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Erie Is Snow Weary As Northern U.S. Gets Stuck In Winter's Icy Grip

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Bitter cold weather has taken hold of much of the northern United States, and Erie, Pa., gets inundated with snow; CBS's DeMarco Morgan reports.
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Vartilak Novehestum (5 months ago)
I remember going to school during a blizzard with 8 feet of snow in NYC during the 50s. There was no NANNY State of An Emergency! Just put on snow chains and keep moving!
Travel To The World (5 months ago)
Thanks for upload amazing experience
vern wallen (5 months ago)
I went to Erie once and it was closed.I never went back.wahahahha
Rei Lea (6 months ago)
Hmm, so much for global warming...mawahahaha!!
Stone N Shorty (6 months ago)
This is normal winter! NOT news! Now ask why they report normal winter and not world NEWS!
JArvus ff (6 months ago)
Wooo time for snowmobiles!!!
Patonki (6 months ago)
ooh I would love that!
Herbie Schwartz (6 months ago)
SEE, Trump solved the global warning crisis! Eat shit Al Gore!
below me (6 months ago)
damn that global warming!
Tommy O Donovan (6 months ago)
PS 400 (6 months ago)
That's a loader not a dozer. Dummy
Kacperczak & (6 months ago)
learn how to ski :)
Big Trouble (6 months ago)
Yes I went by Minnehaha Falls yesterday it's gorgeous.
Tom Slak (6 months ago)
30 year old man "I've never seen it like this!" as if he's been alive for hundreds/thousands of years. Every natural phenomenon has people saying the same thing.
Northern farmer (6 months ago)
Id take half of that snow here in Western Canada!!!!
PatienceMelissa (6 months ago)
How beautiful... your pics are... but hope everyone stays safe with strong winds, snow, and freezing temps!
Doc Tom (6 months ago)
Well, Barrack declared war on Mother Nature. Maybe he should have picked a fight he could win.
twin boyz (6 months ago)
Quit your whining
Zoea Zsss (6 months ago)
Global warming,, ha ha ha
Aa Glad (6 months ago)
yeaaaa globalization is over.
the rooster (6 months ago)
Could sure use some global warming about now. SUCKERS. They're stealing your money
blackwingA520 (6 months ago)
Some cities shut down when they get 3 inches of snow, not here in Erie, we're tough.
Bigscott Vee (6 months ago)
Media usually uses Buffalo of the example for a lot of snow,,,,,HAHAHA what they consider a snow storm, us in up state NY consider a dusting. Go NW of Buffalo and then youll really see a lot of snow.
b deep (6 months ago)
Wish mn would get that kind of snow
Hank Henry (6 months ago)
Ah, yes, the old days are back!
Joel Martin (6 months ago)
I thought these guys get snow like this every year? I thought they were used to it. I guess I'm thinking about buffalo NY.
9 Music (6 months ago)
Nice video
Military Museum (6 months ago)
Global warming, yea.
Cory Coulter (6 months ago)
Wish we had that snow up here in Canada for snowmobiling
looseballs1966 (6 months ago)
Lived in Erie back in 1976, I was about 12 then, it was cool then as a kid but somehow now that I am older and live where we don't get much cold or snow I can't say I miss what happens there in the winter LOL
ron dill (6 months ago)
And then it will FLOOD when it all melts !!! WTF!!!
ron dill (6 months ago)
There aint no snow there... Remember the Global Warming!! Can't be any Snow there!! 5 feet, Now way.... Global warming won't let that happen now will it!! Damn, I bet there is more ICE up North than there has been in years because of Global Warming!! Hahahahahahahaha WTF!!
Maynard (6 months ago)
Looks like my old home area in Northern Cape Breton.We are used to that type of weather.
I drove through that when the snow storm was coming it was on a standstill on the highway it was unbelievable
juciê silva rbs (6 months ago)
*glacial period*
Scott Foster (6 months ago)
Let it Snow Let it Snow!!
jeepman012 (6 months ago)
You Lucky people, all we had so far is 2 inches, Our snow is wet and icy, yours is beautiful dry Powder, Please send some over to England, X
5point3LitersOfLove (6 months ago)
Funny looking bull dozer. lol
F Huber (6 months ago)
Every year... Its what they get for living in the lake effect snow area. And its still not as much snow as the winter of 1949
ron landman (6 months ago)
seen by ron l from the netherlands
Land Legion (6 months ago)
And these mfs talk about Cleveland winters lol
101southsideboy (6 months ago)
where is that guy from I thought all east coast TV and radio stations started with a "W"
biff322 (6 months ago)
Pittsburgh. KDKA used to be WDTV back in the early 50's. What you said is generally true, but there are a few exceptions.
Sponge850 Bobette (6 months ago)
Here in the Montreal area the temparature is
Joe Kowalski (6 months ago)
Global warming is bullshit
Joe Kowalski (6 months ago)
Chem trails government controlled. Hurricane Harvey now this. They need to stop!
ron dill (6 months ago)
Oh but the BIG Companies get Carbon Points for doing Chem trails so they can Pollute MORE!!!! WTF!!
Doug DiPlacido (6 months ago)
You need to stop dreaming of conspiracies. You might just have a better life.
bestamerica (6 months ago)
' white snowy is a soo beautifully winter season of weather... keep going snowy snowy snowy until spring season
Endriena (6 months ago)
Hell no, i hope it melt before winter is over.
bestamerica (6 months ago)
hi DW... ohh sorry about that cold snowy cause healthly problem... better keep warm clothes and heater warm home
Dennis Whiter (6 months ago)
It's TOO cold!!! It does hurt - when ir's this cold my old bones hurt!
bestamerica (6 months ago)
Dennis White NO!!! - LOL ' hi DW... what NO for... snow is a not harm = not hurt
again Russian are guilty
Hugo Sabato (6 months ago)
Global warming sounds pretty good right now!
Mark Garraway (6 months ago)
The mini ice age is just getting going, hang on folks were in for one hell of a ride!
Markus Pekkonen (6 months ago)
Mark Garraway yes its true and weather start golder year 2021>>>
1013den (6 months ago)
And this is how we clear the snow off the roof :) https://youtu.be/7Y7bVJKj-x4
BirdsofPrey1956 (6 months ago)
Silence from the global warming flock of liberal sheep .
randomguy5990 (6 months ago)
That's not what global warming means
Markus Pekkonen (6 months ago)
BirdsofPrey1956 ok. What is this in south Finland we have now only water in winter . Strange weather i think. When i was kid we get snow in south Finland.
Doug DiPlacido (6 months ago)
Global warming warms the oceans which drive the weather. The cold is driven down here by the air that rises from the warmer oceans. You might want to get your head out of your butt and do some studying on just what global warming actually is.
7islander (6 months ago)
BirdsofPrey1956 The liberal sheep know what Global warming is. Obviously you don't.
Jim Duffin (6 months ago)
Live erie. Most people are not even phased. 4x4, snowblower normal
Orvpogi Alter (6 months ago)
Ice age is comin
Duncan Smith (5 months ago)
Orvpogi Alter it's the opposite in California....
L K (6 months ago)
Both of you are idiots! Global warming...is measurments taken on a global scale. Remember the massive fires in California, Washington state, montana. over 80 died in those fires. Climate change is absorbing more mouisture and as a result, more WARMER snow can fall.
ron dill (6 months ago)
Yeah, they will blame that on Global Warming Too !!! Hahahahahahahahaha
Jeffrey Bull (6 months ago)
The Gulf Stream, (not the car or jet, ) is slowing down=cold winters.
Doug DiPlacido (6 months ago)
And just what regulates the speed of the gulf stream?
andy artin (6 months ago)
oh mini hahahahahahaha

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