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Martavis Bryant Benched Over 'Social Media'

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Following his latest social media outburst, Martavis Bryant has found his way to the bench for Sunday's game.
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Pearl Harbor (8 months ago)
Funny how you can bench Bryant for social media, but let AB record the locker room live on social media.
Connie B (8 months ago)
Pearl Harbor AB didn't disparage a teammate.
Omega Man (8 months ago)
Pearl Harbor oh.... burn!!! 🔥🔥🔥👍
Pearl Harbor (8 months ago)
Kenny Omega’s momma is an idiot
Omega Man (8 months ago)
Pearl Harbor Cuz Antonio Brown is the fucking best wide out in the league idiot
Mott Knil (8 months ago)
Too bad his coach isn't white he could file a discrimination suit for keeping the black man down.
Connie B (8 months ago)
Mott Knil race not involved here. Obviously you don't get racism to try and bring it in here.

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