did today bandsaw you just ruined it Go on YouTube it'll show you how to do all that stuff I'm not saying you're stupid or not everybody going somewhere
Theodore Bowers (1 year ago)
That's very cool I'm just concerned about safety congratulations it's wonderful to see you young man go after something that he dreams and good luck watch your fingers
Wow, I scared you twenty seconds in? I can't imagine how fearful you must have been when I actually finished the introduction and started using tools. ;) But in all seriousness, my channel is about being a beginning woodworker and learning from my mistakes. It can be challenging, especially knowing that I'm posting videos showing my mistakes and people who have never made a video will come by and say, "you screwed up," but I think showing the process of learning is important. If you want to give useful, constructive feedback in the future, consider reading Darren's comment below that explains my mistake with the spanner-like tensioning knob for an example.
Theodore Bowers (1 year ago)
I watch the video for 20 seconds and you scare me you better have somebody to your head operate equipment through you're going to get hurt
Theodore Bowers (1 year ago)
I cannot believe you cut that off you push and pull back and it comes out and you read the directions to go online you just screwed it up
Thanks for sharing! By the way, you didn't have to cut off a piece of that little handle on your bandsaw. These types of handles are actually more like spanners, you turn it a little and then pull the handle out towards you which allows you to rotate the handle backwards freely before going for another rotation forward of the nut. Think of it as a fixed spanner!
Well., in a way you have simplified it! hehe
+Darren McCarthy Musica Ah, that makes a lot more sense, oops!
Glenn Felpel (1 year ago)
Nice work on the fixture, Thank you for sharing this.l
+Glenn Felpel Thanks! It could probably use some improvement, but it was a good first try. It also works a lot better with a thinner blade than I had at that time.

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