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Find A/C Evaporator Core Leak Easily

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The Snap-on NK8500 Digital Wireless Video Scope with the add-on UV camera/wand in use, on the job, making life simpler. In the old days we might use a detector to "sniff out" the presence of refridgerant entering the cabin through hvac vents and confirm a leaking A/C evaporator core. Today we can easily employ more advanced technology to prove even smaller, previously undetectable leaks. Often under UV light refridgerant dye can be found in the external condensation drain tube - with this particular vehicle, the drain tube offered no reveal but more immediate access to the core proved "illuminating."
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Eduardo Gutierrez (17 days ago)
This is what I like about you're channel there all sorts of topics and advice.
J C (20 days ago)
why it leaking tho
Johnny Schiesser (20 days ago)
I have the same truck. A/C just happens to be not working as well lol nice video
Chosen Won (20 days ago)
Now we're talking. Something that is interesting and helpful. Now please cut the long run on sentences. Thanks for staying clothed. This is real gear and not some code word for bodybuilding dope.
I've done so many of these now all I have to do is just smell right inside the vent and if I smell Freon I know that's where it's coming from especially if it's not anywhere outside in the engine bay. We did like 5 evaporators in F250s this week
Spaniard Prince (20 days ago)
Thank you for the knowledge!
Nicholas Maddalena (21 days ago)
"What if it's not that simple?" What if your in my yard and you enter a twilight zone episode and everything is fucking whack lol ...why is every mechanical journey I take like an episode of the of the twilight zone? It's like..."well the other side is a 10mm but side uses 12mm wtf" Or "the manual says remove the top 3 bolts...I have 5 bolts...wtf" Or "this is a brand new tire why is it going flat again? Is the rim fucked up?" Or "pcv lines should be connected to top of valve covers...what the fuck mine are completely rotted off? Guessing I don't need PCV lines or a pcv valve " lolololol Yeah I have the 5.7 LS1 RUNS PERFECT EXCEPT THE TRANS SLIPPING LOL BUT ANYWAYS I WENT TO CHECK THR PCV LINES AND IT JUST SO HAPPENED THEY ROTTED AWAY ALONG TIME AGO AND LET ME WITH EXPOSED HOLES IN MY VALVE COVERS FOR AT LEAST 3 YEARS LOL SO I GUESS I DONT NEED THAT STUFF LOL
Mike Kors (21 days ago)
Cool! Are you a mechanic by trade.
Justin Mitchell (21 days ago)
Old guy on juice not a good ac video
Justin Mitchell (20 days ago)
(Gear) the Word people use to not make them feel like a junkie poking needles their whole life. Like Chemical in balance or it was Dr. prescribed.
James Tiny Vest (20 days ago)
Old guy not on juice but awesome compliment that you think I look too amazing to be 55 and NOT on gear - typical low expectation having underachiever.
Sam Graves (21 days ago)
Different but cool
Matthew Mizushima (21 days ago)
Now that is some nice equipment! Wow you're a pretty good tech!
BIG ROB FITNESS (21 days ago)
I love your honesty and loyalty to your supporters
Bo& Brittni Elliott (21 days ago)
Just added my 609 certification brother bo and brit say hi lol
markz800 (21 days ago)
That's pretty cool James I'm a Tech at a Chrysler Dodge jeep Ram and Ford Dealership that would be very helpful. I know how hard it can be to find a leak in a A/C system.
Slim56 (21 days ago)
Fitness and auto repair. My two favorite activity’s in one channel 👍🏻
Thraxton Stirling (21 days ago)
Nice! Awesome content outside of the typical, especially when there isn't a human alive in the first world that doesn't have an AC fail due to a system leak.
Genghis Khan (21 days ago)
Very timely video my dude. My subaru (yeah, I know, shit's ass backwards on their design) is having this problem. I'll try this out.
Buckeye Nuts (21 days ago)
Do newer hemis have lifter issues?
Michael Serrano (21 days ago)
Inject some testosterone on the AC system and the leak will stop.
Michael Serrano (20 days ago)
Sean Elku Exactly!
Sean Elku (21 days ago)
Refrigerate first and pin it with an 18g
Emulator m (21 days ago)
That's some cool stuff..💡
Chris Liberty (21 days ago)
From one wrenchturner to another....excellent!
HeartPiece4u (21 days ago)
the snap-on company dose a lot of big rig repair. they got parts up the yin yang.
shortlinet (21 days ago)
You can now get an attachment for your I phone
shortlinet (21 days ago)
Chris Liberty I use mine to check for water lines in walls etc! I did use it when I blew the plug out of my 5.4!Triton engine to make sure I got all the debris out of the cylinder after drilling it out and putting in the helicoil.
Chris Liberty (21 days ago)
shortlinet yeah, but they kinda suck. I bought a phone one, couldn't pass it up for 20 bux but it is way inferior to the $400 one in my tool box...better than nothing though.
shortlinet (21 days ago)
James love your channel. I’m a general contractor so I don’t need quite a fancy scope! I have a Harbor Freight borescope that works awesome and it was less than 50,00
Lou Anthony (21 days ago)
Would this also work for a colonoscopy? Might be a nice side hustle.
rick harris (21 days ago)
...asking for a friend...
Abysmal Horrors (21 days ago)
Lou Anthony it piss
STING RAY (21 days ago)
Add abit of preworkout
Sancho C4 (21 days ago)
James Tiny Vest Mechanic... Awesome! Respect meter on the rise!
tickyul (21 days ago)
Sancho C4 Yew Toiletloaf, that's his JOB.
Jody (21 days ago)
Sancho C4 he is a mechanic by trade
Sancho C4 (21 days ago)
When people look at me they don't see what I know,what I can do, or the life experiences/hardships. I like surprising people. Didn't know you did that but I watch you because I connect with you on your attitude and makes sense that you do something like that like me... Multi talented.
kyle Hill (21 days ago)
like it jim
Rob Moffit (21 days ago)
Evaporators are always so much fun to replace. Lol.
Steven James (21 days ago)
tttarms1970 (21 days ago)
Is this a new series james?

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