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16-year-old shot, killed at Converse apartment

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CONVERSE, Texas - A Converse teen was shot and killed Sunday afternoon, minutes after telling his family he was going to meet up with "some people" at the same apartment complex where he lived.Police were called to the Town Square Apartments just after 1 p.m.and found Reginald Adams had been shot in the head.Paramedics attempted to save him, but Adams was pronounced dead at the scene.Residents told officers they heard at least two gunshots, and saw a red four-door Dodge driving away.Adams’ mother said her son told her she was going across the complex to meet up with some people.Police said they are still trying to determine what led to the shooting.16 yo killed in Converse apartment complex parking lot after being shot in the head pic.twitter.com/n4rSyE8PPo — Garrett Brnger (@BrngerReports) November 19, 2017 Copyright 2017 by KSAT - All rights reserved.
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jagboy66 (8 months ago)
Both kids that were shot this week went to my school. R.I.P Reggie & Noel❤🙏
Brisa and soly (7 months ago)
Reggie was my brothers friend and they've been friends since Reggie was 3 years old we miss you Reggie r.i.p❤️🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Tanaya Elise (8 months ago)
jagboy66 O
jagboy66 (8 months ago)
Tanaya Elise Noel went to veterans, he came from judson
Tanaya Elise (8 months ago)
jagboy66 they went to Judson high school

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