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Text Comments (4486)
Fsrsa (24 days ago)
I like her little jealous side! 😂👍 Good stuff.
DestinyTube (1 month ago)
biannca you look different
summer McQuatters (1 month ago)
Bicanna is the type of woman to fight and win let go team bicanna
Tykiese Shepherd (1 month ago)
Every laugh one piece of clothing off of biaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanca
Nya and Jayda (2 months ago)
How Going to tell me catch fraze Bianca said in here first video
Laylay Fleming (2 months ago)
Bu seats NBfy northernyf
Laylay Fleming (2 months ago)
Td routereedtdbr northerntd
Bill Sami (3 months ago)
These two are very entertaining
Diane Clark (3 months ago)
Daiem. Stop. Cussing fuck
Dusan Vlogs (3 months ago)
Im young but im beast at boxing come to me to teach you feel me
Terrell stanley (3 months ago)
biannca pretty this is a girl Im just using my dad picture
Terrell stanley (3 months ago)
the go to far
Gali Marin (4 months ago)
You guys should do a Takis challenge
Madmoneynas (4 months ago)
Never have I ever stole a car and I got you rested Jaylen Chambers
Team Tre (4 months ago)
Grew open irrigation the battle Demanding jgdi
kimberly Gonzalez tirado (4 months ago)
this video should be called Damien trying to save himself 😂😂😂
Paden Jackson (4 months ago)
Team Bianca
XXXMEMEGHOSTXXX - (5 months ago)
Is it just me but he skinner back then.
Lil Redd (5 months ago)
damine is fuuny
Acid Son (5 months ago)
Niggaz i went to school with used to fight every day n if they get into an argument they would solve it in the park in compton and i was a small sized kid my homies were like 6’3 6’4 i was 5’9 n i only had like 3-4 fights the other homies fought like 100 times but still i would stand up to myself n i would square up real quick doe lol
Cheyanne Needham (5 months ago)
You guys seriously are amazing
Tracy (6 months ago)
B is like a scary cat
Nyasia Johnson (6 months ago)
I love you guys so much going through old videos make me so happy !!!!
janissa lloyd (6 months ago)
janissa pizza janissa love janissa call jnissa
Babycurry2007 Walker (6 months ago)
Did you get reap in jail 10
Shatoya Jackson (6 months ago)
damian know he cant fight
MaKayla Shireman (6 months ago)
Put down ur color below black or white
MaKayla Shireman (6 months ago)
Brandy Parker (6 months ago)
Daman you my best youtuber
Marisol Rosas (6 months ago)
Why do you say it like that now?
minihoopalleyoopers (6 months ago)
Pound Cake in the background 🔥
Orlando Juarez (6 months ago)
now, next week, next month, next spring lmaoo
J&K Gaming898 (6 months ago)
Xian Vilax (6 months ago)
whats the song in the background
Lillie Wildy (6 months ago)
beinnca u need to hear of bad girls clubs u need to learn hhhh😘
Mce Zeke (6 months ago)
Who watching in 2018???
dontay dupe (6 months ago)
Jamen Thomas (6 months ago)
He got caught SLIPPIN
Niya Jones (6 months ago)
ay ay don't worry about it haha
ogkiss400 (6 months ago)
And do biannca🌽🌽🍆🍆🍑
ogkiss400 (6 months ago)
Can you and biannca braek uo
Makayla's Dailyyy (6 months ago)
Sariah Shafford (6 months ago)
Damien do the i lost kyrie prank on biannca and get her reaction
Lil Jo jo world Gang (6 months ago)
My men my girl d a b
FryManAuty (6 months ago)
its all a play people
Clifton Branch (6 months ago)
do a never have I ever challenge agin
Team Tre (6 months ago)
Tre went true gente be ready gente Whatever if either true true Rocco
Grace Montgomery (6 months ago)
cute beautiful 😘 girl s
The-MasterClass (7 months ago)
What's the background song called
Stevie Wilson (7 months ago)
Key Savages (7 months ago)
I'm sick and tried of biannca always saying you better not have been doing nothing with yo ex's that you have not done with me damien didn't even know you when he had his ex in the beginning so why do you even if he did that stuff with his other girl it's really nun of your business what he did with his ex soop
Prank Damien
Tyron Mayimbi (7 months ago)
I get nerfers because lm scerd that l get hurt
Tyree Tj (7 months ago)
What’s this instrumental called
daven barbee (7 months ago)
what in the possible fuck is a Kweston
KS GANG (7 months ago)
17:15 Bianca got that nigga in check😂😂💀💀💀💀☠️☠️
London Albert (7 months ago)
My sister can fight
London Henderson (7 months ago)
Biannca you look like you just gave birth
cody kamasinski (8 months ago)
They are meant for each other ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Christina Oliver (8 months ago)
who is the cheties
Christina Oliver (8 months ago)
I 😍😍Michael Hall in my school
Anthony Williams (8 months ago)
They got arrested
ebittersweet100w (8 months ago)
Me to
XXX TENTACION (8 months ago)
dont talk about him or his famliy
Shae Ford (9 months ago)
Biannca said everbody😂😂😭
Yajaira Albor (9 months ago)
Can I have 40 likes plz and thank you
imarealboy 45 (9 months ago)
Fuk that I fight boy and girls
Bj m Gaming (10 months ago)
DMB nation I got some for you is by Xzavier never have I ever had a one night stand
Frankelin Munoz (10 months ago)
nobody nigga
Frankelin Munoz (10 months ago)
nobody nigga
ThereTheyGo Tv (10 months ago)
This is so dope!! We did this challenge too!!
patty_love flowers (10 months ago)
Love you guys ❤
Renee Turner (10 months ago)
Paulette Bogle (10 months ago)
She is 20 and he's 25 so stfu smh
PrettyBoyJeezy (10 months ago)
Damien you have went with out a day brushing your teeth cause one time you never had teeth😭😂it's corny ik
Howard A George (10 months ago)
Biannca a lil freak
TYRIQ H JONES (10 months ago)
Damien on the first
Kayla Eaton (10 months ago)
Look up starkiesha lol
Flabulous Aiden (11 months ago)
The kitchen Man U guys cook there u guys nasty lol but u r honest
Samuel Ivey (11 months ago)
Wats da song in da background
dude biannca needs tuh chill dam iam not a hater buh you gey butt hurt too much alottt
Machowing (11 months ago)
XoXo Shirah !! (11 months ago)
Any small youtubers wanna support eachother 😍😃
Kimira Long (11 months ago)
Why is all yall being so mean to them like leave them alone if yall don't like them like tf (why yall gotta hate and b jealous of them) that made me mad asf😡😡😡😠😠
Jayden Walker (11 months ago)
Ain't Bianca bi-sexual
Beau Pointer (11 months ago)
Why he keep stuttering
BCLSWAN 47 (11 months ago)
Every fight at McDonald's
Mr Green light (11 months ago)
I watched the whole thing
RegularArc (11 months ago)
RegularArc (11 months ago)
CurlyCamillee (11 months ago)
I ain't ever got no head 😂. Then again I'm only 15, but I also know lots of kids that have at my age and younger.
Keyona jSmith (11 months ago)
Shut up bianca
Lashonda Knighton (11 months ago)
he not hard he gonna get beat down
Katie Maravilla (11 months ago)
damin it seems like if you lie all the time
rufina sosa (11 months ago)
that Man talks to much but he is cool
Trevarnee kereopa-Woon (11 months ago)
are u having a baby
Keichelle Oliver (11 months ago)
Y'all are so cute man #goals
Nate Brown (1 year ago)
this guy pushed me into the wall when i was in 5th grade and i pushed him to the ground and punched him he had a black eye and i got in trouble for it and hes the one who pushed me smh
eric southers (1 year ago)
Daniel Lomeli (1 year ago)
Why evey challenge video they argue it's annoying
Olivia Smarty party (1 year ago)
Damien is a lady liar
Lamont Holmes (1 year ago)
Damion where's your ring
Edward Henriquez (1 year ago)
but they are right now

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