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After watching this video, please consider the heart of the intended message - sure, we all probably realize that low rep sets are not the ideal for hypertrophy, and, we also know that more than 15 reps is probably not the ideal . . . but that doesn't mean these other rep ranges will not assist you in your quest for swoledom. I believe most people trying to gain size in the gym need to focus more on the extent of demand their selected rep range is placing upon the muscle - are they going hard enough or simply counting repetitions?
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anonymous user (3 months ago)
Legs 30-50
Big R (7 months ago)
If stopping a few reps before failing made you huge, then all the Millennials should be huge. No offense to the Big Guy...but I think he is wrong this time. Don't happen much.
James Tiny Vest (7 months ago)
Big R, believe it or not, that's what the research (studies) reveal.  Certainly, studies are NOT the be all end all to me, but if you google, you can easily find a pretty solid study supporting what I say in this vid.  Also, to be honest, I used to lift hella heavy (VERY heavy) and I was a great deal bigger than I am now.  So, yes, my current way of training is perfect for supporting and maybe even slightly progressing my current physique, BUT, no denying, I was at my biggest (and lets face it, built most of this muscle) back when I lifted mad heavy - but I always did a wide variety of rep ranges.
Wade Chroninger (9 months ago)
Well Stated Brother: Great Info in a very easy to understand and use way. Thank You!!
Jeb Jub (10 months ago)
you look like mike goldberg's buff brother :D
DIESELMAN8V92 (11 months ago)
Thanks for the good pointers James, at what point would training to failure be bennificial?
Drama (11 months ago)
how do i get a hyper trophy on my mantel lmao that is a wierd word bro hard to say lol
Damnationization (11 months ago)
When I read the title I thought he was saying that 4 reps was the best rep range to get mass gains.
Phil Mike Hunt (11 months ago)
Kevy got 22 shots nigga add 8 more dats a mop nigga
Parham Norai (11 months ago)
James do I need HCG after 9 weeks Sustanon 350?? whats the best PCT after Sus350 also do I need to take Tamoxifen during my Cycle or everything after Cycle?,.. Thx
anonymous user (3 months ago)
Atrix xira you can get it on blue sky peptides it’s sold as a research
Atrix xira (7 months ago)
Parham Norai damn bro you didn’t do your homework before jumping on gear. Yes you need tamoxifen I recommend looking up pct. it’s probably to late now since it’s been 3 months.
Will M. (11 months ago)
I like to do lot more than gym work outs however it's ties into my healthy lifestyle when it comes to cooking my own meals and cooking for my wife. Your videos are good mentoring for many people.
Lucas Hopkins (11 months ago)
You seem like a really nice and humble guy, really glad i found this channel, thank you!:)
Dan Stennis (11 months ago)
Good video. As usual. I really like this channel.
lee GymRoyalty (11 months ago)
Variety is the spice of life !!
James Jujimufu is a cool dude that is inviting people to his garage gym. I think it would be cool to you to meet up with him. He would be fun to train with. He's awesome. It would bring some more cool lifters to your channel and brotherhood. Just a thought
lol I fly to my dates on these las baby!!!!!
joe (11 months ago)
Most Big Gains comes from mainly heavy loads, like you use to do, while mixing in high intensity with moderate weight. I've never come across anyone that has made serious gains just using light to moderate weight using only higher reps(15+) unless they're chemically enhanced.
Brandon Evans (1 month ago)
Mmm. Heavy loads doesn't build size. If it did. Then wrestlers, mma fighters, and boxers. Wouldn't use them. Because their entire goal when lifting. Is to get strong with out gaining weight. As gaining weight is their enemy. So I'm going to say nah. In fact even power lifters DO NOT WANT TO GAIN SIZE. Only strength. Have you ever seen them lift more than 10 reps? No. Think about it
joe (11 months ago)
@Big Lenny. Yep! in the beginning I thought I would eventually put on slabs of thick dense muscle with those marathon reps...it never happened. I always incorporate HEAVIER WEIGHT with lower reps.
Truth X (11 months ago)
I wish I get hold of the dickhead who disliked this video
Brutus 632 (11 months ago)
James......when you say in the vid you "drop the weight" for the next set......do you mean ADD more ie go heavier or do you mean drop as in go lighter. Ex.... when I tell my wife to drop the weight for me I mean go lighter but.....I think what YOU mean is ADD....... because for example is doing dumbbell curls with say 30's for 10, then 30's again for 10, you then go 35's for 8-9 reps correct? SO dropping means adding?
Jody (1 month ago)
Brutus 632 on certain body parts.. I start heavy and go lighter..been doing that on and off for over 25 years. Is it right? Ehh.. works for me
Cina (11 months ago)
Brutus 632 injury is always a factor. Thats why you should warm up properly. And when i say heavy weight i dont mean 1-3 rep maxes. Heres what i do on chest day. 135 20 reps warm up. Along with shoulder warm ups. Then i would do a weight for 5-8 reps once or twice. Then go down to 185 for 10-12 then 135 again. Then maybe quarter on each side if it were incline. Thats just an example. But like other people are saying in comments. There is no one way to train. There are many styles and you should always change it up!
Brutus 632 (11 months ago)
Cina.......Great analogy!!! If only I were planning to storm a castle some time in the near future! LOL LOL LOL....Now, I get what you're saying but I don't believe that style of training (heaviest set first set) is all that common. The biggest concern being injury. I'm big into powerlifting and follow Mark Bell at supertraining and I don't think I've ever seen this theory in place. They ALWAYS start lighter and gradually works towards a 1 rep max or a double, then maybe some lighter sets afterwards BUT, they don't start with the heaviest set first. (and these guys are world class lifters). I do get what you're saying regarding the theory of having the first set heaviest and stimulating the most fast twitch fibers while you're fresh but IMO, there's huge risk of injury. I may be wrong but I don't believe that style of training is very common (although it definitely works when taking over castles! LOL). Also, I believe from all I've learned that strength and hypertrophy go hand in hand (you say one way is training for strength the other for growth.). If the muscle is getting stronger it IS getting bigger. All just my humble opinion at the end of the day.
Cina (11 months ago)
to your first comment. yes that is what I'am saying. secondly. what you are saying is half right. I like to use metaphors so I'am going to do that. so Imagine a castle. with a big gate to enter the castle. the big gate is your muscle fibers. are you going to send some foot soldiers (light weight, or first set) to tear down that gate, or are you ganna send in a tank to blow the gate up (heavy weight for first set) now the gate has been broken a little but its stil not down. so you send in some artillary (medium weight 8-12 reps per say) now the gate to the castle of gains is open. so you flood the castle with your foot soldiers (blood cells and nutrients) to occupy the castle or muscle group. VS doing what your saying, which is sending in foot soldiers first.. and when they try to take down the gate they all get shot. so next you send in artillary to take down gate. and finally you send in a tank into the castle but everyone shoots at the tank and it dies. when you start with heavy weight you can tear down muscle fibers better with heavier weight while your fresh. and after that you really focus on mind muscle conncetion and squeeze nice slow reps with medium to light weight.
Brutus 632 (11 months ago)
Jeff Cavalier from Athlean-X says it best......You really need to do it ALL in order to see the best results. Heavy, low rep sets, super sets, burnout sets, high reps, free weights, cables, machines, compound movements, isolation movements, hitting the muscle from different angles and so on. I don't think there is a best number of reps for ultimate gains in size. Kill the muscle every way possible! THAT is the secret!
Brutus 632 (11 months ago)
Reps really SHOULDN'T matter. I did low reps (6-10) for many years and got OK results. When I started just working close to failure and killing the muscle with more supersets, high reps (12-20), burnout sets etc, I began to see much better results. Theory is this...... I could do a set (heavy) and do 6-8 reps, but I am not going close to failure usually and I don't get a good pump either. Now.....when I start going close to failure with a lighter weight almost every set, I FEEL as though I've broken the muscle down more and I've done more GOOD damage to it by doing more intense reps. When training heavy, I didn't go to failure much because I knew I still had big weight to move coming up, so I tend to try to reserve energy and strength, now, all I am concerned with is destroying that body part. I am more sore (the good sore) and fatigued than ever before by training LIGHTER and best of all, I'm growing more than ever!!! Wish I did this 20 years ago! I still have heavy day but I'll always incorporate some lighter cable work with strict form and higher reps to burnout and kill the muscle. Reps shouldn't matter much, tearing down that muscle is what matters!
HASTA LA VISTA 552six (5 months ago)
Brutus 632 what does 6-8 reps give you when not going close to failure?
Kab (11 months ago)
Your videos are more & more words of wisdom and how to live your life, besides the mechanics of lifting weights. Thank you for that. Your much more then a muscular guy telling us how to get fit & grow big. You get the Big Picture in life & are willing to talk to us about it. Thank you again.
Dave H (11 months ago)
Time under real tension is more important than how many reps you do.
robowarriorx xx (11 months ago)
I fall under what the golden age guys called a more nervous type gainer, meaning I tend to gain better on 4-6 reps of super, super heavy weight for about 5 sets. However, I can also grow on lighter weight high rep sets, but only when I have that INTENSITY there. If I can get 20 reps with the weight, I keep pushing until I can't rep out, rest, and then do it again. I push until I feel like I am about to puke, even on arms, no matter what the range is. That's why most never see a change, I think, people just don't push themselves anywhere near hard enough. You got to find what works for you, and then work the ever loving hell out of it!
Stone Cold (11 months ago)
As a dude that's been training for a couple of years now, i found that anything that lands on an even number works for me! For my compounds i would do 2-6, accessory 8-10, and isolation 12-14 Idk, really works for me and i've seen some huge gains from it!
bicylindrico (11 months ago)
This was great advice. I think this is a completely different angle on reps and rep ranges than I have ever applied to my workouts and I look forward to giving this a shot. Thanks!
Warren Frye (11 months ago)
man I really enjoy your vids to the point you are the only fitness youtuber I watch anymore, because this channel is no bullshit, you tell it like it is. keep up the good work
gunnuts82 (11 months ago)
Man I found your channel a few days ago while looking up a video on the new Yeti gallon jug . I happen to see your video on drinking a gallon of water a day. I've been binge watching you for a few days now🖒
kyle Hill (11 months ago)
jim, dont push your self to much, get some rest please
luke reynolds (11 months ago)
James please let us know what roids you cycle and for how long
anonymous user (3 months ago)
smont mstep I get 100. Those online clinics will prescribe 1.5ccs of 200
smont mstep (5 months ago)
KongLuvs 500mg is not trt, no Dr. Would prescribe that
Alexa Kotkop (11 months ago)
Let me try to help you Luke and a few others who are clueless when it comes to steroids. Me and 3 of my friends all started taking 300mg test enan a week at the same time. 2 of my friends got big as hell, 1 made some good gains, and 1 of us barley grew. All taking the same batch and eating the same food. Need I say more about asking someone else what they took or take. You may need only 200mg of test a week to grow, or your receptors will need more, or no matter how much you take, ie. 2,000mg a week, you may only gain water weight with a little muscle. SOME GROW LIKE WEEDS ON STEROIDS AND SOME BARELY GROW AT ALL. Look at Bostin Loyd, taking upwards to 3 grams and hgh and looked nothing like some guys taking 400mg test with 400mg tren. You wanna know how YOU are gonna grow? Start low and move up. You may barely grow at all on 2,000mg a wk or you may get huge on 400mg test only a wk. Ectomorph Endomorph Mesomorph This means what? I let you solve this great puzzle lol
franco (11 months ago)
luke reynolds There's always one.....
ENTERPLAY (11 months ago)
This video quality is just GREAT!!! Thanks for investing in your channel, it makes the videos even more enjoyable! Also, as always, thanks a ton for all the great info!!! Have a good weekend brother!
josh vizi (11 months ago)
FUAAARK yeah just change the scenery from Dracula's lair ha
Spaniard Prince (11 months ago)
hypertrophy Pronounced HI PER TRO FEE James you're an inspiration brother. I pray for your health!
Dameon Macleod (11 months ago)
Big reps big mass. Hard work not cutting corners.
Shamrag Mazinga (11 months ago)
Damien you're the fake martial arts expert? Yeah they all saying you claim to be an expert but can't prove it. I seen you all over the place and people are on you like dogs coz you making this crazy claim and you trying to make money from it. Haha it's funny man.
Cutting corners like saying you an expert in martial arts when you ain't? Why you even here dude?
Shamrag Mazinga (11 months ago)
Dameon Macleod I've seen you posting on other channels. You are unpleasant to say the least. People ask you about your background and you unleash a tirade of vitriol against them. To be successful people need to like you and trust you. You give no reason for people to do either. You are condescending and arrogant. I wish you'd quit infesting other people's comment sections.
D.J. Taylor (11 months ago)
Reps build muscle. I use both forms. Every other week, I go heavy, 6 rep range with 5 sets, and the other weeks I do my mass building work with my working sets of 12 or so reps. I like doing it this way because it allows me to build strength and not effect putting on mass. Even as a guy chasing muscle mass, I care about my 1 rep max because if it goes up, the more weight I can push for the 12 rep set that's going to make me big. Like Jimmy said, it's all about the extent of demand you place on the muscle. I agree with you though on hard work and not trying to cut corners. If building muscle was easy, everyone would be carrying a ton of mass. I checked your channel out and gave you a sub. You train a lot like me. I keep it simple. Old school really. But yeah, its all about reps and hard work.
Dameon Macleod (11 months ago)
Hi pot rophy is a crazy word to say.

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