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Good People I've Met: Lee Priest

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Kenneth Edwards (1 month ago)
I love Lee. Sort of between a mass monster& classic aesthetics. Why did he get kicked out years back in his prime. I suspect something political & unfair reguarding Lee. He got screwed I would suspect. Now he's developed some nerve problems & probably won't be comming back but must be regarded at one of the greatest the sport has seen ! A true class act & amazing physique .
supertroll (1 month ago)
Lee was the greatest bb ever
kttsflips (3 months ago)
Lee priests, best Arms in body Building
Kingmw01 (4 months ago)
You are pretty awesome too!
boeingdriver29 (4 months ago)
Ah the old Beacon Theatre, wish I’d been able to attend.
mike smith (5 months ago)
Really good video James. I bet that was really awesome getting to have a one on one with Lee. Much like you, he's real and doesn't beat around the bush. I like that a lot.
allgoode (5 months ago)
Lee is so underrated
dave Kamala's (5 months ago)
I would have to agree with you lee had it all !!!
channel1800dumb (5 months ago)
Very kind words good sir, you and Lee are both awesome
Karl Ruditis (5 months ago)
Defo a past time/ passion but the cream of the crop always shine through in any sport like lee priest he was ment to do this bodybuilding competing game. Great video 👍
kalle klein (5 months ago)
Man u are Biig
Plastik Dreams (6 months ago)
Great video.
Lee Scammell (6 months ago)
2006 Ironman Pro Lee Priest is the best we've seen since Yates and Wheeler of '93.
ray ray (6 months ago)
Lee is the best period.. I don't think he needed much gear he has the best genetics I've ever seen in bodybuilding seriously he is amazing in every way and ad a person I've never laughed so hard and enjoyed a conversation soo much with someone else he is truly a bad ass body builder and the ifbb is stupid for pushing him out
Chuff buffler (7 months ago)
ive always been a fan of lee priest.when I was a teenager and spent time in a young offenders institution I would follow his exercise routine from one of the magazines. That was 20 years ago, it seems like he's been around for ever. I hope hes around for years to come
Daniel Knape (7 months ago)
I back what u say about Lee 100%. Im 29 & this fact is what got me back into it. I felt & know there is way to many fake ass ppl in that line of work, but watching Lee's ch. gave me hope lol. He really is a good guy from what iv seen & just wanted to give u & Lee some respect u know
Adrian Allan (8 months ago)
Aussie Legend!
SwanInnSongkran (8 months ago)
James you sound like a good guy. Lee is a down to earth good guy
Al Haymon (8 months ago)
This is by far lees best condition https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8ahrn7HUCdk
Corrado Conrad (8 months ago)
Lee is the supermidget
Corrado Conrad (8 months ago)
Paul Davies (8 months ago)
Gino Ferrara (9 months ago)
Two guys I've seen that had that plasticy look you mentioned is Dennis Wolf and Flex Lewis
sean rourke (9 months ago)
awesome ,Lee Priest is the truth
John Reece (10 months ago)
Lets be completely honest Kneel and Bob Weider were 2 militant closeted homosexuals that ruined the sport!
Antz (11 months ago)
I feel the same way about Lee, good to hear the same from somebody that has actually met him.
The Man (11 months ago)
Two good/cool people. Jimmy Vest and Lee Priest
Al Newman (11 months ago)
This guy is out of his mind considering himself part of the seen.
lilripsta111 (11 months ago)
Al Newman ?
TJ Mendoza (11 months ago)
This is the humble Tiny that got me to follow him!
Sean Mulcahy (11 months ago)
I met Lee Priest at the 2001 Arnold Classic because he was a Prolab athlete then. Everything you say i
Dennis H. (11 months ago)
Lee is The Best bodybuilder ever in The history of bodybuilding, he's a humble and doesn't talk any bullshit...
Brother Mark (11 months ago)
Lee is my favourite bodybuilder
Dmitriy Poltavskiy (1 year ago)
Lee is the man, straight up guy and seems to tell it how it is
d fernandez (1 year ago)
Good ppl lee priest has met: james tiny vest lol
Stelian Nistor (1 year ago)
yes Lee was and still is a awesome freak,hand down every day,thx for remind us.
Malik Sucks Ass (1 year ago)
Good vibe in this video. You can tell Tiny is speaking from the heart.
SoldiersofSelfMastery (1 year ago)
Great sharing Bro! Lees a Kool dude.. Aussie..
Debbie Sugg (1 year ago)
I just started working out a little late in life but I was just wondering how long will it take to see a chance working out every other day
Tristan Broughton (1 year ago)
lee is a fucking legend in our part of the world im from new zealand i lived in Australia for ten yrs. his biceps were awesome as fark best ive ever seen. you know your shit bro you stacked as fuck too respect bro chur
abcmaya (1 year ago)
Never met Lee. but my friend who was an amateur bodybuilder said Priest clearly had the hardest muscles in Mr Olympia back in 1997
Paul Upton (1 year ago)
I have had the good fortune to spend time with Lee and I can confirm everything you say about him is absolutely true.
hardvybe (1 year ago)
Only reason he never won a Mr. Olympia is because he's really short. At least I think that's why. But Franco won. But that was a little while before Lees time.
hardvybe (1 year ago)
They probably viewed Lee as a mini Dorian at the time.
Ask Coach Mike (1 year ago)
Always liked Lee Priest. Another good vid brutha
bill seemore (1 year ago)
Lee is my all time favourite and it sucks that he was overlooked while he was in his prime. People say that his back was week but when you watch his vids his back is amazing and complete with an incredible wingspan but next to someone like Ronnie he was overlooked mostly due to the height differential. He had an amazing build with no bubble gut with freaky size and great conditioning.
King Breezy (1 year ago)
You kinda look like snoop dog
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whene u mention the name big Rich Piana, u better put some RESPECK on it.
Chase Knight (1 year ago)
keep the vids coming
Chase Knight (1 year ago)
awesome story bro . lee is my favorite bb and one of my favorite human beings.
MyPumpItUp (1 year ago)
Lee is a legend. it would truly be awesome to see him compete again. great video great aspect and point of view thanks a lot.
mo jativa (1 year ago)
Great video. I love the positive attitude and energy.
Chris Weidner (1 year ago)
So true "diamond condition" what we all strive to attain and Lee did.
miles webb (1 year ago)
Off topic, but I really dig you house brother.
Jody Wooten (1 year ago)
James, curious as to your body part breakdown throughout the week on your workouts. I'm trying not to be redundant in my training .
christopher james (1 year ago)
I think Aussies are of a different breed. Down to earth.
christopher james (1 year ago)
Lee could pull off Sergio's overhead Myth pose. Nuff said.
christopher james (1 year ago)
DeMillia's Pro Division?
christopher james (1 year ago)
Tiny has really great arm genetics. Including forearms.
minaskimbles (1 year ago)
The hinges on your cupboard"s are on the wrong way
Chris A (1 year ago)
Lee Priest a pro Bodybuilder without a bodybuilders attitude! It's rare for a bodybuilder to be so down to earth, humble and an all round decent guy. Some jealous people say his back and chest weren't up to par, but the reality is everything flowed perfectly with no weak bodyparts and phenomenal conditioning. Continually ripped off by judges throughout his career, which was a shame because he would have represented bodybuilding well with his approachable, down to earth character. He used to mix it with Dorian Yates and Paul Dillett so he would dispose of Flex Lewis very comfortably, in fact it isn't really a fair comparison. I would certainly class him as one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time even without ever winning the Olympia. In fact pound for pound I can't think of anyone better. Saw him win the Universe in the UK in 2013 with unbelievable conditioning.
Chris A (1 year ago)
Lee Priest a pro Bodybuilder without a bodybuilders attitude! It's rare for a bodybuilder to be so down to earth, humble and an all round decent guy. Some jealous people say his back and chest weren't up to par, but the reality is everything flowed perfectly with no weak bodyparts and phenomenal conditioning. Continually ripped off by judges throughout his career, which was a shame because he would have represented bodybuilding well with his approachable, down to earth character. He used to mix it with Dorian Yates and Paul Dillett so he would dispose of Flex Lewis very comfortably, in fact it isn't really a fair comparison. I would certainly class him as one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time even without ever winning the Olympia. In fact pound for pound I can't think of anyone better. Saw him win the Universe in the UK in 2013 with unbelievable conditioning.
James Osborne (1 year ago)
Amen .. great video .. I am a big fan of Lee Priest .. I talked with him down at Worlds Gym about 10+ years ago .. so true ..great guy !! You're video was awesome. Thanks
can i get that website Jim, Ive been following you forever and never knew the website existed..thank you. plumberjones33@yahoo.com -Dave
JASON FRIEDMAN (1 year ago)
Hey "Tiny".  Going to be "coming off" soon... Figuring I should make sure I still get my reps in, however, I plan on trying to get some medium to heavy sets in still to maintain my shape and size as much as possible.  Cant really buy HCG right now, so what do you recommend?
Alonzo Pichardo (1 year ago)
Great Video..
Antoine Baptiste (1 year ago)
Whoa....this dude is freakin huge...good video dude....I'm a follower man
d.i.y.man (1 year ago)
Great video.
Graham Clarke (1 year ago)
Shawn Ray disliked this video twice.
rick scott (1 year ago)
Great stuff love watching the videos. Rick Scott
1vw4me (1 year ago)
"Hard Plastic Action Figure". Lee Priest & Tom Platz are the uncrowned Champions of the Olympia. Priest and Frank Zane are my all-time favourites. Lee Priest is the realist, no bullshit persona of them all. It's because of his no BS personality, that he did not ever win Olympia. IFBB only likes ball-lickers.
Allen Bowling (1 year ago)
your a great speaker.
Joe lane (1 year ago)
Allen Bowling you're **
Rod (1 year ago)
If lee wanted to comeback he couldn't because he has nerve damage on his right side because he was in a car or mortocycle accident last year. After surgery he was given 18 months to expect nerve recover and on his last few videos on the subject he hasn't recovered and lost size on his right side. He reports not being able to get a pump at all on that side. I don't know why he didn't come to the states for Stem/PMP treatment which would have helped him. As I understand they don't have that treatment in Australia.
Chris price (1 year ago)
This guy is sooooo refreshing , really good stuff !
Slixbrah (1 year ago)
lee was injured in a car accident. he couldnt come back even if he wanted to. he has a youtube channel sams fitness
Programmerx (1 year ago)
Honostly I just don't see Lee comming back xD He is to injured from his car accedent :( And I agree bodybuilding is way to focused on the #1 and #2 spots battling it out and basically ignoring the rest of the competitors lol.
PTE 2509 (1 year ago)
James your a true gent big props to you Lee Is a true down to earth bodybuilder with no BS he was better than everyone he competed with cheated out of titles because he wouldn't tow the line which I respect him more for.
Randy Allin (1 year ago)
@tinyjamesvest man ur an awesome dude. ive made some comments a few videos back that were uncalled for. check it out. I want to apologize for being a dick. ur the real deal keep it up man
shane williams (11 months ago)
Lee priest!
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
Wow - well thank you, Randy.  See? I believe everyone has more within them - worthwhile things to contribute - just waiting to be revealed - like diamonds and gold.
Vanilla Gorilla (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video James. Ive always liked Lee aswell. From a physique point of view and also just as his personality. Even though Im a foot taller than him and will never look like him, I still really envy his physique. I believe his gear claims...HOWEVER, the issue I have is that his stories have not been consistent with the gear use claims. Being a large fan of his Ive watched almost all the videos of him that I can find and Ive heard atleast three different stories about him doing gh only once and when it was. Or what he would do in a typical cycle, how much cardio, how much food etc.
2kanchoo (1 year ago)
21k subscribers! Your channel's blowing up there big guy. AWESOME! Keep bringin the good info and real talk brother.
Ricardo Carlisle (1 year ago)
Priest is a legend... But DID take a shit tonne of gear... From fellow local lifters
supertroll (29 days ago)
Bullshit certain people don’t have too. Haney or Arnold anger did more than 600mg a week
Jesus Hitler (9 months ago)
He took gear? Well I guess that makes him a bad person and a cheater, considering all the others do not use gear. Dumbfuck
Mark Richardson (1 year ago)
Stop talking complete and utter bullshit. Mr Priest was a moderate user of anabolic steroids.
Fox Mulder (1 year ago)
+Ricardo Carlisle Still waiting on a name since you claim to know people that saw him personally take a "shit tonne of gear". Let me know snowflake...
Ricardo Carlisle (1 year ago)
Fox Mulder you really are on the defensive now young squire. Relax... life is too short darling. Just one more final lack of logic on your part. You say stop believing everything on the internet... then you recommend me go to sams fitness channel to be informed?? hahaha...
zerne throndragonborn (1 year ago)
saymehname (1 year ago)
Lee worked hard all his life, I have never seen him follow the rest of this new fitness guru shit. He worked hard and that was that, he ain't the only one, people like myself who always wanted to achieve greatness without drugs. What pushed me for hours in the gym was the sheer thought of achieving greatness without drugs. Also I never gave a rats was about what people did. I did and experimented on what exercises worked best for me as well as nutrition. And after a few years with hard work I achieved greatness, big unbelievable yet not monster big but huge and well defined shredded naturally at 8 to 9% as well as my legs chest so forth. And everyday, I get called out for taking drugs, I did my job and achieved like Lee did and everyone else who just don't give a fuck if people stare how we workout or not. We are BodyBuilders not PowerLifters understand that and that is when you will achieve greatness and putting in the hours not minutes in. An hour the least and the most you can after.
Maybe, in future, you can do a short video on importance of sleep as it pertains to growth. I think it would be beneficial for younger guerrillas to have a real understanding based in science of how important it is in our guerilla lifestyle.
choppertj1 (1 year ago)
Before I turned 40 I probably would have sworn a man to be Gay for this level of appreciation for another man's physique. But man, it must have been a sight to see!
Sean Ward (1 year ago)
I really want a white Guerrilla with cause t-shirt :(
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
Available on the website within the next few days.
stigonutube (1 year ago)
lee priest still to this day comes across like a down to earth nice person and tell it how he sees things..there is a you tube series out there with lee getting asked everyday questions, it's cool.. "sam's fitness -gym equipment" .
tom andrews (1 year ago)
And believe me,he was a young kid with lumps all over his body,we were told by insiders what he may have been using for the universe and it was nothing,around 200mg deca a week,you just have to have seen his physique at 17 years of age,he was an alien,i lean more than other people in believing what his dosages were,because i knew him and seen him in action at a young age
tom andrews (1 year ago)
From Australia,Lee used to train in the same gym as us when he was a kid about 17,right before he won his class at the universe,we were in awe of his physique,but he just talked,couldnt shut him up,not about bodybuilding,just fishing etc,and he use to steal his mums car sometimes,think it was a Honda Coupe,and he gave me a lift home a few times,no big noting himself with Lee,just one of the guys
MakeSh00t (1 year ago)
Lee priest rules. and James tiny vest is best.
Badger bush (1 year ago)
Lee Priest No.1
Donovan McIntosh (1 year ago)
Lee Priest is awesome, watch his vids all the time, is that sick beanie gonna be on your website soon?!
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
Yes, very soon.
Nathan Purvis (1 year ago)
I love Lee Priest, and I feel sorry how the IFBB treated him. It's bull sh1t.
ding dong (1 year ago)
thx for the high quality video.
Yannic (1 year ago)
he might be nice in person but on the internet he is bullshitting like crazy. He says he never did test and all he did was 1 cc of deca offseason and 1 cc of winstroll pre contest, that makes him a jackass who thinks everybody is an idiot, to me
Kim Wallace (11 months ago)
Yannic why would he lie about the amount ? That makes no sense. Your full of shit.
Jody (1 year ago)
Yannic. If you dolt know something, Don't speak or talk about it please. Doesn't look good on your part.
tom andrews (1 year ago)
Thats bullshit,he has admitted to HGH,and anadrol 50 on the Tom Platz interview
REPTANIMALS (1 year ago)
Anybody know where I can get one of this Guerrilla with a cause t?
GodlyReptile guerillawithacause.org
george zoppis (1 year ago)
Absolutely another amazing video from a man we are happy for our children to follow. So balanced and honest. Man you are a pure example of how a person should behave and act, approaching life and especially fitness. Keep up the good work. I will personally recommend your channel to every friend of mine. Can't say more. Feeling hounoured to be a subscriber. And believe me I'm a subscriber to a bunch of other channels. A lot of "f" word usage in everyone of them. Your channel material is top notch. I salute you from the other side of the world and keep up what you are doing man!
Lennon Lloyd (1 year ago)
James Tiny Vest so you'll know that lee priest and dorian Yates are the same person then?
george zoppis (1 year ago)
James Tiny Vest getting wiser by the years! Absolutely right! Cheers!
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
Thank you very much.  By the time a man reaches nearly 54 years of age, hopefully he has become at least somewhat leveled and more "refined."  And even if not, time will grind away some of the rough spots on even a stone.
chris hill (1 year ago)
lee priest pissed all over shawn ray but politics again skrewed lee over love his youtube vids too one funny guy lol
Mirko Matarazzo (1 year ago)
Lee is the men! Thanks you for the story!
Paul Stewart (1 year ago)
Great story, thanks for sharing.

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