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Smoking vs Vaping

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Text Comments (16533)
nightcore DEVI (3 hours ago)
Ok į vape im 12 į dont feel bad but i do have a headake once in a wile but į wont stop
It’s Fiz (9 hours ago)
stop smoking start vaping
Shaktiraj Parmar (20 hours ago)
Vats P (21 hours ago)
So. Is. Vaping. Healthier. Than. Smoking?.
burgesso do caralho (1 day ago)
I smoke asbestos. What are you, sissy or something?
Jasmin (1 day ago)
Chill. Coke is even more dangerous lol and That’s a drink
EmelolMLG MLG (2 days ago)
for vape there is no water in it it's glycerin, propylene glycol, flavor and nicotine
Another Brick (2 days ago)
He made it 4:20 long
Solomon (3 days ago)
I vape and smoke weed.
Falcone (3 days ago)
D O Y O U W A N N A B U Y S O M E D E A T H S T I C K S + 10 points if you get the reference
Michael Echeverria (3 days ago)
Fun fact, both normally contain nicotine the majority of the time.
Foxer604 (3 days ago)
Ummmm... it wasn't 'hundreds' of workers in the popcorn factory that got "popcorn lung". It was 8. Slight exaggeration there. And subsequent studies of the issue have cast serious doubt as to whether or not it had anything to do with diacetyl , as there were just as many workers affected who were never exposed to the diacetyl as there were those who were. In any case, most manufacturers disclose if they use diacetyl now or not, so you can pick accordingly. The majority of e-juice does not have it. I realize this is an older video and we've learned much since 2015, but there are some serious errors in this information as presented based on what we know today.
Rafael Hernandez (3 days ago)
I LOVE KCAS (5 days ago)
diacetyl is no more used
FRISKIEE HarneZZ (5 days ago)
Get out of here popcorn lungs
JAB games58 (6 days ago)
Yes it is possible but there are no cases of any kind that someone has gotten popcorn lung from vaping just saying
Gross Alex (6 days ago)
What if you just stop smokin
Legoat (6 days ago)
and vaping without nicotine is even slightly more better.
Aiden (7 days ago)
What has weed got to do with vaping?
Unathletic Gamers (7 days ago)
#staywoke guys.
Alycia TheVlogger (7 days ago)
Does e-liquid always have nicotine
Sam Samuel (7 days ago)
What happens if a person release cigarette smoke through nose? ?? Please make a research on that
Tyler stclair (8 days ago)
Do a video on THC dabs
Brayden k. Dragon (8 days ago)
I was one of those non smokers and vapers until I graduated, all my friends kept doing it. They were in school still plus they didn't even care if they were graduated. I waited and held my promise from elementary all the way up until I graduated.
Ek (9 days ago)
Is it true that nicotine isn't bad for you at all, basically a nootropic? And that the things that give you cancer are the other substances in tobacco?
Elias Damli (9 days ago)
There is no water in vape juice. If you inhaled the steam from boiling water you would probably get burnt lungs and brobably hurt yourself insanely. There is propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine in e-juice mixed with some flavour.
MuddyCatfish (9 days ago)
just do both, that way you don't have to worry about the other.
Prince William (10 days ago)
I saw the vaporizor is meant to heat things up without reaching combustion. Theoretically there should be no smoke. Well I have a dab pen that always runs on 350 volts and lots of smoke comes out with each hit. Is this something I should try to avoid by getting a pen that runs on lower volts. Does all the smoke mean I am essentially burning the wax?
: NicholEskeetit : (10 days ago)
talking about weed *run time is **4:20* *dude, nice*
Eddy Conejo II (10 days ago)
Everyone is saying that the video is 4 min 20 sec long, but it is 4 min 19 sec...
Aliyhah Bailey (11 days ago)
vape is better and it has a very good smell to it too I love vape
Aliyhah Bailey (11 days ago)
I only smoke vape with my friend's
vlad2341 (12 days ago)
Should I call the police?
vlad2341 (12 days ago)
Why does he has solid marijuana at him?
Yvonne Sun (12 days ago)
Will Bowen15 (12 days ago)
English please
Sergej Nadaždin (12 days ago)
Video length 4:20 lol so ironic
Soo-Jin Johns (13 days ago)
Oscar Ramirez (13 days ago)
Jay Ferguson (13 days ago)
It’s all nasty 🤢
e m ø t i ø n s (13 days ago)
My mom vaped before but now she doesnt anymore? Idk she doesnt smoke LIKE EVERDAY she not addicted so thats good :)
Keytee Chan (13 days ago)
So it's still better to vape than smoke?
Mr. Pickle jar (13 days ago)
Adriauna Xx (14 days ago)
No nicotine vaping?
Salty Sasha (14 days ago)
*smells something sweet* Oooh did someone bring donuts? *turns corner* No, its just Chad and his cloud of LIES
Ayomide Femi (14 days ago)
Next time please speak english
Jonathan Evoy (15 days ago)
lol this video 4:20 long
Mango Pulp (16 days ago)
Both are autistic
GUYS stop smokeing i dont want anyone die
420 Macedonia (17 days ago)
Nicken (18 days ago)
back in 2016 when people were worried if vaping was dangreous... fastforward to 2018 where people are eating tide pods.
Esi KS21 (18 days ago)
Its beyond comparison with a stupidly harmful normal cigarette! Even if vaping were more harmful(which isn't!) I would still choose vaping cause it doesn't destroy my teeth, my throat, and doesn't kill my tastebuds and it actually tastes damn good! And also I don't have nicotine stained fingers after smoking and no more coldness in the tip of fingers! So hell yeah it's better than that stinky shit! At least vaping has a good smell and taste eh!🤗
// Nexeleon \\ (18 days ago)
"when smoking normally the heat from fire causes substances to change from a solid state to a vapor" why are all of these filled with just as much misinformation as pro-substance sources? unrelated to the video in question but the same lazy types sources say things like "tobacco contains carbon monoxide" "tobacco is not addictive, its the nicotine in tobacco"
der Tod (18 days ago)
lol 4:20
Raj Athanandh (20 days ago)
My friend in grade 6 smokes vape bro
Shane is cute (21 days ago)
*smoking can make you die easier* good
Marco Stuff and things (21 days ago)
as a person that has asthma they both arent good for you as i can tell people that smoke or vape form 50feet away as i almost always start coughing
RepartusS (21 days ago)
ジョネーJonét (21 days ago)
A "base"?
Meghan Luyao (21 days ago)
Wait a minute wait a minute. I just went to the store and bought eye drops and the active ingredient is "propylene glycol, which... is known to cause irritation to the eyes..." I'm confused. If it causes eye irritation, why is it in my eye drops????
SkyHollow (22 days ago)
Vape nashe
Band Geek 101 (23 days ago)
My favorite part of the video is 4:20
Carlos Sijabat (23 days ago)
0:39 Smoke Weed Everyday meme
Mainick Tijanic (23 days ago)
Wait Elon is a genius? What did he invent?
Default Dot (23 days ago)
Did anyone notice the video is 4:20 long!?😂
DieBox76 Box (24 days ago)
u dont need necotin in liquid
Valkanek (24 days ago)
I'm sensing Subie drivers... Vaype Naysh.
Ben Whalley (24 days ago)
The length of the video 😶😶😎
WhyteLis21 (25 days ago)
Lets be honest here e cigs are just another substitute for regular cigs. But that does not solve the problem entirely no matter where you stand on e cigs. Both can be just as bad. So I'm guessing scientist have to wait for someone to die from e cigs to know whats bad unfortunately. Sad really.
Alex Lps (25 days ago)
Vaping can still harm you
mudly mondy (25 days ago)
Don’t start smoking kids😐
Shadow Fiend (25 days ago)
is there pussy flavor e-juice?
commen sense talk (26 days ago)
The video is 420 long
Mattman5677 (26 days ago)
It’s 4:20 min long
Ramen Noodles (26 days ago)
Mexican Bilbo Baggins (27 days ago)
Um no bud. Only 8 people got popcorn lung from the factory. Learn your facts
tyler t (27 days ago)
It's also completely freebase nicotine. Which means you have to inhale far less vapor to get the same amount of nicotine as you would from smoke.
thatsmyklaine (28 days ago)
i thought about trying vape once but after this i change my mind. im not even disappointed.
Michelle Rose 🌹 (28 days ago)
I’m here for a good one, not a long one.
Michelle Rose 🌹 (28 days ago)
I love how the vid is 4:20 minutes long
Rhine (29 days ago)
So if I vape weed Im good?+
Cringe Paradise (29 days ago)
*elongated muskrat*
LPS Katty Kat (29 days ago)
There both not good there is no better one
Gabriel Lopez (29 days ago)
Lol it ends at 4:20
Ava Diaz (1 month ago)
I love how the video is 4:20 long
Wes The Gaming Guy (1 month ago)
Nowadays, everyone has a vape, even your cousins dog
Husam Jameel (1 month ago)
what is the difference between them two and hookah ?
THC nore like thicc Video is 4:20 minutes long.
3arth Chatter (1 month ago)
Sir Doggo (1 month ago)
What if the person is inhaling “Natural Cigarettes?”
Emma Val (1 month ago)
Good drawing!!
Dorian McNeal (1 month ago)
4:20 *What's he smokin*
The Laker Family (1 month ago)
just do neither and we'll all be fine!
Hope Channel (1 month ago)
Dear @asapscience, You are only talking about the nic products not the no nic products and there isnt enough liquid to travel to your lungs to actually harm you there for vaping is alot safer for you
CreeperTheKing Creeper (1 month ago)
Bat what if you use an special vaping thing i dont know how it is caled were you need to put the battery some coils and cotton bat you use some fruit flavor If you understund what i say And sory for my english
MMM (1 month ago)
I see a lot of people in my school vaping, they should know that they are 6 times more likely to become a smoker than me. *_"I oNLy dO It fOR tHe FlaVOrs"_*
Chetnik 035 (1 month ago)
Make cigs cool again 😳
Drunkinpumpkin Tuber (1 month ago)
Both of them sucks bro 4.20(^_^)
Adam David's Oddities (1 month ago)
I prefer smoking a pipe with aromatic tobacco.
Zeke Polaris (1 month ago)
A friend of mine's had a vape, it grew shrooms in his lungs. Will these shrooms get us high?

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