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4 Common Camping Myths

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No, you can't share my tent. We debunk some common camping myths you may hear in the woods. ___ Check this out!!! http://ratedred.tv/youtube ___ For all of today's stories head over to: http://www.RatedRed.com Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/realratedred Twitter - http://twitter.com/realratedred Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/realratedred AC - Abby Casey; IG/Twitter - @acoutdoors PE - Paxton Elrod; IG/Twitter - @paxton_elrod AM - Amanda Mertz; IG/Twitter - @amandamertz AB - Alabama Boss; IG/Twitter - @realalabamaboss ___
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Text Comments (131)
Loni King (24 minutes ago)
Those fake tits got me like....
Larry Kramer (4 hours ago)
A camper got a poisonous snake bite on his penis while relieving himself behind a tree. He asked his friend to call the doctor to find out what to do, and the doctor said to suck the venom out. "What did the doctor say?", said the victim. "He said you are going to die", said the friend.
King Trap (4 hours ago)
She has competition from other channels 🤔trust me she&he knows that Pussy showing and phat😂she refuses to stand any other way👈🏽 she loves the comments 💯and we love her😍😘😋
Drifter Chance (4 hours ago)
A 3 man tent is just big enough for me to store gear watch dog water for us and what ever I may need
Cuttingtorch (5 hours ago)
ehh.. i think ill camp on the other side of the river so i dont have to constantly hear Amandas "wrong" talk..
CHALK772 (5 hours ago)
My tent just pitched itself. Standing up fine!
Mako N (5 hours ago)
Difference between lesbians and men: we can appreciate a beautiful woman without being rude and blatantly disrespectful. The comments here treat her as a piece of meat. Is that the world you want your daughters to grow up in?
Mako N (4 hours ago)
That makes zero sense. Lesbians and bisexuals are not the same. Also, it seems you have a lot to learn about vaginas 😂
King Trap (4 hours ago)
Mako N I love lesbians too who are nothing but bisexuals😋😘😍 they have the best pussy🍆🍑💦👀💯😂
Hugo Godinez (5 hours ago)
Omg! She is beautiful!
101Workingman (5 hours ago)
Fuck her rite in the pussy!
ldc5238 (7 hours ago)
You don't think she's dressed that way for views? ..........Naaa
Leo Becerra (7 hours ago)
That soap one was new to me.
D 5 (8 hours ago)
She's a bitch!! Just do porn already slutt!!!
juniortat5908 (8 hours ago)
That gap though.... 😍😍👅👅💦💦
M.Thompson (8 hours ago)
i would like to camp on that GAP
David Hall (9 hours ago)
Large fake tits cannot, contrary to popular belief, be used as a flotation device.
Chris Gilliam Trapping (7 hours ago)
David Hall Nope, but they have other uses. 😉
E vazkee (12 hours ago)
Looks like she has a butt plug in.
E vazkee (12 hours ago)
I already know how to camp. Just clicked for the hot chick.
Chris Gilliam Trapping (7 hours ago)
E vazkee So did 32k other guys so far. Including me. 😂😂😂
George HIlbish (12 hours ago)
Do you really think any guys are paying attention to whatever you’re talking about? We just wanna see the camel toe baby....
HD Anonymous (13 hours ago)
Lol you gotta learn to deal with sleeping next to people. You're just sad
H3llRayzor (16 hours ago)
What did she say? Anybody? No? I have no idea...
X S (16 hours ago)
Jim F (16 hours ago)
Who the hell doesn't know this?
Robert Pate (17 hours ago)
OMG can we all just grow up?
mixflip (17 hours ago)
I'm here to read the comments...que the pervs....
Joe Hopp (17 hours ago)
Camping for dummies!#!😀
Hawaiian Joe (20 hours ago)
BWANA BWANA (20 hours ago)
Another myth is that Amanda likes you boy ! She is my little squishy ! 😋
PABLO HERNANDEZ (20 hours ago)
Dammit girl is hot
Chef_Nick 302 (22 hours ago)
She curved the hell out of the guy 😂
blah blah (22 hours ago)
sc1212able (1 day ago)
Alabama thigh gap meets Florida Gators, bring it on Amanda
Chris Gilliam Trapping (7 hours ago)
sc1212able Is she from Bama?
Jody Smith (1 day ago)
That 2 person tent would turn into a 3 person by morning 😂👶
John Kugelfischer (1 day ago)
thumbs down. What stupid shit. Oh, but she's showing it all, ain't she? Cheap whorish way to get eyeballs. Fuck off
Joe Nobles (1 day ago)
LMAO funny post thanks Amanda need a 4 person tent
alizilla1 (1 day ago)
Look at the fuckin snatch patch on her. I would happily spend a weekend camping in that.
Adrian Haddock (1 day ago)
I Googled rated red and tube. This is what came up. It is a challenging fap but I do like camping.
Trace Ries (2 days ago)
Slim ticccccccc
William Westrope (2 days ago)
Trolls! Another myth is the comfort degree rating on your sleeping bag. These ratings are arbitrary and unregulated. The manufacturer determines the rating and it a can vary greatly.
Rowdy Broomstick (2 days ago)
Who likes that peach flavored candy that you eat till it gushes in your mouth, juicy lips or something like that 🤤🤔
Chris Gilliam Trapping (7 hours ago)
Rowdy Broomstick Everyone.
RedWhite&Blue 78 (2 days ago)
She can go backpacking with me in my one man tent, any day.
Mikey Mike (2 days ago)
Isn't Amanda the chick who pulled an all night black cock anal fucking fest????? She would take black cock after black cock up her ass RAW........ She is one big ass freak...... with the Jungle Fever
Chris Gilliam Trapping (7 hours ago)
Mikey Mike Was that her?!?!? 🤔🤔🤔
jason Geer (2 days ago)
You're a man of course you're going to be wrong until you want to be single!
captain fragger (1 day ago)
jason Geer no doubt
Kevin Hamer (2 days ago)
If you're not going to teach me anything, at least take your top off so your video entertains me.
William Henley (2 hours ago)
There’s no way she would take her top off for someone like you
jody howell (2 days ago)
Dear Lord, you could drive a Semi through that gap! Not that I would have a semi if I were near her. ;-P
In Afrikaans we say, " dis tussen die maer riete waar die groot paddas le", love the show.
richystar2001 (5 days ago)
I'll go camping with her. She looks like what the new Laura Croft should have looked like.
Mudbone gaming (5 days ago)
Someone call the cops. This girls ass was stolen.
GIZMO (5 days ago)
Now that’s one gap I wouldn’t mind getting stuck in
Malik Enterprise (5 days ago)
This video is a Trash fire. -_-
Ethan Rix (5 days ago)
What’s the big deal about her thigh gap. Yeah she’s pretty but y’all are being disrespectful
Bro Brah (5 days ago)
dont forget to bring cocaine
Rowdy Broomstick (2 days ago)
Bro Brah well because sometimes when I pitch a tent I pitch that shit all night long, lol 😂👊💪
Psychosick23 (5 days ago)
I like camping so much I'm pitching a tent right now
Pacheco Pacheco (6 hours ago)
Psychosick23 lol
Chris Gilliam Trapping (7 hours ago)
Psychosick23 I just hope it's not a two MAN tent...
H3llRayzor (16 hours ago)
Gangster LOL...
Rowdy Broomstick (2 days ago)
Psychosick23 lol 😂 that's hilarious 😂 that's 👊😎👍
i love you Amanda!
Russell Simpson (5 days ago)
I'm almost ashamed to admit that I had to watch this video 8 times to finally hear everything. Amanda is such a beautiful young woman..
Gray Rook (6 days ago)
My favorite myths have always been, the " moss only grows on the west side of a tree." and "fall down and play dead if you see a bear"
jimaros69 (6 days ago)
All y'all...
Yeti8it (6 days ago)
OMG Amanda is SO HOT !!! I would camp with her ANYTIME !
Magic Unicorn (6 days ago)
its all Common Sense unless you're a fucking idiot
dustin (6 days ago)
I say half on the number on the tint.  I have a 12 person, it's just right for my family of 5
I'd would love to go camping with Amanda it would be fu*cking intense
Johnny Robinson (6 days ago)
The one good thing about these comments is that I now know I'm not the only pervert
GIZMO (5 days ago)
Johnny Robinson Nothing about it is pervert we were hard wired like that. If we hadn’t we probably wouldn’t be here today.
Justin (6 days ago)
I wake up every morning with a tent pitched.
Steve V (6 days ago)
I heard a old campfire tale that..... If Miss Amanda sleeps in a tent with me.....in 4 or 5 months her tummy will start growing.....and will grow for months......😍😱
you wish (9 hours ago)
Steve V wtf
Fox Mulder (6 days ago)
Friend zoned! xD
Joels vlogs (6 days ago)
Look at that thigh gap ohh lord I'm in love
Chris Gilliam Trapping (7 hours ago)
Fraser Connell You wouldn't turn her down tho. 😂😂😂
JP Stone (8 hours ago)
Not a fan. Typically a fair odometer of horns plowed before yea.
Fraser Connell (11 hours ago)
Is it even real??..I'm sure she had inflate to 35 p.s.i. tattooed on it's latex ear lobe..,. I'm just saying 🙊🙊
Joels vlogs (15 hours ago)
Jim F I dont know but shes has the body and Physic for it
Jim F (15 hours ago)
Joels vlogs no denying she is hot though. I think she does some modelling.
Dakota Ducks TV (6 days ago)
Id love to be in a two person tent with her
mike gonzo (6 days ago)
Flash Boyer (2 days ago)
Exactly right
YouMockMe (6 days ago)
You stupid white male
Charles Eye (6 days ago)
A two-person tent is for two people who want to huddle together for...warmth.
sean peterson (6 days ago)
“You can’t get poison ivy from the vines, just the leaves”
David Robinson (6 days ago)
Good call on the nitrogen! As a microbial ecologist, I’m super impressed with the catch. Great video
Richard Clark (6 days ago)
This video makes my shorts tight...
scoped wrecker (6 days ago)
Amanda, I love camping. I am camping king. And none of this RV shit. That isn't camping.
Jimmy Turner (6 days ago)
Why is she standing like that the entire video? Lol it looks like she's in ain. Like she hurt her lower back and can't stand up straight and her legs won't close lolololol. I mean you can see the thigh gap and tits better.
Jimmy Turner (6 days ago)
I like how she's wearing really tight pants.
dmdcoogan (6 days ago)
Myth: tent camping is fun
dmdcoogan (6 days ago)
Charles Eye God no, I prefer luxurious suites!
Charles Eye (6 days ago)
Actually, that's called an opinion. I'm assuming you prefer to "rough it" at the Holiday Inn Express.
乇volve Outdoors (6 days ago)
Lot of chigger myths, like '' they burrow in your skin '' ( they don't ) '' '' Chiggers live in spanish moss in the trees '' ( only if its on the ground ). Others are '' '' Smoke from the campfire makes the Chiggers come down the tree ( they don't climb trees ) '' Venomous snakes have a triangular head '' ( there are several non venomous snakes that have triangular shaped heads, and some even mimic the tail rattle ). '' '' Moss only grows on the north side of trees '' ( no ) '' Daddy longlegs are the most poisonous spiders but their fangs are too tiny to bite you '' ( they're not even spiders ) '' Most of body heat is lost through your head '' ( less than 10% )
Malik Enterprise (2 days ago)
乇volve Outdoors good job, except that this video was about getting views... Not actual "camping myths"
Benjamin Peterson (6 days ago)
Negative STANK!
Jonathan Rivera (6 days ago)
All I know is that puss is tight
101Workingman (5 hours ago)
Pussy grip ninja
Pacheco Pacheco (6 hours ago)
Jonathan Rivera it looks intense.
Toto Battotosai (6 days ago)
Fucking savage comment!!! I love this!
Dan Easterwood (6 days ago)
Pick up your trash.
Chris Mallory (6 days ago)
Why you always have the same thing on
seekernot lost (6 days ago)
It's actually a coat of paint
Liquid Solids (6 days ago)
Seems like you're the only one complaining...
Samuel FlaBra (6 days ago)
What I've learned from this video: Titties.
matt henderson (1 day ago)
Mikey Mike is that true? She was a pornster?
Mikey Mike (2 days ago)
Isn't Amanda the chick who pulled an all night black cock anal fucking fest????? She would take black cock after black cock up her ass RAW........ She is one big ass freak...... with the Jungle Fever
4 the Lulz (6 days ago)
bulletproof12 (6 days ago)
Feel bad for Luke, loses consistently at fishing to Ashley and then gets rejected by Amanda. Keep on the fight bruh.
Mikey Mike (2 days ago)
Isn't Amanda the chick who pulled an all night black cock anal fucking fest????? She would take black cock after black cock up her ass RAW........ She is one big ass freak...... with the Jungle Fever
Rated Red (5 days ago)
He's a big boy. He can handle it lol
Charles Eye (6 days ago)
big smoke (6 days ago)
Her and Mr. Brown got along famously
MOPARGuy (6 days ago)
Mind the gap.
rock star2345 (6 days ago)
MOPARGuy that's one gap I wouldn't mind getting stuck in
my Kirk (6 days ago)
I thought it'd be like the most annoying m************ on the planet
Paradigm (6 days ago)
im laying this pipe here
Lawrence Green Apple (6 days ago)
J B (6 days ago)
Am I first

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